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Conan Exiles

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A texture replacer with some subtle changes to the originals, it offers a more detailed areolas and nipples for females, a more natural pubic hair for both males and females, a more hairy and natural chest hair for males and a slight sweaty (oiled) effect to the skin of both genders (just to make those muscles pop up a little bit).

WARNING:This mod is based on the vanilla textures of the human males and females and it will replace any other mod that uses the same vanilla UV maps.

This should work with any other mod that doesn't change or alters the human body textures and it should also work with any other version of the game (unless the developers change the textures, their file paths or their file names)

All the credits goes to FUNCOM, i do not own any of these textures, all i did was work on them as a base and add some details to them.
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Vendetta Dec 1 @ 9:40am 
@Gh0stF0x looks great. Any chance of a version with a slightly darker/bigger areola? :D
Vectilithial Nov 22 @ 9:38am 
Where can we find the filepath to edit the body textures exactly?
Xaia Oct 9 @ 10:04pm 
u make dem puzzy hairy
Eivor Wolfsmal Sep 20 @ 11:58am 
It's only Textures, if they didn't change the Path I assume it should still work with the Update.
Goldhawk Sep 17 @ 9:05am 
@ghostfox I would like to know as well, any chance your updating this for the new content?
heaventhere Sep 15 @ 2:17pm 
Is this going to be updated for the new Map DLC??
Chaplynn Sep 2 @ 6:49pm 
Thank you for the quick answer. In this case I would love to try your mod out :)
Gh0stF0x  [author] Sep 2 @ 5:37pm 
It is 100% safe, this mod doesn't permanently alter anything but the textures of the human skin. if you disable or remove this mod, the game will load its original textures or any other texture mod that you have installed.
Chaplynn Sep 2 @ 4:48pm 
Is it save to remove the mod after testing or will my save game be corrupt?
Pie-rahna May 15 @ 7:48pm 
@PitMonk, You must have some other conflict or load order issue as I am using both Pippi and this mod together with no issues in solo-play as well as on a dedicated server.