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Futara's Dragon Race
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Jan 3, 2020 @ 6:24pm
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Futara's Dragon Race

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FutaraDragon Collection
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Ultimate Unique 4 Legged Dragon Race
This not just new race but 100+ new mechanics added into game so this is new game in Starbound
Futara's Dragon Race
Current Version 1.095b
[current state beta version](very stable)
About This Mod
This mod not just a new race. It will change the way you see and play the game forever!
Are you looking for gameplay that differs from standard Starbound?
This mod will deliver that very difference you're looking for.
Play as an actual dragon and support your friend with skills. Don't worry so much about crafting things, but rather helping friends to achieve their goals.

- Adds the new race "FutaraDragon". An actual 4 legged dragon that's fully recolorable.
- Adds 100+ new unique systems and mechanics to Starbound, fully compatible with all mods.
- Adds optimisations to the game, aiming to make the game code update at 60 FPS without any additional optimisation mods/methods.
- Adds a unique skill menu and RPG system + level system to the game (for this race only).
- Will not impact other characters. Feel free to safely remove this mod as needed.
- Added coding API for modders.
Light Disappear Fixed Add On (when play single player only)
For Render Area Fix
Mod Guide / Wiki
Guide Wiki Here: Link[]
Гайд по моду на русском тут: Link
Race Lore
- (it too much but will be tell later)
About Dragon Race
- Health start by 100
- Energy start by 200
- Hunger increase a lot
- Breath start by 300%
- Reduce 50% power multiply bonus effect from equipment
Mod Objective
- make new system that give to all modder to have ability to use custom animation and custom skill with rpg system
- built-in race example for modder to use to make they own race
- fun with dragon
Developer Discord
- Mod Discord Here[]
Futara's Dragon Music
- Music By FutaraDragon[]
Special Thank
- Soma
- Nikki
- Sethtnt
- RoxionDragon
- Feritas 🐉
- Void
- Kiero Ashkore
- OG Koopa
- Dragon's clan
- ErrantWitch
Credit Some Music Use In Mod
- Nelson Wong (Youtube Channel)
Modding Help
- Silver Sokolova
- 0x00FF00 (Green)
- FR4C74LH3X⎔
- Purrr
- ChanFoxx
- Nebulox
- Fediani4
- Mikenyes
- Zancuno
- Kiero Ashkore
- Ni Frozenscale
- Lis
- ReiikzThe8HeadedDragon
- Zerisius
- RoxionDragon
Mod Tester
- DrearionDragon
- Soma
- Luconis
- Morg
- Kiero Ashkore
- Gixcaririxen
- 【Hunter】
- tjw246
- Winter
- ChanFoxx
- Nebulox
- Fediani4
- xeronious
- Simmy3DT
- Dezmodian
- Katpwnicorn
- sethtnt
- Енот
- Zerisius
- OG Koopa
- BovineDragon
- Omega
- [CDC]cholera
- RoxionDragon
- Mini the avali
- Dekrosna
- Judgement
- Gwen Auster
Support Developer
- Mod Patreon[]
Mod Progressing
- add dragon energy matrix skill (replace manipulator and support controller)
- add dragon deep sleep
- add dragon hug with two legs
- add dragon fire breath stream skill (basic skill)
- add [secret unique specie]
- add [secret unique skill]
- add [secret unique sprite]
Mod Future Plan
- add skin system (allow everyone can add own animation picture replace default dragon animation with download on workshop)
- add mix soul skill (change self as weapon and follow other ally)
- add dragon grab skill (grab and hold other ally while flying)
- add revenge shield (path of defend absorb all enemy damage and counter all damage back)
- add aura of holy skill (path of support aura self effect self and ally to get healing buff over time)
- add rage crasher skill (path of combat only when full rage transform self to ultimate form ... detail later)
- add sonic beam saber skill (path of combat long range slash)
- add wind combo (path of combat multi slash enemy behind when combo finish)
- ...
Modder Lua Api
- FDCameraShake(Position,Radius,Momentum)
- FDCameraDarkShade(Position,Radius,Power,UpTime,Time,DownTime)
- FDCameraLightShade(Position,Radius,Power,UpTime,Time,DownTime)
- FDCPUThreadData(ObjectThreadKey,ObjectThreadValue)
- FDSaveAllData(ForceSave)
- FDTechTemp()
- FDTechReturn()
- ...
Question & Answer
- Q : how to pass small area of first FU dungeon ?
- A : here use this skill

- Q : for some reason the slash tech I start with does not work.
- A : craft "CS|SkillMenu" item first or it already in beginning inventory let check it out

- Q : this mod will make other character crash after uninstall this mod?
- A : I already tested about install and uninstall my mod with other character, result is not effect to other character
Mod History
- Done first alpha version at d4/m1/y2020
- A lot of research and special thank for StarBound mod community help a lot
- Start develop from 2014
- Start by just want to add feral character type to the game and have unique special skill
Mod Log
- nerf energy shot rate of fire highest to lower
- buff energy shot rate of fire lowest to higher
- nerf unleash energy pattern skill damage will reduce rage guage
- rebalance rage mechanic when take damage will not increase too much rage
- [server side] change "luaGcPause" to 1.0
- [server side] change "luaGcStepMultiplier" to 1.0
- fix Sprite Dragon Mega Mana Shot skill cool down after shot not same as sprite dragon npc (when control sprite dragon)
- fix Beam Saber Claw skill stop flying while combo
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill while using mana regenerate reduce 90%
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill while using stamina regenerate reduce 90%
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill while weakness debuff mana regenerate reduce 75%
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill while weakness debuff stamina regenerate reduce 75%
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill while weakness debuff can not use Summon Energy Orb skill
- nerf Unleash Penergy Pattern skill weakness debuff increase from 20 to 30 second
- buff Unleash Penergy Pattern skill when skill depleted Sprite Dragon will still stay
- buff Unleash Penergy Pattern skill when start use stamina will max
- buff Unleash Penergy Pattern skill when cooldown after use reduce from 10 to 8 second
- buff Unleash Penergy Pattern skill mana use reduce from 500 to 200
- change "luaGcStepMultiplier" config to 1.0
- change "luaGcPause" config to 1.0
- update dark shade image to 1500px
- update light shade image to 1500px
- change render particle back to drawable
Major Patch v1.0b
Mod Update Video Here
look in mod log

Recent Log Here
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Is this mod safe?
< >
Dym0niter Mar 3 @ 12:34am 
ah, alright. thank you
FutaraDragon  [author] Mar 2 @ 3:43pm 
@Dym0niter Here detail about aggressive mode
Dym0niter Mar 2 @ 12:47pm 
Question: what does "aggressive mode" do? it's in the skills options, but have no idea what it does
FutaraDragon  [author] Feb 28 @ 4:19am 
@Zombif18 you can make any status effect and with this lua code

local StatModifier = nil
StatModifier = effect.addStatModifierGroup({
{stat = "foodDelta", amount = 0},
Zombif18 Feb 28 @ 3:04am 
Which lua file increases the race's hunger?
FutaraDragon  [author] Feb 27 @ 11:09am 
@LongerBlade <3
LongerBlade Feb 27 @ 8:21am 
This mod is awesome. Thank you for this!
FutaraDragon  [author] Feb 24 @ 6:23am 
@Dym0niter thank you for help X3
Dym0niter Feb 24 @ 1:06am 
@Kieran Vax'ilian starbound logs are generally send with PasteBin. open the log file, and copypaste it all in PasteBin. then send the link here
FutaraDragon  [author] Feb 23 @ 3:14pm 
@Kieran Vax'ilian yes log file in Storage folder after it happen