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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

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Shattered Union: The Second American Civil War
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Shattered Union: The Second American Civil War

The premise of this mod is that it takes place in the aftermath of a second American civil war. There are around 20~ factions, basically successor states. Be a trader, participate in the drug trade, conquer cities, raid villages, it's your choice

Big work in progress. Let me know if you come across any bugs or problems specific to the mod.

Features so far:
- US map, with 90~ cities, 120~ villages and around 30 factions
- Overhauled weapon sounds, ammunition types and icons
- New equipment variants
- New units

Here's the update plan:
Update 1: (Finished & uploaded 1/20)
- Finalizing localization, map textures, map details, map size, village and city locations

Update 2: 1/24
- New bandit gangs
- OCP variants of vanilla equipment
- Partial weapon and equipment rebalance (eg. SKS now holds 20 rounds, shoots faster)
- Partial overhaul of units
- Map fixes

Update 3: planned by 2/29
- New trade goods
- New resource points
- Unique units for each faction
- Drug trade (eg. buy/make drugs in Mexico, sell them in places with high demand like Omaha)
- Building overhaul (Manufactories, better accommodation for higher populations, etc.)
- City population balancing
- New companions
- Unit overhual
- Weapon rebalance

Update 4: planned by 3/29
- Updated localisation for dialogue
- New skin tones
- New battle maps (especially for important cities)
- Replacement models for cities, camps, villages, etc.
- New weapons & equipment
- New events

NOTE 2/3/2020:
University classes have started up again for the spring semester, so I'm not going to have as much time to work on the mod as I did initially. Updates are going to be a bit more spaced out, but I'm aiming for releases once a month.

- STCoP Weapon Pack - Weapon sounds
- baklaher[] - Loading screen
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Crashed I guess
Feb 16 @ 5:08am
Bandits bug
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Luisian320 11 hours ago 
Thanks for the update, looking forwards to it! I think ill wait until update 3 is out.
Do you know if savegames are working yet?
Isaacasm  [author] Feb 17 @ 9:04am 
Also, lore will be expanded upon later
Isaacasm  [author] Feb 17 @ 9:04am 
Update 2 is the latest, update 3 will be releasing hopefully by the end of the month
Luisian320 Feb 17 @ 7:43am 
Could you tell us which update has been pushed until now? From description it seems like Update 1 only?
Ⓨ YGC | Kinith Ⓨ Feb 16 @ 8:36am 
So i'd like to ask what event would have lead to so many secessions? i'd think that the "Federal Republic" would still hold the illusion of being the original government and be called "the Federal Government of Columbia" or something but not "Mid Atlantic". it'd be nice to have an idea of what governments are allied with each other like what stops the republic of California from taking some territory from Nevada or Oregon. Same with Texas and south Oklahoma. Still haven't played it so if some of that is there then good on you. Look forward to hoping in.
Isaacasm  [author] Feb 16 @ 7:44am 
the reason why some of the states are split (like Idaho) is to simulate conflict post-secession, one such conflict is occuring between Cascadia and the Rocky Mountains. I however, take a map of the sub-divisions of culture within the United States into consideration when deciding these conflict areas
delliottvp65 Feb 16 @ 4:30am 
as an Oregonian we do not like Washington and would be at war, and Idaho would've been conquered by us, so I'd be more like "The communist Rednecks" if you and make a more country appropriate name from that and correct the problem that be very nice, everything else is awesome and the mod is beautiful
Straw Hat Feb 15 @ 11:18am 
Two more weeks boys.
Jenkins Feb 13 @ 10:42pm 
I love this Scenario

the toe gremlin Feb 12 @ 5:40pm 
As a Washingtonian, I can say it probably would be more split, with Eastern Washington east of the Cascades joining the Rockies, and Western Washington going with the whole "cascadia" idea.