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The Itinerant Cook
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The Itinerant Cook

The Itinerant Cook is a support class, based on healing and gathering food. Make use of her old recipes and her cooking experience, stack more food into her giant backpack and gather various ingredients on the corpses of your dead enemies.

Bon Appétit !

--------------- COMBAT SKILLS ------------------------------------------------------

o o o -
Change between Cooking and Combat Mode
Going into Cooking allow you to give restoration to your team
When ending the Cooking mode, heal the team and blight the enemies

- o o o | o o o -
Melee attack that bleed target
DMG vs Beast
Combat : CRT vs Bleeding
Cooking : Buff Healing for Main Course

o o o o | o o o o
Mark Target and debuff All Res.
Combat : Debuff DMG Received
Cooking : Buff Healing for Main Course

o o o - | - o o o
Blight Target.
Combat : Pull 2
Cooking : Buff Blight for Main Course

o o o o
Clear Stun
Combat : Steal Restoration then gives Restoration
Cooking : Buff Blight for Main Course

o o o -
Steal Restoration then gives Restoration
Combat : Add MAX HP
Cooking : Buff Healing for Main Course

- o o -
Force Guard by Ally
Combat : + Heal Received
Cooking : Buff Blight for Main Course

--------------- CAMPING SKILLS ----------------------------------------------------

ABUNDANCE Time Cost : 3
+50% Healing when Eating (Until Camp)
+50% Food Consumed (Until Camp)

One Companion:
Remove Disease
(80% chance) Remove Blight
(80% chance) Remove Bleeding
-20% Healing Received (4 Battles)

APPETIZER Time Cost : 2
One Companion :
+20% MAX HP (4 Battles)
+20% Healing Received (4 Battles)

LIGHT BEARER Time Cost : 2
Self Only :
-30% Torch Burn Rate (4 Battles)
-20% Chance Party Surprised (4 Battles)

--------------- TOWN EVENTS ------------------------------------------------------

Soup for the Poor
Allows you to get your first Cook as early as possible.

Fine Gourmet
Itinerant Cooks have declared Gourmets Week, preparing sumptuous banquets with refined dishes thanks to the surplus of harvest. Our recruits won't complain to be eating better than usual.

--------------- REGARDING DLC ----------------------------------------------------

This mod should work whether or not you have installed DLC in your game.
It contains the Crimson Court and the Color of Madness trinkets for the class.

--------------- LOCALIZATION --------------------------------------------------------

The mod is currently translated in the following languages :

  • English
  • French
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • sChinese

If you want to help with the localization in your language, feel free to do so by sending us your translation.
It will be greatly appreciated !
(The french localization will be added soon.)

--------------- OTHER MODS ---------------------------------------------------------

If you want to try other mods we've made :

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--------------- MLD Discord -----------------------------------------------------------

If you are interested in modding, want to learn how to code, do art or animation for darkest dungeon, or just want to see what people are working on, join us on the Moonlit Dungeon Discord ![discord.gg]

--------------- CREDITS ---------------------------------------------------------------

Art : Mhnlo
Design & sounds : Baybot

Special Thanks:
- to Marvin Seo for the town event art "Soup for the Poor".
- to Shay for the corrections of the english localization.
- to 서울데린이 for the korean translation
- to | ● | hamikadze for the russian translation
- to Burán for the spanish translation
- to nbb for the sChinese translation
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StarrySunset 15 hours ago 
Is she a main healer? I feel like I would lose way too much damage if I bring another healer along with her. I just wish there was a main healer that also has a Mark skill.
猪人喜欢朋友! Feb 15 @ 9:24pm 
猪人喜欢朋友! Feb 15 @ 6:37pm 
XIII Feb 9 @ 6:41pm 
I'm still figuring out her synergies and optimal playstyle. But I must say, she's already one of my favorite class mods. Love the badass grandma archetype. Great work!
BayBot  [author] Feb 9 @ 10:58am 
@Jehren : thanks, i'll check on scarlet ruins it might be a good clue, I'm not using this mod. Also, how many mods are you using ? A lot of people are actually experiencing the mod limit CTD.
Jehren Feb 8 @ 4:03pm 
Everything was working great at first, but somewhere in the last few saves, she has started to CTD on me. On both my old save and any new saves I start up. I use a ton of mods (including all of your others except footsteps), so it's been kinda hard to track down what might be freaking out, but I think I've narrowed it down to Scarlet Ruins.

Start a new game with all my mods: Crash. Start a new game but leave out either SR or TIC: Fine.
[W-T-F] M.A.C.E. Feb 6 @ 6:55am 
Great mod, really enjoying it. :D Its absolutely hilarious though that my Reynauld is always overfed. Like 100% of the time.
BayBot  [author] Feb 6 @ 1:49am 
@Bill : just consume the items with a right click.
@Voodoozo37 : yes i did look if something was wrong, for now i can't find anything... Crash happened once on my save, in sunward isles. Still looking for it.
Voodooozo37 Feb 5 @ 2:02pm 
She seems to have some bugs with sunward isles or maybe a few modded classes. (in the end of a fight when she gives everyone food the crash sometimes occurs) I experienced it in sunward isles 2 times in one run. My team: Crusader , cook , snake charmer , falconer. (3 trinkets mod and few special trinkets from other mods, the bug may occur with them)
Bill Nee The Science Bee Feb 5 @ 12:41am 
Loving the mod so far c: How are the food items used? Are they just for minor buffs when right clicking?