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Red Bull Flick [Speedway]
Game Mode: Classic
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Red Bull Flick [Speedway]

Red Bull Flick [Speedway]
Game Type: 2v2
Game Mode: Red Bull Flick
Objective: Stand on the control point for 60 seconds.

Red Bull Flick [Speedway] is set on a floating sandstone harbor in the ocean. Use Surf Ramps to get to a higher position and snipe your opponent.

To win, a team must stand on the control point for 60 seconds. If neither team accomplishes this, the team who stood on it for longer wins the round.

How to Play
  1. Subscribe to this workshop item.
  2. In CS:GO, invite the players to a lobby.
  3. Click the "Play CS:GO" button in the top left, then change the dropdown where it says "Official Matchmaking" to "Workshop Maps".
  4. Select Red Bull Flick [Speedway], then click go!

Gamemode Rules
  • To win the round, a team must stand on the control point for 60 seconds or longer than the other team by the time the round ends.
  • To win the match, a team must win 2 rounds.
  • The round time is 90 seconds. Standing on the point freezes the round time.
  • The grenades around the map respawn after 20 seconds.
  • If a player dies during the round, they will respawn instantly.

Map Specific Rules
  • There are two surf ramps on each side.
  • The sides are symmetrical over the river.
  • Players start with kevlar, head armor and a USPS.
  • At each spawn there is an AK-47, M4A1S and M4A4.
  • There is a special AWP spawn in the middle.
  • A scout spawns on each side's sniper tower.
  • There is 1 flash, 1 high explosive, and 1 smoke grenade on each side.
  • 1 molotov spawns in the middle.

Red Bull Flick Maps
  1. Red Bull Flick [Castle]
  2. Red Bull Flick [Garden]
  3. Red Bull Flick [Speedway]
  4. Red Bull Flick [Matrix]
  5. Red Bull Flick [Himalaya]

• Epitaque - Layout and Scripting
• Geli - Graphics
• Valve - Dust 2 Control Point Example
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how i change to 3v3
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great map