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Garden Paws: Sprinkler Tutorial
By lydocia
The question "how do I get sprinklers to work?" gets asked so often, I decided to make a quick but clear tutorial.
Step 1: Grid placement on
The trick to setting up your sprinklers perfectly, is placing the plots with grid placement on and the sprinklers with grid placement off.

Go into your menu, click settings and check GRID PLACEMENT.

Step 2: Place the plots
With grid placement on, it becomes rather easy to place well-aligned plots.

For this tutorial, I'll place one, two and four plots for a copper, silver and gold sprinkler respectively.

Step 3: Grid placement off
Go back into your settings and turn grid placement off.

Step 4: Place the sprinklers
With grid placement off, you can hover the sprinkler over the spot until you see a sprinkler icon appear.

Icon up means the sprinkler will water that crop.

Same goes for silver sprinklers...

... and gold sprinklers.

No icon, no sprinkling!

What about planters?
The same strategy holds true for planters.

when placing the planters:

when placing the sprinklers:

The only down-side is that the sprinklers seem to snap onto the planters a little bit too high.

Lowering the sprinkler with the shifter solves that issue.
Tips & Tricks
You can shift the sprinkler down halfway into the ground and it will still work:

Any lower, though, and it won't sprinkle the plot.
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lydocia  [author] Jan 24 @ 5:40am 
Very welcome, Wombat! :-)
The Phantom Wombat Jan 24 @ 2:21am 
Very helpful, thank you!
desert.dragonborn Jan 8 @ 8:47pm 
Thank you lydocia. I'll give it a shot.
lydocia  [author] Jan 8 @ 6:30am 
Hi Desert & Minty! Thank you for checking out my tutorial. :-)

Good question, and yes, planter boxes work the same way.
Added a section for that to the guide above.

Thank you for your feedback!
Minty Jan 8 @ 4:31am 
Thanks! I was wondering why it never seemed to work.. I never saw the icon so maybe I wasn't lined up right.. I do hope it works with the round stone planters. I have them lowered in the ground to only the rim, so look pretty I think.. Cuz I got tired of watering the dirt every day so it wouldn't go poof .. Teehee :steamhappy:
desert.dragonborn Jan 7 @ 6:01pm 
Does this work for planter boxes also?