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[JDS] Simple Storage
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Jan 5, 2020 @ 1:56pm
Sep 12, 2021 @ 5:18pm
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[JDS] Simple Storage

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As of 8/3/2020 US I have change the name of this mod from [JDS] Simply Storage to [JDS] Simple Storage, you must re-enable this mod again if playing a save game

Hate how your stockpile is overflowing of useless thing or just the fact it just a sore eye. I have a simply solutions by using my "Simply Storage"
a compact way to storage all of your useless Junk that you don't need into my Storage contains, no more of that over size stockpile take away space
that you can use for more important things. Now you can have a compack base, Call 1-800-Simply-Storage.

Note: you many get a error let me know, if you feel that one or few of my storage need balance let me know too.

LWM's Deep Storage
Simply Storage

-Wooden Crate A
-Wooden Crate A2
-Wooden Crate A3
-Wooden Crate A4
-Wooden Crate B
-Wooden Crate C
-Wooden Crate Large
-Wooden Barrel
-Wooden Barrel Pile
-Metal Crate
-Metal Crate Pile
-Metal Crate Small Pile
-Metal Crate Bigger Pile
-Military Grade Crate Small
-Military Grade Crate small Pile
-Military Grade Crate Long
-Military Grade Crate Large
-Ammo Box A
-Ammo Box B
-Ammo Box C
-Ammo Crate
-Ammo Crate Pile
-Tool Box
-Shipping Container (Red)
-Shipping Container (Blue)
-Shipping Container (Green)
-Beer Crate
-Pallet Box
-Pallet Container
-Metal Shelf A
-Metal Shelf B
-Industrial shelf (Empty)
-Industrial shelf (Full)
-Bank Vault
-Industrial Dumpster

- more storage

- lilwhitemouse for the awesome mod "LWM's Deep Storage"
- yes0rpg (Chinese Language Package)

[JDS] Simply Storage - Refrigeration
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Kenny Dave
< >
AaaAAaaaa Aug 2 @ 11:57am 
I have an issue where my pawns are constantly putting an item to a stack inside the crate, then pulling one out and putting it back in the stack if I draft a colonist they just go back to doing i right when I un-draft them
TheColdTurtle Jul 7 @ 5:26pm 
One thing that would really be nice if there were more descriptions for all the storage containers. It seems like half of them just are blank.
SukiKomeko May 29 @ 11:12am 
@sheppard you need to go to the mod settings and check the box that allows them to haul to the storages
Dreseaoba May 28 @ 12:16am 
If container looks empty when it's empty, it would be awesome.
Sheppard May 24 @ 12:11pm 
patch to work with misc robots +++`? cause the bots cant haul anything to the storages
Sandy May 22 @ 4:31am 
Thanks for the mod. Please allow Resource crates to be built with other materials also, not just wood.
maniacal<1> May 20 @ 6:29am 
I love this mod, but for some reason even when I have the material crates set and XL stacks active, it will tell me there's no storage for things like steel and wood and nobody will haul. However when I set to 'haul urgently' one lone person will, yet the message will still persist. It's like only one person is allowed to access the storage at any time.
Jet May 12 @ 7:42pm 
the values are really unbalanced. Most emblamatic is probably ammo crates. Why waste 95 plasteel and 500 steel for a measly crate 30 storage of ammo, plus 2k market price. You can just build wooden boxes that offer more storage for less
Jet Apr 21 @ 6:41pm 
absolutely fantastic mod.
suggestion: search bar for storage
Galactic Babushka Apr 7 @ 10:04pm 
I'm having the same issue as @LungeVilkas, the pawn just stands there putting it in, taking it out, in out in out in out in out and if I draft them and undraft they just go back to doing it.