Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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+FrozenmenBG+'s Rome 2 Overhaul Collector's Emperor Edition (All Mods can works simultaneously on Patch 17)
This is my +FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Edition working
with the latest Patch 17 - Emperor Edition and focused mainly for the Grand Campaign.
It works also with the Hannibal at the Gates , the Ceaser in Gaul ,Imperator Augustus Campaign, Wrath of Sparta DLC-s

This Mod Compilation will improve your gameplay drastically. In order to know the whole outcome of this Mod Compilation I DO RECOMMEND reading the text wall below. You won't regret it !
One tip for people seeing this, if they aren't familiar with compilations in Steam: if you like many of the mods in My +FrozenmenBG+'s Rome 2 Overhaul Collector's Edition Mod Compilation, but not all of them, you can still check out my comp and subscribe to the mods individually. So if you don't like one particular thing, you can still use my compilation to get everything you want, but easily leave out a mod or two that you don't want. It's a pretty nice feature since we all know that customization is the best aspect of mods.

All the mods are working together and without the Game crashing when playing a Campaign !!!!

My main Goals in this Overhaul Collector's Emperor Edition are:

- Rome 1: Total War Music
- It will be Guaranteed that the Major Factions will become Power Houses,but not making them OP

- Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map with the Vannila Factions
You can still play the Imperator Augustus Campaign with no problems.
- 4 turn per year Balance Mod.
Build times multiplied by x4.
Research times multiplied by x4.
Recruitment slots lowered from 3 to 1

- Traits, talents and toadies.
- A More Aggressive CAI
- Increased Spotting Distances for a More Tactical BAI

- The Limited Agents Mod
Max 1 Agent per type per faction = 1 Spy,1 Dignatary,1 Champion

- ''Epic Campaigns'' for the Vannila land units
A: Those Mods permits recruiting of ALL Vannila units (without the artilery units) from level 1 barracks for you AND the AI
A: Because 1) it is historical.The time the game begins almost all units were present-Spartan hoplites?Seleucids elephants?Romans dogs?Suebi berserkers and longbowmen?Parthians cataphracts?.It is kind gamish to unlock units from ceratain barracks and all civilaztion to start from zero point
2) Now the AI will recruit its best troops to come to get you.You will fight cataphracts and elephants from turn 1
3) BARRACKS ARE VERY important Still .But now they give bonuses to attack,defence,moral,cavalry charge etc due to better training.Also for every civilazation they have unique charcteristics.Every next level gives more bonuses and in other relevant areas too. So that way a hoplite for example recruited from a level 3 barrack is much more deadly than one from level 1

Known issues.
1) Mods that add units will work ok but units will be produces from barrack level specified from the creator.
2)This mod purpose is not to be a cheat mod but a historic accurate mod that improves game play.Later Roman troops are still recruited through technology or later barracks and these troops are the only one in game that are Tec related. all other troops of all other factions are available. this does not weaken Rome because the mod have arranged strong bonuses in attack from Roman barracks to show Roman military superiority. bonuses other factions lack in strength and in time they achieve

- Roma II: Total War Camera Mod

Several unit mods including
- the Radious Unit Packs:
1) Barbarian Invasion;
2) Rise of an Empire;
3) Eastern Eclipse;

- Caesar's Cohort (Rome)
- champLoo's Gold Unit Compilation
- TWH Unit Packs:
1) S.A.P V.2;
2) M.H.F.V.1;
3) M.E.P V.2;

- Wolfmans Epic Unit packs
- The Wallet's great Revival, Rebirth, Resurrection Units Compilation mod
- Realistic Legionary Tactics + Wedge Formations for the Rome's Legionary Infantry
And So on
Up to 1300 new custom units Total !!! for all Factions !!!

IM NOT JOKING 1300+ new custom units
If you want to Use other than the the " Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map" Mod then Use ONLY 1 MOD from my
+FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Edition Additional Mods Mod Pack
Link -
If not -The 4 TPY Balance Mod - Build, Research and Recruit ...will just be another 1 Turns per year Hardcore Mod

Compatible with other 4TPY mods like - just Remove the Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map (4TPY) mod
and Add:
- All Factions Playable
- 4 Turns Per Year Mod ( 4TPY )
- Italian Alliance (+SPQR) (4TPY)
- Grand Campaign Shuffle (4TPY)
- Total War: Spartacus Rises

My mod Compilation is in top 10(now 6th place) Best Mod Colections for Rome 2 - if you vote for this Mod Pack by giving it a thumb up and adding it to your favorites you are helping me guys, and the people who created those Great mods A LOT by Promoting this Mod Colection !!!!
A friend of mine found a workaround for the unit sizes! Just use the ESF editor to edit your save file (just save your game first thing you do when you start a new campaign and edit that one) and multiply the unit sizes! Works perfectly with all unit packs too! This will also give more ships per unit.

1) using ESF editor open up your save game. (Open ESF as admin)
2) Click on compress_data >> campaign_env >> campaign_setup >> campaign_setup_options
3) Change the second number to whatever you like. 2 will give 320 men per unit (2x160). 3 will give 480 men per unit (3x160) and so on.
More about this on:

Quote From "theliquid8or" - Fantastic still not yet known Modder amongs the Comunity:
-----------------------------------------------------------> 41 Units in 1 Land Army Stack TUTORIAL:
0. You need an allready created savegame.
1. Download this:
2. Run EditSF.exe.
3. Open your savegame. (Located here: C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2\save_games)
4. Go to: Campaign_Save_Game > Compressed_Data > Campaign_Env > Campaign_Model
5. Change ONLY the 9th value from 20 to 41. The 10th value causes CTD so DON'T CHANGE THAT.
6. HIT ENTER and the number turns red.
7. Save the file, give it some time until it turns black again and close EditSF.exe.
8. Load the savegame and play the game!

LATEST UPDATE: 25.05.2017
Items (58)
Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map
Created by Thomahawk2k
General Info
Hello everyone.

I am glad to be able to introduce to you all this mod that will allow you all to make use of the following features:
- Play the Grand Campaign on the map of Imperator Augustus, allowing you for instance to play wi...
Rome: Total War Music
Created by Caratacus
=== Rise of the Romans Compatible =====================================

Confirmed working with the latest release of the Rise of the Romans Campaign DLC and Ancestral Update - 09/08/2018


Guaranteed Major Faction Empires
Created by Mitch
Compatible with 100% of other mods!
Save game compatible!

Does it annoy you that in your campaigns you never get to face the legions of Rome, having arrived at Italy only to find they've been destroyed by a minor faction earl...
A Very Aggressive AI
Created by Turquoise-Falcon
The screenshots above are from a very difficult campaign I played as Athens. I ultimately lost after quite the struggle for survival and dominance. Check out the details of this campaign here:
Increased Spotting Distances for a More Tactical BAI
Created by Magic Cuboid
Due to developments in this thread on the DEI forum, and the ingenious idea of Krixux, a few of us have been searching for methods to improve the tactical ability of the AI.

What this mod does:
It increases, across the board, units' minimum abil...
Faction Income Mod (GC,IA,ED)
Created by Volcano467
For: Grand Campaign & Imperator Augustus & Empire Divided campaigns ONLY

Deactive for all other campaigns, including Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates, Wrath of Sparta, and Rise of the Republic campaigns, otherwise the income levels of all factions ...
4 TPY Balance Mod - Build, Research and Recruit - by Dresden
Created by FrozenmenBG
Tired of using a Four Turns Per Year mod, but technologies and conquest seem to be awfully fast for the turn count?

WELL DO I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! Introducing my 4 TPY Balance Mod - Build, Research and Recruit

This allows for a much more reali...
Season Effects for Main Campaign
Created by Dresden
This mod adds seasonal province effects for the main campaign and Augustus Campaign

It is highly suggested that you use a Turn Per Year mod with this mod, such as 4TPY.

Imperator Augustus Campaign Map - Latin Theme
Created by Idreaus
11/21/2014 Updated:
Extended & Edited Campaign map layout
Inspiration from Attila: Total War

Imperator Augustus Campaign mode Only.

This is a Latin theme edited map made by me only for Imperat...
Wrath of Sparta Campaign Map - Modern Theme
Created by Idreaus
Don't forget to rate <3


Extended & Edited Campaign map layout

Wrath of Sparta Campaign Only.


Traits, Talents and Toadies: Character Overhaul
Created by Dresden
This is Hellbent's Traits, Talents and Toadies Character Overhaul Mod, updated with permission from Hellbent. This version is compatible with Patch 20 and works with the Caesar in Gaul, Augustus, Wrath of Sparta and Hannibal mini-campaigns. New campaign re...
Better Building Icons - Emperor Edition
Created by DeusEx010101
Why another "building icons" mod?
These updated icons add more detailed information to the icons. Building icon backgrounds now accurately represent the income type that they provide. Icons now show some of the bonuses they provide and how they a...
Brighter Active Unit Color
Created by DeusEx010101
Now it is easier to see which units are selected....
Color List View Icons
Created by DeusEx010101
Army and Agent list view is now easier to use....
Agent Action Icons
Created by DeusEx010101
Agent Action Icons now match the attribute icon color....
Rome II: Terrain HD (OBSOLETE)
Created by Celticus
This is a terrain edit of the campaign map texture files. I used the Attila files and modified some of them slightly to fit better with the aesthetic of Rome II.

Screenshots taken with GEM default settings and Gamma set to 16 or 18 and Brightness set to...
Rome II: Ocean HD (OBSOLETE)
Created by Celticus
This mod combines my own edits to Rome II's ocean texture files and Attila's files to produce a newer looking HD ocean effect. This mod is purely graphical and only edits the textures. I don't know if there is a performance hit but I didn't notice anything...
New lighting and environments mod from "Aztec's Environments and Lightings"
This mod is updated to the latest version released by the Aztec 20/06/2016

Works both with the latest Patch 18 Power & Politics and with the previous pach 17.

This mod is to Aztec and all merits are his.
Not existing in St...
Special Effects Enhancement Mod v1.6 "Insane Edition"
Created by Mech_Donald
Special Effects Enhancement Mod v. 1.6 Insane Edition! (For high performant PC's!)

No more sterile battles. The Insane Edition adds dust to marching, running and fighting units. The floor will be covered with dust when units fighting each other. ...
[Updated] Enhanced Particles
Created by Philip
Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present to you Enhanced Particles, a modification offering a cinematic experience ín Total War: Rome II battles.

Although simple by its nature, Enhanced Particles offers far more dynamic and, dare we say, exciti...
Better Horses, elephants and dogs HQ texture v2 [outdated]
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 15 and EE!

I think, I was not only person in this game who think same. When I played a battle and my friend mentioned about poor quality dogs for me. I decided take a look to dogs, but also I wanted check for horses and elephants. Wor...
Better siege weapons, equipments and fort walls HQ textures [outdated]
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 16 and EE!

Now HQ texture has arrived to siege weapons, equipments and fort walls. This is now on Beta-stage so please give feedback and report problems what you find in game.

This mod improve siege weapons, equipments and fort wal...
41 units in army + Custom banner (Patch 18)
Created by IVYS4UR
>>>>>> Version: 1.2 (Update: Compatible with Patch 18.)

Hey guys!
I know there are a lot of you who are sick of using only 20 units in one army. It is proven that using 40 units for army and 20 for navy works without CTDs. I've fin...
Double Experience (Units)
Created by Ø76923
This modifies a single file, halving the amount of experience required to gain an echelon.

It is only incompatible with mods that change what experience point thresholds units gain echelons at. It will work with "Traits, Talents and Toadies".

Goes we...
Moar levies from Client States
Created by DMDR
+5 more units available for recruitment from client states and satrapies.

Thought those puppets could be of more use if they provide more troops to try out different armies in one campaign, so here's a mod that extends the number of available units by 5...
Epic Campaigns
Created by Phalangitis
Save game compatible-also works with latest patch

A: It permits recruiting of ALL units (not navies and siege machines) from level 1 barracks for you AND the AI..
A: Because 1) it is historical.T...
Better AI Recruitment
Created by Litharion
Better AI Recruitment for Rome II
Rome II Emperor Edition patch 20 :) compatible

This mod enhances the Campaign AI by building better melee based armies as well as improving the faction specific recruitment behavior.The AI will for example re...
Strategic Thinking TTT-Friendly
Created by Phalangitis
This is the same mod as
but made compatible with TTT mod.
1)Now every action counts.If you win a battle you will earn the able attacker perk 75% of the ti...
The Slave Mod (2)
Created by Phalangitis
Regardless to what it seems in the mod manager the mod is Still working..

For a Version compatible with Empire Divided Patch click HERE

Save game compatible-latest pat...
Roman Laws Simulation
Created by Phalangitis
Save game compatible - Latest Patch-update compatible.

A simple mod i made this lazy afternoon...Romans were renowned for their legal system which in some cases is still present nowdays in nearly all countries.At first i tried varius approaches to creat...
Soft Regions-Soft Men
Created by Phalangitis
WARNING : This mod is made aiming to the hardcore gamers.Those who really want a challenge and not an easy playthough..

There is a Greek proverb "Soft regions give birth to soft men".It is known that even the most millitaristic states when they got too ...
Transport Penalty
Created by Phalangitis
Compatible with almost everything...also save game compatible

A small mod that makes armies stand still for a turn as an immobile boat when they "transformed" into a transport fleet.
That makes them a sitting duck for enemy navies...

I am not using ...
Walrus Navy Maintanance Quickfix
Probably the biggest issue with navies is how cost ineffective they are,

You seldom get a chance to use them, they are outclassed by land units in many ways due to how boarding works (It can be done to ships that have just rammed you, making it so you c...
Created by BM

This simple revolution will make you live a more real experience of battle.

This mod mak...
City Sack & Liberation Mod by Dresden
Created by Dresden
This mod allows all factions to Sack, Liberate and Loot cities. Compatible with all patches and all mods.

Occupation Options

Sacking a city gives you money and you don't take the city over. Buildings are damaged 25% and public order i...
Better Sieges
Created by MrMassacre
This mod tweaks siege warfare, pretty limited at this point but that may change. My focus was on the Augustus campaign; being 200 years after the grand campaign, it makes sense there should be access to better siege equipment and tactics. Is compatible wit...
Siege Defence
Created by Karnil Vark Khaitan
This mod allows a proper defence of a city
8 barricades
2 brimstone
2 spike stones
2 caltrops
4 spikes
4 stakes
same goes for forts now, defending forts now has been made 20% more easier now!

you can deployed defences then attacked o...
A world to explore
Created by AveMetal
This mini mod erases the city icons that shows all its positions in the campaing maps and through the fog of war. Now you can bring back the exploration function to your agents, or armies ¬¬

- Compatible with saved games (no need to start a new campaign...
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 2
Created by Radious
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 2

All 4 Parts are required!

Overview - From the award winning team and and from the creators of the most subscribed mods on steam workshop for TW games comes another major modification. T...
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 4
Created by Radious
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 4

All 4 Parts are required!

Overview - From the award winning team and and from the creators of the most subscribed mods on steam workshop for TW games comes another major modification. T...
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 3
Created by Radious
Radious Total War Mod - Anniversary Edition - Part 3

All 4 Parts are required!

Overview - From the award winning team and and from the creators of the most subscribed mods on steam workshop for TW games comes another major modification. T...
Wolfmans Trojan Guard - Hector Pack
Created by Wolfman
Updated to patch 1.15 (EE)
should be savegame compatible!

Hector, Paris and the Trojan Guard wait for you to lead them in battle!

T R O Y - Cinematic Trailer 2017
Wolfmans Myrmidons - Heroes Pack
Created by Wolfman
Updated to patch 1.15 (EE)
Note: not save game compatible, you have to start a new campaign! Sorry ;)

Hi Folks, this is an ADD-ON for my MYRMIDON main mod.
You can use it as single mod too if you like, but I suggest you use both mods together for the...
TWH Unit Pack M.E.P. Patch 17
Created by Galilaios
The Current MEP (Macedonia, Epirus, Pontus,(Seleucids) pack includes 9 new units for Macedon , 9 for Epirus , 10 units for Pontus and 8 for the Seleucids.
The Pack is save game and Patch 16 compatible.

Total War Hellas Unit Packs aims to ...
TWH Unit Pack S.A.P. Patch 17
Created by Galilaios
The Current SAP (Sparta / Athens/ Ptolemeans) pack includes 9 new units for Sparta ,9 for Athens ,8 for the Ptolemies & 8 for Bactria.
The Pack is save game and Patch 16 compatible

Total War Hellas Unit Packs aims to add apprx. over 100 histo
TWH Unit Pack M.H.F. Patch 17
Created by [TwH]KoultouraS
This is the third and last Unit Pack of the TWH unit pack series.
The current version is implementing 6 units , all equipped with new skins, into the rosters
of the Minor Hellenistic Factions of:

Kings of East - Eastern Expansion
Created by ᛇᚹᚫᛉ
And the Kings of East said: "Those Romans think they own the world... those hellenes think they're so cultural. Sparta, Athens... Rome... They seem to forget the gods that was before them... But no matter... now will they remember..." - Just joking not a r...
Revival, Rebirth, Resurrection - Redux (Emperor Edition Compatible)
Created by peer
This is a compilation/simplification of Wallet's great Hellenic Revival, Barbaric Rebirth and Eastern Resurrection mods, which can no longer be found on the Workshop. I say "simplification" because although this includes every unit from these mods, the new...
Smarmy's Roster Expansions ; SARE/EARE/AARE/BRE/MPRE/ACRE/ROH
Created by Smarmy
This is a combination of all roster packs I have released to date, to address the issue of the mod limit as many of you have requested. The mods in question are AARE, EARE, SARE, BRE, ACRE, MPRE, ROH. That is the expansions for Athens, Sparta, Epirus, Bakt...
Wedge Formation for Rome's Heavy Infantry
Created by McShooterz
Adds the wedge formation to Romes heavy infantry....
Improved Roman Animations and Formations Mod
Created by Moon Hoplite
NOTE: compatible with other mods, ask for overhauls

This mod adds a NEW roman 'shield wall' (with improved animations) ability/formation, called 'roman formation'. 'Roman formation' improves the organisation/cohesiveness of troops in combat. See the scr...
Roma II: Total War Camera Mod
This is a simple mod that edits the land battle camera, sea battle camera, campaign camera, and unit camera. It increases the max and min zoom distance in the battle and campaign maps. It also lowers the unit camera in the mix position and lets you raise...
TWH Bonus Unit Pack Syracuse Patch 17
Created by [TwH]KoultouraS
TWH unit packs have come a long way since the early release , and this is the way we would like to thank the tens of thousands that have subscibed to the packs , all of them or one of them..., and to close with this pack our circle.
These thousands of fan...
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+FrozenmenBG+'s Rome 2 Overhaul Collector's Emperor Edition - Additional Mods
13 items
< >
FrozenmenBG  [author] Feb 7, 2017 @ 9:54am 
pls read the text above

If you want to Use other than the the " Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map" Mod then Use ONLY 1 MOD from my
+FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Edition Additional Mods Mod Pack
Link -
If not -The 4 TPY Balance Mod - Build, Research and Recruit ...will just be another 1 Turns per year Hardcore Mod

Compatible with other 4TPY mods like - just Remove the Grand Campaign on Imperator Augustus map (4TPY) mod
and Add:
- All Factions Playable
- 4 Turns Per Year Mod ( 4TPY )
- Italian Alliance (+SPQR) (4TPY)
- Grand Campaign Shuffle (4TPY)
- Total War: Spartacus Rises
Nuclear Feb 4, 2017 @ 2:35pm 
wheres the 4 turns per year balance mod
FrozenmenBG  [author] Feb 26, 2015 @ 12:51am 
Sorry for the Delay - So the Combat speed is the same as in Emperor Edition version of the game for balancing pourposes - there are 1300 new custom units in this Mod Compilation.. Its a bit slower than the Combat speed of the pre-Emperor Edition version - slower, strategic to make your moves but not to the extremes to get bored. Now the Combat speed got the compromise for all players - not too fast and not too slow and get bored ,when playing ,and no needs to press the Triple speed button again... Oh btw the AI is also strategic,tries to kite you, not rushing you with eveything, stays in formation, prepares for rear charges and flangs you with the cavalry.
Khsar Feb 21, 2015 @ 1:30pm 
I do have a question, and I can't check because no Rome 2. But, how are the battles in this mod? One thing I saw when I was playing on my friends PC, was that battles were way too fast. And like toontotalwar, I was looking at his changes and he made them FASTER. Which I thought was super lame. Vanilla is already way too fast. Do any of these mods change that at all? Or have any suggestions on actual slow, strategic combat? That was only thing I didn't like when I was playing it without mods.
FrozenmenBG  [author] Feb 21, 2015 @ 7:52am 
Khsar Feb 21, 2015 @ 4:28am 
I don't have Rome 2 yet. Money has been really tight, but maybe next steam sale on it.

I did buy Attila recently (should have went with Rome 2 :( ), but I think I'll be waiting for mods and DLCs to come out as I can't bring myself to even launch it. I did play Rome 2 on my friends PC, but I rarely see him...but I found it WAY more fun than Attila. He didn't even have any mods or DLCs, and it was before the EE edition.

With that said...while I don't have Rome 2. I know when you make mod compilations or mods of any kind...people tend to take it for granted and the modder doesn't really get any thanks. So, I want to let you know this looks amazing and it looks like you did a really good job on it. :) Once I get rome 2, I'm definitely getting this :D
FrozenmenBG  [author] Feb 16, 2015 @ 9:30am 
NEW UPDATE - Save Compatible
FrozenmenBG  [author] Jan 19, 2015 @ 12:25pm 
Just read the Text at the begining - My Advice :P
Broadcaster_Red Jan 18, 2015 @ 6:31pm 
I'll try that eventually, thank you for the support, I took the lazy mans way out, uninstalled all mods that were "out of date" that did it
FrozenmenBG  [author] Jan 18, 2015 @ 2:00pm 
Delate all the mods you have from the Data folder, Unsubscribe all mods and then press Subscribes to all and you are ready.Just tested it if it works for you mate.