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Jan 2, 2020 @ 4:39pm
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Bremen is a simple fun party game for 4 or more people. The goal of the game is to end up with 3 wolves in your hand at once. Players take turns to execute an action of a card in their hand such as trading with other players or discarding. Use the power of animals to end up with three Wolves, the rulers. Use various animals to trade and discard in an attempt to vie for control of the farmlands. Watch out for the pesky Raccoons, if you end up with less than 3 cards in your hand you'll lose.

Shuffle the deck of the cards based on the number of players. Deal 3 cards to each player. The remainder of the cards go in a pile in the middle. Winner of last game goes first. If it is the first round the youngest player goes first. Each player gets to execute an action of one of their cards each turn. The player can also pass where they take no action. After executing an action the player to their left gets to execute an action and so on around the table. If at any point a player has 3 Wolves in their hand they win. If at any point you have to discard and there are no cards to draw in the middle then you discard a card and shuffle the other two back into the middle deck and are eliminated. If only one player is left standing they win.

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