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Common questions, problems, and solutions
By Thing'e'
A guide to resolve common issues that may occur with IOSoccer

My game isn't starting / is crashing / behaves strangely

Try one or more of the following steps:
- Verify your local files through Steam.
- Open 'regedit' and delete 'Computer\HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Valve\Source\iosoccer'.
- Uninstall the game through Steam, delete the IOSoccer folder (e.g. `C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IOSoccer`), and re-install.
- Make sure your drivers are up-to-date and you have the latest Windows updates.

I have problems with alt-tabbing
If you use Windows 10 turn off the new focus assist (Windows key -> Configuration (:gear:) -> System -> Focus Assist -> When I'm playing a game -> Off).

How can I use borderless windowed mode (aka windowed fullscreen)?
Add `-noborder -window` as launch parameters.

What other launch parameters are there?
Many (but not all) of the parameters listed Line[/i]Options]here should work.

I have a low framerate
Changing the console variable 'matqueuemode' from '-1' to `2` should give you an FPS boost.
Warning: Your game will most likely crash when using this setting and alt-tabbing while in fullscreen mode.
Using (borderless) windowed mode can fix this issues. Alternatively change the variable back to '-1' whenever you need to alt-tab.

My resolution isn't in the drop-down list
Make sure you set the correct aspect ratio in the list below it.
If it still doesn't show up you can use the launch parameters `-width x -height y`.

Known issues
- The game can't load non-ASCII player names from the config (SDK 2007 engine limitations)
- The server often crashes when restarting the match after final whistle
- The server hangs when changing maps sometimes
- Replays aren't smooth and show players twitching