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KTBG: Kill The Bad Guy
Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:13am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Kill The Bad Guy now!
Breaking news: KTBG will be released very soon!
Release date: Q2 2014
The Story

Join a secret and mysterious society whose members have sworn to get rid of war criminals, former mafia members, and other outlaws, living incognito among us. Hiding behind the appearance of a simple ‘man in the street’, the Bad Guys feel untouchable. They don’t expect you to track them and make evil plans. “ KTBG: Kill The Bad Guy ” will stress and test your mental skills through a puzzle game where physics plays an important role.

As part of an obscure Society tracking terrorists and evil guy around the world, you are in charge to plan their murder.

The Game

To reach your goal, you have access to a very large set of diversions and traps that will allow you to lead the bad guy to a violent death.

  • Many different ways to kill (Explosion, Blast, Crash, Various projectiles and much more…)
  • Different levels to track the Bad Guy
  • Dispense justice
  • Coordinate murders
  • Do not draw attention
  • Godlike feelings
  • Bloody Surgical Strikes
  • Puzzle game with infinite possibilities
  • Numerous and various Physics interactions
  • Gore game with an original Artistic Direction

The hardest part of your job is to remain undetected. No one should ever be able to notice you: nor bystanders or camera and definitely not the bad guy, who will run for his life immediately. Your Society must remain secret.

And please do remember, that you are not a bad guy so you have to avoid killing innocent people at all costs.

Thanks to your intelligence and your trickery, you will find the best way to lure him into your trap. You will then be able to choose your weapon: a sabotaged car running on him, a propeller coming from a defective extractor from an air-conditioner or a a wrecking ball which detached itself unfortunately…

Every level provides the possibility to kill your target with various weapons and traps. One of your objectives will be to search all possible means to kill him in order to get the most spectacular death!

Coming soon, for PC, Mac and Linux!

KTBG is still under development, we're planning to be shortly on Kickstarter and one of the stretch goals will be the development of additional levels.

For all information:

Thanks a million for all your support!

About Exkee

Exkee is an independent video games company. It was created in 2003. Since that date, we have continuously offered more and more advanced and original products: I-Fluid, ColorZ, Voodoo Dice. Our rich expertise and our young studio’s dynamism have also allowed us to work on various internationally renowned productions such as: Ghost Recon Network, Raving Rabbids: « Rabbids go phone again » for Ubisoft or more recently Foosball/Metegol for Yuisy. Human size office (15 persons), Exkee consists of talented and passionate employees who strive to create games which are more and more innovative and original.

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