Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Purple Necrofire
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story, GM, Arena
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Jan 3, 2020 @ 9:44pm
Jun 4, 2021 @ 9:28pm
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Purple Necrofire

In 1 collection by LaughingLeader
LaughingLeader's Mods - Definitive Edition
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Makes necrofire surfaces and clouds purple. Also removes the worm/roots from necrofire.


Norbyte's Divinity Script Extender
If the extender[github.com] is present, this mod will override necrofire-related skills to use purple-colored effects, in a way that preserves changes overhauls makes to those skills (such as Odinblade's Pyromancer Overhaul's changes to Epidemic of Fire).

Additionally if LeaderLib is present with the extender, Epidemic of Fire, Necrofire Infusion, and the necrofire-related statuses will all use new purple-themed icons. Just like the skill effect changes, this is in a compatible way that preserves changes other mods make to these statuses/skills.

Pet Power
Limited support for Larian's Pet Power mod is also added if the extender is present. This is mainly making sure the new statuses have the right icon. Making their effects purple currently is difficult since we don't have access to their editor effect files (we need an editor data update?).

If you're feeling generous, an easy way to show support is by tipping me a coffee:


I love modding this game, and I love interacting with the community. Every bit helps to keep me doing what I'm doing. Thanks!

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Leviathan May 3 @ 12:10pm 
As soon as the "epidemic of fire" appears on the panel, some of the spell icons disappear. With what it can be connected?
robibhatt Mar 12 @ 10:17am 
Long shot, but is there any chance we could get a blue necrofire?
Ravic Jun 4, 2021 @ 11:15pm 
Dude, that's awesome. Thanks for the fix.
LaughingLeader  [author] Jun 4, 2021 @ 9:22pm 
@Blackmesatech Ah I'm not sure why I didn't make GM a target. I'll fix.
Ravic Mar 31, 2021 @ 8:49pm 
Aw, kind of a shame how this one can't be used in GM mode.
Max Power Nov 15, 2020 @ 12:54pm 
This looks amazing in game, makes cursed fire way more pleasing to look at!
RzRTelhalm Oct 17, 2020 @ 11:14pm 
@Lightsourced Yes.
Lightsourced Oct 17, 2020 @ 9:49pm 
I'm so sorry if this is a stupid question but is Necrofire the same as Cursed Fire?
kmsthanks Aug 21, 2020 @ 3:35am 
It would be really cool if there was a black version. I'm sure the weebs here know what i'm talking about
Hello, Bloodsucker Speaking Jul 18, 2020 @ 10:52pm 
I have this mod, and I have the script extender, but the flames on the ground don't change to the purple, only the flames on a burning character, is there something I did wrong with this..?