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Origins of Magic
This collection supports my Twitch series https://rhadamant.com/origins/

>> If you want to try to replicate this series the modlist is here. I cannot help you replicate it any further than just pointing to the mods I used, as I do not have time to walk people through the setup, there are guides for that online. With that said, I also wrote a lot of code and XML for this series as well, to help support the story I want to tell, and my personally written code will NOT be made publicly available. The reason for this is because my code for this is a buggy nasty mess that was never meant to be played by other people. It is always changing and only I know how to carefully navigate my messy code to prevent the game from being unplayable. Other additions, like the Elemental creatures or Kenshi creatures mods may be made available at a later date, and if they are I will put them up on my shared file page https://rhadamant.com/shared-files/, asking for them won’t make them available any sooner.
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A RimWorld of Magic
Created by Torann
This mod adds classes with unique abilities.
There are currently 12 magic classes and 6 fighter classes. Each class has a set of unique abilities and fills specific roles (healer, offensive caster, utility, etc) and each class has a uniq...
Begone, Message!
Created by lbmaian
You know those messages on food rotting and relations decaying and so forth that annoyingly block some of the colonist bar at the top?

This mod allows you to (by default):
  • Dismiss a message by right-clicking that message.
  • Dismiss all mes
Created by f00z
Shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Should work on 1.0.x.

With Fahrenheit selected:
Outdoors 212F [100C]

With Celsius selected:
Outdoors 100C [212F]

With Kelvin selected:
Outdoors 373K [100C/212F]...
Dual Wield
Created by roolo
Pistols are boring? Not when you dual wield them like Lara Croft!
This mod allows your colonists to dual wield any weapon you allow in the mod options, including weapons added by other mods.
Dual wielding does come with accuracy and firing rate penalti...
Fueled Smelter [1.0]
Created by NewGameNate
This is simply an update of my first and only Rimworld mod, bringing it to 1.0!

Humans have been able to melt metals using heat for centuries, for some reason in Rimworld you...
Created by UnlimitedHugs
This is a library that provides shared functionality for other mods.
For best results, make sure that HugsLib comes right after Core in your mod load order.

Also includes the Log Publisher: press Ctrl+F12 to upload your Rimworld logs and get a link...
Created by jecrell
Adds modding components to RimWorld: vehicles, spell casting, weapon slots, oversized weapons, and more!

Example Mod Load Order
Star Wars
Call of Cthulhu

[KV] Configurable Maps
Created by Kiame Vivacity
"Configurable Maps" provides you with a number of configuration options that you can use to tailor the way your maps generate. Simply visit "Mod Settings" from the game's "Options" menu. You'll find three different sets of options for the mod.

(1) "Thin...
Humanoid Alien Races
Created by erdelf

A framework for the creation of new alien races in Rimworld

If you ever thought that the racial diversity in rimworld is... not that diverse and you want to change that, you came to the right place. This frame...
[KV] Faction Control
Created by Kiame Vivacity
"Faction Control" provides you with a number of configuration options that you can use to tailor which and how many faction groups and faction bases show up on your map. Simply visit "Mod Settings" from the game's "Options" menu.

Disable Fa...
[1.0] Vanilla Factions Expanded - Core
Created by XeoNovaDan
For 1.1 onwards, Vanilla Factions Expanded - Core is now being maintained by Oskar Potocki:


[1.0] Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval
Created by XeoNovaDan
For 1.1 onwards, Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval is now being maintained by Oskar Potocki: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023513450


Created by Mehni
Adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is, or to assign gear optimally.

- Customizable ove...
Recipe icons
Created by AUTOMATIC
For 1.1, this mod adds:

- tooltips with recipe information
- icons in thing filters
- icons for some surgery icons
- support for complex items with Cutout shader. See the picture for reference. Note: boxes for body parts are from ...
Interaction Bubbles
Created by Jaxe
Wouldn't it be great if you could read character interactions? Well you can, in the social log... or with

Interaction Bubbles

Shows bubbles when characters perform a social interaction with the text that would normally only be...
Created by CptKota
Ever asked yourself,
"where did I put that orbital bombardment?"
"How many chunks are left on the map?"
"I wonder how many shirts the colony has left?"
"Who took the masterwork Thrumbo pants?"

With the Inventory tab mod, you will never misplace, m...
Quest Tab
Created by Merthykins
This mod is for 1.0 only! Version 1.1 added this feature--and did a much better job!

A tab for quests. Idea by Hunor.

Can be added or removed anytime.

Compatible with More Faction Interaction
Compatible with RimCities (thanks to Cabbage!)

Show Draftees Weapon
Created by Targhetti
Shows a pawn's weapon icon on the colonist bar.

When a pawn has been drafted their equipped weapon icon will display under the pawn's avatar on the colonist banner. New mod settings have been added to allow weapons to be shown regardless of a pawn's d...
Giddy-up! Core
Created by roolo
The core files for the Giddy-up! series. Does not add anything on its own but the other mods in the series depend on it. The purpose of this series is to add mounting in as many aspects of the game as possible. Each mod released in the series will f...
Giddy-up! Caravan
Created by roolo
Let your colonists ride to far lands on elephants, muffalos, llamas or any other animal, modded or not!

No Weapon Looting
Created by Carny Senpai
Decide yourself what items your enemies will drop and what disappears. Fully customizable loot options. Helps with cleaning up big raids. Can make weapons, apparel, other stuff and even corpses disappear or disassemble.

This mod started as a reddit sugg...
Ignite Everything
Created by Undone
Allows you to rain hell and ignite everything. Well not literally everything, just everything that is flammable. I always thought it was a bit weird how raiders and pyromaniacs can start fires but the player can't without molotov's. How it works is, when y...
Medieval - Vanilla
Created by SickBoyWi
THE 1.1 VERSION CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2011469982

This mod removes everything from the game after the Medieval Era. Everything else stays vanilla.

How long can you survive what the storyteller...