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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Full Circle: A Custom Zombies Collection

Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Full Circle - A Custom Zombies Collection

This collection features all of the Custom Zombies maps within the 'Full Circle' Story-line. This collection is the showcase of my Custom Map development and learning from 2016 to Present.

An old Victorian-built Village frozen in time after being devastated by a swift corruption, resulting in the area's undead population to repeatedly and indefinitely attack any survivors.
  • Medium Sized Map
  • WW2 Weapons & 'Full Circle' Story-line Specific Wonder Weapon
  • Buy-able additional Perk Slots
  • Includes Main Quest
  • Released July 2020

The mystery continues in this former Napoleonic War Prison, which presents a clear influence and link to the previously discovered outbreak. Witness another hoard of the damned and search for indications of other locations of significance.
  • Medium Sized Map
  • WW2 Weapons & Multiple 'Full Circle' Story-line Specific Wonder Weapons
  • Multiple-Choice Teleporter Setup
  • Includes Short Main Quest Easter Egg
  • Remastered in October 2020 (original released January 2018)

A pattern emerges after being transported to a second converted moorland prison. While caught in the midst of a snow storm, explore the importance of this location and the artifacts it holds.
  • Medium Sized Map
  • WW2 Weapons & 'Full Circle' Story-line Specific Wonder Weapon
  • Multiple-Choice Teleporter Setup
  • Includes Minor Main Quest Easter Egg
  • Released January 2020

Awaken separated from your team in a vacant river town, and fight to survive in order to reunite. Discover the mix of Future and Historic locations and weapons in this eerie corruption in time.
  • Large Sized Map
  • Base-game weapons
  • Different Spawn-points every play-through
  • No Main Quest included
  • Released January 2019

A forsaken and isolated prison which reveals connections between it and everywhere that the journey has led to thus-far. Utilise experimental time-jumping technologies left behind by previous researchers to find out what, or who, they were looking for...
  • Medium Sized Map
  • WW2 + Cold War Weapons & NEW 'Full Circle' Storyline Specific Wonder Weapons
  • Timeskip Telepads
  • Includes Main Quest + Side Quests
  • Released July 2022

Return to an old river town in a new era, reshaped by war - which has left the landscape fragile and liable to floods, making it far more dangerous to traverse. Continue to uncover and undo the devastation of the corrupted timeline.
  • Small Sized Map
  • WW2 & Cold War Weapons & NEW 'Full Circle' Story-line Specific Wonder Weapons
  • Level-altering Weather
  • Includes Short Story Quest
  • Coming Soon

A Vast and Forested Isle which holds the secrets to the origin of the Outbreak, and the key to it's Resolution.
  • Extra-Large Sized Map
  • Cold War Weapons & NEW 'Full Circle' Story-line Specific Wonder Weapons
  • Unlockable Fast-Travel Teleporters
  • Includes Main Quest & Side Quests, including the End of the Full Circle Storyline
  • Coming 2023

The maps above are in the order best played (Start with '1938', Finish with 'Isle of Resolve')

Legacy maps (including 'THE TOWN' and the original 'The Damned of the Moor') are available on my Steam Profile but are not included within this storyline

Follow my Twitter for updates :^)

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