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Bogatyr Class Mod
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Bogatyr Class Mod

Copyright 2020 S-Purple. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named S-Purple/Slightly Started Seal, I do not allow edits and redistribution of my work.

The Bogatyr is tank with focus on stunning, debuffing, and helping his allies. He can be used in the frontline to soak massive hits and set up party-wide stuns, or his talents can be taken to the backline and used for more supportive purposes.


The Bogatyr is a jovial, jolly warrior with a big love for living, fighting, and eating. While he may appear old and feeble, his combative abilities haven't aged a day. He has arrived at the Hamlet in search of a horrid beast that has haunted his dreams. Be wary when traveling with him, as you might just get caught up within his nightmare.

===== Abilities =====

- - O O | O O - -
Deals good damage. Guaranteed to crit when attacking stunned targets.

- O O O | - O+O -
Deals damage, debuffs target's dodge and spd, and slightly buffs stun chance over 2 battles.

Cold Snap
- - O O | O+O+O+O
Deals low damage and has a mediocre chance to stun. Debuffs damage received by all sources for the rest of the battle and reduces stun chance over 2 battles.

O O O - | - O O O
Deals damage, debuffs the target's stun resist, and can apply a 1 round shuffle dot.

Arctic Clutch
Buffs party's crit chance vs stunned as well as stresshealing received from crits for the remainder of the battle.
Gives self a stun chance buff that lasts for 2 battles.

Kievan Canto
O O O -
Stressheals target a bit, buffs protection, and clears stuns.

Heals entire party for a percent of their Max HP and increases party's Max HP for 6 rounds.
Heal is applied before buff.

===== Camping Skills =====

The Bogatyr has access to the three common camp skill in addition to his own camp skills:

Cost: 3
Increase's Bogatyr's stun chance greatly and increases entire party's damage vs stunned

Tune Gusli
Cost: 3
Increase's Bogatyr's Stresshealing done by Keivan Canto immensely.
Other party members heal a small amount of stress.

Kievan Warrior's Cry
Cost: 2
Increases Bogatyr's protection and armor piercing moderately

Groom Beard
Cost: 2
Stressheals Bogatyr and reduces stress received in the coming battles.

===== Flashbacks =====

The Bogatyr is has a low chance of encountering a mysterious nemesis of his past after camping. Beating this foe unlocks a special trinket and a new flashback sequence that rewards the player. This reward flashback sequence has no limit on the number of times it can appear.

The first flashback can be fought in any difficulty and unlocks the reward sequence for apprentice.

The second flashback can be fought in veteran and champion difficulties and unlocks the reward sequence for veteran.

The third flashback can be fought in champion difficulty and unlocks the reward sequence for champion.

Note: These flashbacks all include the same enemy, and ideally you'd fight them so each flashback is more difficult than the last.

===== Special Thanks and Caveats =====

As always, our mods are a work in progress. We'll watch comments for any bug reports and apply fixes as they appear, but if it's urgent, you can find either Miraclebutt or Slightly Startled Seal on Discord: Miraclebutt#8008 or Slightly_Seal#3014.

Special thanks to the community at Clair de Lune's Moonlit Dungeon Discord. If you've ever wanted to make your own mod, want some really rad Darkest Dungeon themed emotes, or just want to take part in a welcoming and active community, check them out at the link below:

Clair let us use a testing channel, which let us find all the kinks of the mod quicker, so another thanks to her as well.
A big thanks to all the playtesters, this mod would have been much rougher without your feedback.

You can also ping either of us on this server if you have any questions about Spurple's mods.

= Translations =
A huge thanks to all the translators:
Russian: Branch with some small changes by Tasty_Yogurt
German: Hollow •Azu•
Schinese: 静春 with some adjustments by nbb

==== Legal Stuff =====

The Bogatyr Class Mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
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M.E. 9 hours ago 
I mean from the kraken society classes?
M.E. 9 hours ago 
May I ask which one of the classes made by Slightly startled seal increases the heroes roster?
Yukino Yukinoshita 10 hours ago 
Think the boss is a bit overpowered. Without ranged charcters you have no chance of really killing it, and does far to much damage if it procs on all level 1 party. Charater itself is fantastic, but literally cant use him till I get parties able to deal with his nightmare, or else ill just a chance to get party wiped early.
Prosdi_Dude 17 hours ago 
i love this char thank you,
good job :)
Naggaboo Feb 17 @ 8:31pm 
The aoe stun, the aoe shuffle, high dodge, high hp, self heal with clear dots, 3 actions per turn, that remove his damage modifier, plus frosted strike has a base damage of what i think is 8-13? . Just extremely frustrating to deal with. So many turns wasted on making sure his damage modifier is reasonable with his already high hp pool, high dodge , and a self heal. Also the aoe shuffle and maybe the aoe stress( not sure on that one) doing 1-2 damage for deathblow procs. I just dont understand why a mini-boss is harder than the countess.
Naggaboo Feb 17 @ 8:31pm 
After playing against the mini-boss again, it's starting to feel like the boss is drastically overpowered. It feels like a team really needs to be extremely flexible with position, have multiple aoe attacks, in veteran dungeons have high acc, flexible healers, and high damage that isn't reliant on dots due to his self heal. Honestly feels like I can't bring the bogatyr into medium veteran dungeons at all until i level a party up just to deal with this mini boss. Honestly doesn't feel like there's much counterplay to the boss besides making a team with multiple aoe attacks. Also the boss's hp pool is higher than almost every other boss in the game, while also having a heal.
doopboredle Feb 16 @ 9:41pm 
not going to lie, the character needs more sounds/sound design to their actions. "Sunder" literally sounds unfinished.

e.g: sword swinging sound, no defined action or "thunk" feel to it, no sound when the weapon actually hits the enemy. each other character's attacks atleast have these 4 things checked (if it hits the enemy); Bogatyr's Sunder only has the first one. not bad but i was suddenly disapointed to not hear any satisfying ice crunching noise or subtle flesh being frozen :winter2019sadbulb:
MadFlacc Feb 16 @ 7:19pm 
High-quality work, here. Fun to play, excellent artwork, etc.
lexiaoyao Feb 16 @ 9:18am 
winter is coming
Друманин Дрин Feb 16 @ 7:49am