Arma 3
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Orientation March/ RunForrestRun[Coop 1-10]
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Tanoa
DLC: Apex
Meta: Dependency
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Orientation March/ RunForrestRun[Coop 1-10]

In this scenario you are somewhere on the main island of Tanoa. Your target is to meet at the Extraction point and find a way off the island. Of course there is a lot of enemies in the area looking to stop you.
The weather is really bad and foggy but it should clear up shortly.
Each group of three slots stands for a single position. Obviously only one slot per group should be used. Harder slots mean less equipment. Easy has everything he needs, including a rangefinder, GPS and NVGs. Medium has Binos and NVGs. Hard has a flashlight.
Due to the way Arma handles the map you wont have one in the briefing screen and upon first opening in the mission it will be centered on the middle. After that you can use it normally.

You got 2 lives. The first time you die you will be reset to your starting position. This means it is not only important to find out where you are but also how you got there from your first position. The second time you die you wont respawn but you will have the spectator cam available to check the progress of your mates that are still alive.

With the recent changes to ace there are only a few settings i touched. First you will spawn with the gear you had when you died. And secondly the NVGs will be much more usable than in the standard ace settings. Also with the scoretable working again i might be able to drop the acex dependancy if there is a wish for it.