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Garry's Mod

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Jan 17, 2020 @ 7:15pm
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In 1 collection by Sentryandreas
Sentry's GTA Related SNPCs.
31 items
You're going to jail, Mac Daddy! - Motor Officer

Requires VJ Base.
Major Characters

Included 11 different Law Enforcements from GTA San Andreas.
LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)
SFPD (San Fierro Police Department)
LVPD (Las Venturas Police Department)
SAPD (San Andreas Police Department)
I hope you all would enjoy it! :D

43 different voices with over 3000 Voice lines!
Friendly with other U.S npcs (like U.S Army, or other Police Snpcs)
Unique idle, walking, running and shooting styles for every Law Enforcements.
Random voices for one snpc.
-LSPD officer has 8 different random voices.
Have own voices from the Law enforcements in GTA San Andreas.
Almost same weapon firing times with GTA SA!
Pistol Holster feature for normal cops.
9 Different weapons from GTA San Andreas.
-Colt 9mm
-Micro SMG
-Pump Shotgun
-Desert Eagle
-Silenced Pistol
-Police Baton

SNPC List:
LSPD Police Officer
SFPD Police Officer
LVPD Police Officer
SAPD Motor Officer
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff (Whetstone)
Deputy Sheriff (Desert)
FBI Agent
CIA Agent
National Guard Soldier
The Weekend Soldier
Frank Tenpenny (C.R.A.S.H)
Eddie Pulaski (C.R.A.S.H)
Mike Toreno
The Dossier Carrier
Security Guard
Security Guard Captain
Sherman Dam Security Guard
Hunter Quarry Security Guard
M.D Private Security Guard
The D.A.

LSPD Patrollers
SFPD Patrollers
LVPD Patrollers
SAPD Motor Patrollers
County Deputies
County Deputies (Desert)
Elite SWAT Team
FBI Team
National Guards
Witness Protection Squad
Secret Agents
Sherman Dam Security Force
Hunter Quarry Security Force
Madd Dogg Private Security Force

1/18:Added Medic animations for every law enforcements.
Added the weekend soldiers. (From the mission "Robbing Uncle Sam")
More good quality of sound for M4.
ADDED WEAPON ICONS! You can find them on "VJ Sentry" in Weapon category.

1/19:Weapon view models updated!
You can use them without any errors now.
Pistol damage for player has been fixed. Now the pistol damage will be worked properly.
Added AK47, Witness Protection Squad. FBI Agents will be spawned with AK47 and Micro SMG in Witness Protection Squad.

1/20:Missing sounds fixed for some LSPD voices.

1/24:My updater has been fixed. Thanks for waiting!
For your waiting presents, Added Tenpenny and Pulaski for new SNPCs with new weapon, Desert Eagle.
Tenpenny's animation has been changed into Monk one. (Same with LSPD)
LVPD, LSPD and SAPD Motor Cop's animations have been changed.
Missing sounds fixed for some FBI and SFPD voices.
Weapon damage stats has been changed for a bit.
Desert Eagle has unique damage stat for Player only.
New running animation for Army and FBI.

1/26:Added missing sounds for Tenpenny.

2/1:Fixed missing texture for Desert Eagle.

2/20:Added missing sounds of LSPD. Changed idle animation of the LSPD.

7/4: Fixed animation error for SWAT and weekend soldier.

7/7: Fixed pistol and shotgun animations. Special thanks to Comrade Communist!

8/28: Added CIA Agents and Mike Toreno.
Added new weapon: Silenced Pistol. Available for CIA Agents and Mike Toreno.
Tenpenny and Pulaski's health systems have been modified.

9/3: Shotgun's animations and "can't shoot" glitch have been fixed.
Pistol holster feature has been added. normal cops like LSPD now won't pull their pistol until they found an enemy.
-Just like the real SA, Once they pull out their pistol, they won't put it back into their holster.

9/6: Shotgun animation for Tenpenny has been fixed.
Added 2 new SNPCs.
-The Dossier Carrier.
-Security Guard.
*Security Guards can chat each other.

9/7: Fixed the glitch that National Guard can't reload their M4.

9/11: Category has been changed.
You can find some of the main characters on GTA SA Main Characters now.
Added 3 new SNPCs.
Security Captain
-Unused model from GTA SA. Included fully voice lines tho.
-Their MP5 has different fire rates than other Gangs and Cops' MP5.
-(Friendly version only)Because of the in-game's relationship, they're friendly with Italian Mafia and the Syndicate.
Swat Elite Unit.
-Now "SWAT Elite Units" spawner will be working with these guys. They have more health and can shoot their guns with crouching animation.
Added 1 new spawner.
Security Guards.

10/3:Added new models for each city's cops.
- Added Dress cap and Sunglasses for the new models.
Added Flint County Sheriff with GTA SA's beta sheriff's model. (CDEPUT)
Added 2 new models for SAPD Police Bikers with GTA SA's beta motor biker models.
Added new models of LSPD, SFPD and LVPD. (Remastered)
Added 2 new models for LSPD, SFPD. (Tie dressed version)

11/10: Fixed some missing voice glitch for SFPD.
Added new SNPC: The D.A.
New category has been added, you can find the Dossier Carrier on GTA SA Civilians now.

11/15: Added new category.
Now the private services like Security Guards or Bouncer can be found on "GTA SA Services".
Added new weapon:
Police Baton
Added new SNPC:
Sherman Dam Security Force
- They use police baton and pistol.

11/20: Added Hunter Quarry Security Guard.

11/21: Added Madd Dogg's Security guard.
Model fixed!
- New texture/animation fixed models for County Sheriff and Desert Sheriff.
- New models for SWAT and FBI.
Added new skins for SWAT Special Unit.
SWAT's animation has been modified.

11/24: Weapon collision glitch has been fixed!

2/14: Due to error occuring, Removed weapon-drawing codes for every cops and security guards.

Map used:

Rockstar Games - For the original models of characters.
Comrade Communist - For custom animations.
DrVrej - Vj base , Sounds, Weapons.
Human Grunt - Porting the entire models to Gmod, Model's base, Modified every textures.
Sentryandreas - Porting some voices and weapon sounds from GTA SA to Gmod, Coding SNPCs, Changed animations.
🐈КотЭ🐈 - Provided Weapon models.
INCONCEIVABLE! - For weapon view models.
StarGTS - Provided dress caps for cops, new texture for SWAT.
Unknown - Provided Police Jackets for LSPD and SFPD.
KINGTHEKING - Provided Hunter Quarry Security model.
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Kenny Jul 3 @ 9:21pm 
you could add Jimmy Hernandez, he is one of the c.r.a.s.h officers
ToysoldierBoi Apr 11 @ 5:56pm 
Make any GTA SA paramedics and firefighter?
VILIλNλD Feb 25 @ 10:57am 
Ten pennys, when they are wasted he dies.
Bean Feb 15 @ 5:13am 
@Sentryandreas Hey, you're doing your best, and we appreciate it! Don't stress yourself out too badly!
Gangster SWAT Feb 15 @ 4:38am 
Atleast it works.
Sentryandreas  [author] Feb 15 @ 4:29am 
@Gangsta SWAT
Because of the animation's name is different, Guess the system can't read the new animation list. To prevent this, downloading Comrade Communist's Integrated HL2 Animation Pack is the only way to fix it.
Sorry for clicking the sub buttons twice times, but for now, It's the only solution I guess.
Sorry about that.
Gangster SWAT Feb 15 @ 3:42am 
The national guard soldier's idle animation is bugged.
Bean Feb 14 @ 6:14am 
No problem! Love your work!
Sentryandreas  [author] Feb 13 @ 6:53pm 
@Keitaro This was a weapon drawing codes for every standard cop, but since the last update of VJBase, it's not working anymore. Until I find the suitable codes for them, I disable the codes for them to prevent the errors showing up. Thanks for your reporting, Keitaro! :D
Bean Feb 13 @ 10:15am 
Found an error:
[[VJ] GTA SA POLICE FORCE] lua/entities/npc_vj_salvpd/init.lua:121: attempt to call method 'VJ_HasActiveWeapon' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/entities/npc_vj_salvpd/init.lua:121

Timer Failed! [Simple][@lua/entities/npc_vj_salvpd/init.lua (line 119)]

Any idea?