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Fallout 1 Wasteland Survival Guide (All Quests)
By KRostik
All Quests Walkthrough. Enjoy
Welcome to Fallout. The original game of the series. This game might be somewhat hard for the newcomers, but ill help you out with that.
This is complete walkthrough of the game including all the quests and tricks.
There will be spoiler, each event will be separated to keep it to the minimum.
This guide is not completed yet, i write as i play on my free time. I will skip the return to the Vault 13 because i find it useless; it serves little to the story/progression.
Forgive my grammar, this is a quick notes while im playing the game, and English is not my native language.

Remember this is free, i do like tips and comments, but no smack talk, if you don't like it feel free click "go back" button. I am not sure what is the steam policy on the public use for the guide, but i allow this document to be shared and used as pleased in respective manner, and not claimed as their own. Thank you and enjoy it.

WARNING: The following content is RATED -M- 18+
-Partial Nudity
-Very Strong Language
-Freedom of Expression :)

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Now that out of the way, lets get started.
Quick How To Play
-Character creation is not limmited to this guide, ill give you tips on how to aproach certain events, based on your personal taste and character build its up to you on how to deal with it. I will not explain what every skill and perk does because game explains it to you when you make your character, but this is what i like to go with.

-Ok This section ill talk about combat system really quick. Every enemy has certain detection range that will initiate the combat sequence. Once in combat game turns into turn base strategy, the surrounding area is mapped with hexagons that can be moved around, each step cost AP points, the more AP you have the more moves are awailable to you, however, attacks cost AP points as well (depending on the weapon). Here is a quick menu help "F1 in game".
Chapter 1: The Humble Begining
Vault 13 Cave

Ok This section ill talk about combat system really quick. Every enemy has certain detection range that will initiate the combat sequence. Once in combat game turns into turn base strategy, the surrounding area is mapped with hexagons that can be moved around, each step cost AP points, the more AP you have the more moves are awailable to you, however, attacks cost AP points as well (depending on the weapon). Here is a quick menu help "F1 in game".

Ok after overseers breefing we will begin our journey.
In the beginning should be a corpse next to you, right click to change the mode and loot the corpse. [10mm AP] and [Knife]

The cave is filled with giant rats, it is the best if we clear them for some XP (25xp for each rat). There are 19 20 rats here. Use a knife so we don't have to use up our ammunition.

Once you done clearing cave head out to the border of the area, you will notice slight difference in the ground color indicating border to the world map.

In the map menu we can travel between locations, note that there is a chance to encounter enemies or merchants so be prepared, also traveling consumes time and we have only 150 days to save the Vault 13.

We are moving straight east till we encounter unknown town (Shady Sands). We will stop here for a bit.
Chapter 2: Shady Sands

Shady Sands

-At the front gate there are two guards, Katrina and Seth. Make sure to up away your weapon and talk to Katrina. Ask here about everything it will reward you with 250 XP.
Then talk to Seth, he will not give you any XP sorry, but he will tell you about the Rad Scorpions.

-After chitchat head right into the building, there is a man wearing blue jeans and black jacked, his name is Ian. Talk to him and tell him your name, ask him to help you out in your journey, however, he will ask you to pay 100 caps, don't pay him just tell him he will get some piece of the action. Also behind him is book shelf with [.223 FMJ] loot it.

-Head to the south building, in the bottom left room is the book shelf, loot it for some [stimpacks], then talk to Aradesh in the north corner.

-Tell him you from Vault and seek water chip, also tell him you will help him with Rad Scorpions. He will ask you to talk to Razlo (doctor).

-To the west there is a small building with Razlo in it, talk to him, he will tell you its late come back later, tell him you need help with scorpions, he will ask you for some samples.

-Head north from here into another empty building, in the courner is a book shelf with [Scout handbook] loot it, its a skill book, use it to increase Survival skill.

-Head all the way east into the next area (east shady sands). Building to the north has a room with bookshelf, loot it for [Rope] its imoprtant that you have it, also another [Scout Handbook].

-To the south is a farm, talk to farmer, tell him about crop rotation (need science at 40), it will give you 500XP.

-Go back to the front town gate in the west shady sands and talk to Seth and ask him to take you to Rad Scorpion cave.

Rad Scorpion Cave

-I did not go back to Vault 13, so i don't have dynamite to destroy the cave nor a good weapon, but its better to kill them all for XP and loot tails to make antidotes to sell it. Also you should have Ian to help you.

-Make sure you have handgun equipped, save as often as you can. There are 9 Scorpions in the cave, dont rush into fight, let them spot you and walk up to you, once they stop shoot and run back, let Ian finish them off.

-In southern part of cave there is two boxes on the floor [10 JHP], if your bags are full, give some tails to Ian. The only way to use companion inventory is by pick-pocketing them "3 on key board"

-Once you Done Head out, and go back to Shady Sands.

Shady Sands

-Talk to Aradesh, tell him not to worry about the Rad Scorpions anymore.

-Talk to Razlo, give him tail for 250XP, use sample on Seth's brother Jarvis next room, he is sick laying on the bed. in order to do that switch to interact pointer then hold left button over him and select bag pack, use remedy. 400XP for helping Jarvis.

-Once you done you can talk to Seth and barter some remaining tails.

-Go outside of town. Make sure you have a 2 rope with you, you can get second one from Seth by trading some scorpion tails. Head all the way east till you reach Vault 15.
Chapter 3: Water Chip/Raiders!
Vault 15

-Outside of the hut is a Scorpion, take him out.

-Inside the hut use rope to descend into the cave.

-In the cave there are 7 rats, take them out for PX.

-At the entrance hall, is a locker on the wall, loot it for [Flairs]

-The entire Vault swarmed with Mole Rats and rats, they are easy to kill, im not going to list them all.

-Room to the north has locker with [First Aid Kit] and [Stimpacks]

-Use rope on elevator to the next floor.

2nd floor

-There is [.223 FMJ] in the room across the elevator, next room inside the locker is [Leather Jacket] and [Rope], north colapsed hallway is [.223 FMJ].

-Once done looting use rope again on the elevator.

3rd Floor

-In the ruined right room there is [10mm AP] on the floor, room with 2 lockers with [19mm JHP] [10 SMG], [Dynamite] [Grenades]. In the west computer room, there is a wall safe with [44 magnum FMJ].

-You come to find out that the whole Vault is buried and there is no water chip here.

-After Looting everything, time to head back to the Shady Sands

Shady Sands

Go talk to Aradesh, SPOILER--> he will tell you that his daughter got kidnapped by raiders, tell him you will help, talk to Seth to find out where the Raiders are.

Head out after the Raiders. make sure you are ready, ill give you options on how to do this, but i like go in guns blazing.


Raiders Camp

There are 7 guards outside in tents, 3 in first room, and 3 with Garl (Boss).
You can pay him for Sandi freedom
You can fight him one on one (Unarmed)
Or just shoot them all and Loot.

I start te fight inside first tent tot the right, once you kill the guard all of them will get alerted. Give Ian SMG

Go outside and wait for them to come out one by one, it is important no to be too close to main building, because guards will shoot at Sandi. Keeping two slaves inside alive gives an extra 400 XP

Most of the guards will use melee, take them out. Let Ian focus on range. Once outside is clear head inside and use grenades or Molotov on Garl. He will have two guards with him, don't worry about them just focus on Garl.

Once Garl is dead loot his body for [Metal Armor][Magnum]

Finish off remaining raiders and loot as much as you can. Don't forget to loot in Garl's office, there is table with [12 ga.] [.44 magnum FMJ], book shelf with [Molotov], and Fridge has lots of goodies ill just post pic of it lol. Quick tip: once you loot guns, make sure to remove magazines from them in your inventory for extra ammo.

After done looting, pick lock on jail cell to release Sandi, then head back to Shady Sands.

Shady Sands

-Once in town talk to Sandi and ask her for a favor lmao.

Then Talk to Aradesh, then sell/barter all the items you have picked up from looting raiders, barter as many as you can because Shady Sands is broke lol, keep rest for later.

Head Out to Junktown, South west from Shady Sands or straight south from Vault 13
Chapter 4: Junktown
Junk Town

-Once you arrive to the Junktown the guard will ask you to put away weapons, make sure you do that. Talk to the guard and ask him about the town. Use this opportunity to barter your stuff from Raiders.

-Go north of town into next section, this is General Store area. Go inside of the general store and talk to Killian Darkwater. Tell him your name and where you from, barter with him for all the Raider stuff because he has plenty to trade. Ask him about other locations in the wasteland.

-After conversation with Killian, SPOILER---> assassin will burst in to kill him. Protect Killian, once you kill assassin loot him for [Riffle] use it, it's a nice weapon. Killian will thank you, agree with helping him, in return he will give you anything you want in his store. He will ask you to plant a bug or record Gizmo confession on attempting to kill Killian.

-For now we will rest till next day, north in same area next to General Store is a Crush House hotel. Head inside and talk to lady and tell her you'll stay for one night. Follow the lady into your room and tell her you will rest.

-Wake up call, SPOIL---> youll be awaken and told that someone holding hostage and needs your help, tell her you will help

-Follow this dialog NOTE, do not save between convos, there is chance you will fail and will have to do it again:
"There is no need for violence lets talk about this"
"We can talk this over. What can i do to help?"
"You do. You holding this woman hostage......"
-Talk to him again
"Why do you want to hurt her?"
"I trust you lets work though this. ok?"
-Talk to him again
"You tell me you in charge"
At this point you can give him money or just say "No money but you can walk away and no one will stop you " something along those lines lol.

-For saving hostage you will gain 1000xp.

-Use tape recorder in your item slot and head out north to the next area.

-This is Gizmo casino. Head inside and talk to fatso about failed assassination, tell Gizmo that you want to do the job. He will be in denial, but keep pressing on him he will hire you to kill Killian again. Just don't pick "oh i could put one over on you... just no way anyone could put one around you" lmao

-Once you received Gizmo confession head back to Killian. Tell him you got the confession and will help him to kill Gizmo. As a reward i prefer shotgun and shell. Head out south to entrance to Junktown and tell guard you are ready, if you are.

-You will be teleported into Gizmo office with Killian, Ian, and Guard. Gizmo will have one guard and he is tough one, but most of the fire from Ian and friendly guard will be on him. Concentrate your fire on the Gizmo.

-Once Gizmo dead you will be teleported back to the front of the town. Head back to gizmo office for LOOOOOOOOT

-Gizmo will have [shish kabob] looking food lol, make sure to take it. Also if you pick the lock on the door to the right from table: inside there is a bookshelf with [Guns and Bullets] skill book.

Warning!!!: I came across an issue where my game crashes every time Dogmeat dies! If you plan to end game with stealth approach do not recruit him as follower.
-Go outside Gizmo casino and use [shish kabob] on the dog that's blocking someone's door. Its to the east from casino, you'll see a guy with a girl starring at the dog. Once you done that you will have new companion name Dogmeat... lol

-To the north there is a bar Scum Pit. Wai till evening for it to open. Once inside talk to the bald man to the left ask him questions, he will teach you survival skills, talk to singer in the corner, tell him he has awesome singing skills, then ask him about other towns locations. Talk to bartender.

-Once you have talked to everyone, Skull gang will cause trouble, then bartender will blow one of their head off lol.

-Go to the bald man on the left again and tell him Killian wants you to clean up town and you need his help. We got new follower named Tycho, he is shotgun/riffle expert.

-Head to Crash House, inside to the north is the entrance to Skull gang hang out. Talk to the leader. Ask him that you want to join them and that you can prove yoursel, he will ask you to steal Neal's (bartender) Urn with his wife's ashes in it. Tell him you will do it.

-Head back to the Skum Pit. Wait till everyone leaves and bar is closed. Get in through the side door and take the Urn off the counter.

-Deliver urn to Skull Gang leader, he will ask you to kill Neal. Tell him you in but you need to do something and you ill meat him there later. Head Back to the Junktown entrance ant tell guard about the Skull Gang plan to kill Neal

-Once you teleport to the bar concentrate fire on Leader, let the other 4 guards, 3 follower, waitress and Neal deal with rest. Lol eassy fight and Easy Loot. Dont forget to give Neal back his urn.

-Go to the front of Junktown entrance, talk to guard for 500xp.
-In the entrance area of Juncktown there is a white clinic building to the west, head inside. And down the basement.

-There is a dwarf or midget inside talk to him, he will tell you he sells human body parts for someone at the Hub, you can tell him boss sent you and you deliver for him or i just killed every last one of them.

-Once you done head out of Junk town Into the HUB !
Chapter 4: The HUB

-The HUB is a trade central, anything can be found here, also plenty quests to do. Ill do them in my personal order but its up to you how you want to approach them.

OPTIONAL Repeatable quest.
- Go north east of the Downtown area. Go inside the Crimson Caravan and talk to Demetre, he will offer you a job and tell you to talk to Keri (you can do her if your charisma high enough lol). You can begin expedition for some XP and money, but its optional, it does consumes time that we have to keep in mind, since we still don't have water chip.

-First is trade all the junk you have for some caps and skill books, i prefer general store because their books are cheap. Make sure to buy tools.

-Lets start with central Downtown. Go all the way south in the Downtown, you will see ruined building with a man inside. Talk to Irwin, tell him that you will help him with raiders.

Irwin's Farm

-You will be teleported to Irwin farm, be ready and make sure to save before going inside the building. There are 7 raiders, be the first one to enter the building and concentrate fire on the raider wearing same outfit as Ian (Blue Jeans), he carries 14 caliber gun.

- Once the area is clear, loot the house for some supplies, also don't forget to loot raiders to sell their crap. Go outside the map.


-Back to Downtown, talk to Irwin, tell him the Raiders are gone. Irwin will give you really nice gun [.223 Pistol] and XP.

-Head out east to the next area, the the Old Town.

-North of the Old Town there is a shop with a man in Armored Suit named Jacob, talk to him and buy Sniper Rifle From him (If you want, he has nice weapons and armor, i use him to sell junk).

-All the way North East of the Old Town is a Building with metal door, go inside and be polite to the man in leather jacket, trade with him and buy some Rad-x and Radaway.

-Go back to Downtown, go inside Far Go Traders, talk to Rutger. Ask him for work, he will let you talk to Butch.

-Talk to Butch, tell him you are here for a job, he will lead you back to Rutger. You come to find out that caravan has gone missing, Butch suspects Brotherhood of Steel be hind it, however, Beth thinks its DeathClaw.

-Head out to the center of the Central Market into the Guns store, talk to Beth inside.

-Ask Beth about missing caravans, also ask more details about Death Claw, dont tell her she is crazy tho lol. She will tell you that Harold had seen them and Uncle Slappy talks about it.

-Go back to the Old Town to the east. inside the Old Town go South and talk to Slappy. Ask him about Death Claw, then go talk to Harold inside the building.

-Give Harold money for the information, then head out and talk to Slappy again, tell him to take you to the Death Claw cave. (Make sure you are ready)

Death Claw Cave

-Quick info: Death Claw are tough, make sure to save before entering combat. Pull them one at the time, use that .223 Pistol or Sniper Rifle if you bought one.

-Once death claw is dead, talk to dying Super Mutant. Ask him questions.

-Loot the Super Mutant corpse for the radio and go to your inventory to read the holodisc. Head back out of the cave to the HUB.


-Go back into Far Go Traders, tell Butch that caravans went missing because of the Super Mutants, he will play stupid lol. Talk to Rutger for the reward, tell him you have evidence of the Supper Mutants taking humans hostage.

-Next section Note: Ok we will be doing some missions for the Thieves Guild and Decker, the problem is that Decker wants Hightower dead as the Thieves Guild does not.

-Head out to the Old Town and enter the middle building with bunch of bums roaming around. Go inside the basement.

-In the basement there is two corridors with locked doors, each one has a traps, i just run through them lol.

-Talk to Loxlie the leader of the Thieves Guild, tell him you want to join in, he will offer a job to steal Necklace from Hightower, but we cant kill him. Afterwards talk to Jasmine for some supplies.

-Head back to Downtown, on the west there is the Maltese Falcon casino, go inside and talk to Kane (make sure weapons are holstered).

-Kane will tell you that he heard about you taking out Gizmo and will offer you a job. Tell him sure why not what's the pay lol. He will then take you to Decker.

-Decker will ask you to kill a merchant named Hightower, the problem is that Thieves guild wants him alive, so it might be tricky, but there is a solution. Go ahead and accept the job. Save the game.

-Head west from Downtown into the Hightower area, side not: at night they will shoot you on sight. Go ahead and wipe them out.

-Loot the Necklace inside the chest, careful it has a trap. Then head back into Downtown and talk to Kane. (Note he wont talk to you if you killed the FLC guy).

-Kane will take you to Decker for the reward, then second job will be available. Once you accept his job go to Police station at the Downtown area and report Decker. Be ready for a good fight :)

-Main target should be Kane, he does ridiculous amount of melee damage. Leave Decker for last he is wimpy. Once they been dealt with, loot their crap and sell it all off.

-Go east from casino into FLC building. Talk to Lorenzo, tell him he is running a skim, then kill him. Be aware, two guards outside will attack you. Loot their bodies and crack open his safe for some goodies.

-Go south into Water Merchant area, inside the building marked with radiation signs there is room to the north west, unlock it and loot the book case for the robes (
keep the robes
). You will get attacked, make sure there is not children around, followers do shoot them lol.

-In water merchant area you can arrange deal to supply water to the vault.

-Return to Thieves guild and return necklace. Make sure to grab the reward from Jasmine [Electronic Lockpick]
you will need it
-Once Everything is done head out of the HUB. woah lol, we will come back tho.

Ok at this point in the game i decided to do the water chip quest, you can skip it for later or go along, its up to you. Time to visit Necropolis
Chapter 5: Necropolis

-As soon as you enter the town there are some hostile ghouls, take them out for xp.

-Near motel there is cover to the severs, open it and descent down.

-Tunnels filled with some mole rats, kill them for xp, south east of tunnels there is dead body with Farmers Rod or something lol.

-Head north west to the zone grid to the next part of the tunnels. There you will meet friendly ghoul leader. Talk to him.

-Tell the leader you will help him to fix the pump, for that you have to find the tools.

-From the leader head to the east tunnels, then take a fork to the south east, climb the ladder.

-You will end up inside the house, DO NOT talk to anyone, just make your way outside and go into the large church to the north, the entrance actually at nourth west. Go inside.

-East inside the church is the Necropolis leader Seth. Talk to him.

-Tell him he is smart then apologies and accept his job to eliminate mutants.

-Head back into the severs where you came from, this time on the fork go north into next sever level, and climb out of the severs. (Btw very north east there are dead bodies, one of them has a [Plasma Pistol])

-Once out of severs go outside the building and north west, there is a Supper Mutant standing next to severs, go ahead and open up the lid and descent there. You wont be attacked.

-In the severs head east on the split, and at the end there should be [junk] laying around, that is the tools we need to fix the water pump. Head all the way back out of severs

-North from the severs exit there should be a Supper Mutant guarding door, talk to him, or he will talk to you lol.

-Harry will ask you why you do not look like ghoul. Tell him you are a ghoul but wearing snazzy clothing. He will think you normal, tell him you are a robot hahaha. He will let you go.
-East inside the building there is a pump, use [Junk] we go from severs to repair it.

-Go south from the pump and let the ghoul prisoner out, ask him about the water, he will tell you there is a vault underneath.

-Next prison cell has a sever descent, get down there.

-Enter the vault and use elevator to 3rd floor, (there are bunch of ghouls, but they are easy to kill) south east from elevator there is a working computer, use it to get the Water Chip !!! hooorah lol

-Head back outside and KILL all the MUTANTS !!! Be careful now, they are really tough, specially Harry, he might be dumb as a rock, but he can throw a punch. Harry has a [Laser Rifle], also watch out for mutant with [Flamethrower].

-Once mutant are dead head back to Set, and talk to him. Follow one of the guards for the reward. Note: if you keep asking Set for info he might attack you.

-Leave Necropolis and go to Vault 13

: I never went back to the Vault 13 for the optional side missions, i never cared for them, they serve little to the story. I did list them, and its up to you if you wanted to do them.
Chapter 6: Saving Vault/New Mission
Vault 13

-Go to Overseer and give him the Water Chip. You will be teleported into room, get out and talk to overseer again he will tell you to go and destroy mutants lab, the vault is in danger

-Head out and go to the GLOW

The Glow

-Ok before we go anywhere some side info : the glow is highly radio active, as soon as you get there pop [Rad-X], read ahead and act fast, we are here for one thing [Holodisc]. Also you can skip the Glow if you have high lock picking skills, just head to Brotherhood of Steel and use electronic lock pick tools, but i like to explore lol.

-Once reached the Glow all the way South East of the map, go to the crator and use a rope, descent into it.

-As you enter you will see Brotherhood soldier on opposite room, go around and loot his body, take the holodisc and a yellow key card if you plan to explore the Glow. i know i don't lol.

-Hall your but out of here. Use [Radaway] if you have to. Head to the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Brotherhood of Steel

-As you get there talk to the guard, tell him you would like to join. He will tell you to go to the Glow and bring something to prove you were there. lol. Talk to him again and give him the holodisc.

-Go to the first floor and all the way east is the training ground. Talk to Talus by the door to give you some ammo, he will also give you quest to free one of the brotherhood members, save before talking to him you might fail lol.

-After you talk to Talus watch the combat training it will raise your unarmed skills.

-Go west into elevator and head to the 3rd floor, there all the way east is armory, talk to Kyle.

-Kyle will tell you to get him Systolic Motivator, you can talk to Michael in the first floor next to training room and tell him its your♥♥♥♥♥if you dont get it. Make sure to save before hand if you fail. you need high speech skill or charisma for that.

-If speech skill sucks haha we will have to steal it from Rhombus, go inside his room and steal it from his locker, if you get caught beg him to let you go.

-Go back to 3rd floor to Kyle and give him the part. Now we need to repair it 75% repair required. If repair skill bad, you will have to save initiate from the HUB which ill be doing anyway for XP.

-We got almost the best armor in the game, just have to upgrade it lol.

-Go to second floor and talk to doctor if you wish your skills being upgraded.

-Go back to 3rd floor and talk to Vree, she is one of the NPC's wearing robes next to the computer. Ask her for technical info, then what caused mutation, then why she sais that, then ask for some proof, then how to read holodisc for 15% science, read the holodisc and do not give it to her back !

-Head out ot the Boneyard.
Chapter 7: The Boneyard
The Boneyard

-Once you enter the town, the guard will ask you to put away weapons, ask him questions if you like. This place already suspicious lol.

-Go south inside the tent to the right, there is a dark skin man, talk to him and be polite, ask him for advice, keep asking him till your luck raised by one point.

-Go west from the tent and talk to Miles, tell him you will find parts to fix his Hydro phonic farm lol.

-Go to north west inside the building and talk to Zimmerman, tell him you will help him to kill the leader of Blades, dont forget to ask why he has personal grudge.

-Go north to the exit grid... i know i traveled from there ... anyway, you will get to Blades, go into the building north and talk to girl in leather jacket, her name is Razor the leader of the Blades ... lmao, anyway.

-Tell Blades that Zimmerman sent you, tell her he wants her dead and ask her whats the deal, im not going to spoil anything, but reason with her and take the holodisc from her, tell her you will help.

-Ok we need to help Blades get their weapon supplies first. Head out east to the next area, the Deathclaw ! So be ready.

-Kill All the Deathclaw in the area, and go into basement, do not forget to LOOT THE DEAD MERCHANT laying at the back of the building, for some junk.

-In the basement there is a Mother Deathclaw, kill it, she is extremely tough, i assume you have [Combat Armor] at least by now. After you deal with the boss, destroy all the eggs. Leave the basement.

-Go east to the next area, walk around the pool and talk to the guard, tell him you have to talk to his boss.

-Talk to the Gun Runners merchant for discount then talk to the Boss Gabriel and tell him you killed all of the Deathclaws. You can choose to get all weapons or supply weapons to the Blades. I would go with: supply weapons to Blades.

-Once that done we have a choice, ask Blades for help to take over the town or do it on your own, regardless the Zimmerman will die, if on your own he will have funny dialog. If you choose Blades help, ill post pic of his dialog.

-Before talking to blades, talk to Miles in the Adytum area, give him the Junk we picked up earlier, he will send you to Smitty

-There is a high chance Smitty will die during Blades invasion, so it best to finish quest first then go back to Blades. Once you talk to Smitty go back to Miles. Now miles can upgrade your Power Armor, but Miles will need few Science books from the Hub to do so, and Smitty will be able to Upgrade the Plasma Rifle. So we will leave the Blades invasion alone for now. Leave Boneyard and headto the HUB.


-Go to the Old Town, as soon as you get there go inside the building south next to you. Inside there are enemies, take them out and open the back door.

-Its one of the Brotherhood Initiates, tell him you were sent here to save him. Now you can get power armor if you don't have it yet.

-Go Downtown and buy some books for Miles to improve your power armor 750 caps. Head Back to the Boneyard.

The Boneyard

-Talk to Miles and get your improved armor, if you have [Plasma Rifle] talk to Smitty to improve that. You can get [Plasma Rifle] from Gun Runners.

-Head back to Blades. Tell here you will help her to take over the south part of the town.

-This fight is easy. lol just look at all the guys with blaster.

-Once the town if free there will be a lot of bodies to loot, you can use that to buy yourself nice guns and ammo for yourself and the followers, but i was at the point in the game that i had everything lol. head to the Brotherhood of Steel.
Chapter 8: We are Ready
The Brotherhood.

-Head to the first floor and talk to Talus, he will thank you for saving initiate and will offer [Power Armor] if you don't have one. (Will have to go back to improve it )

-Head to the 4th floor and talk to Maxson, ask him about the war and the mutants base, tell him you will scout it for him if you have not already.

There are many ways to end the game. We can sneak or go guns blazing into the base and the cathedral. So make save file at this point in the game. We have all necessary items to end this game multiple ways. Btw do not take me wrong there are lots of ways to play and end this game, like a said in the beginning, ill do my best to cover all the game can offer except return to the vault 13, there are countless ways to play Fallout. Next chapters will be labeled as Wrap up #1 and so on. So make your save here if you decide to try different tactics, after all: all this guns and items we got might as well explore what we can do.

Attention, i am stuck at this point of the game where it crashes. The remaining of the game is Military base and Cathedral, they are self explanatory since we got all we need. I will post remaining game guide from third party. It is unfortunate, but i cant move on from this point of the game for some reason. I replayed the whole game 3 times and i encounter the same game crash. May be because of windows and game itself is old. Remaining guide is from game FAQ's. Thank you for following my guide i hope it was helpful, i enjoyed doing so. Good luck.
Chapter 9: Wrap Up 1 Millitary Base
If you want to complete the Military Base/Cathedral, this is the checklist
that you should follow:

1. Ditch your NPC's.
2. Have the COC robes and Vree's Mutant Autopsy Disk with you.
3. Have the sets of both standard and electronic lockpicks with you.
4. Don your Power Armor and put your combat shotgun in one of your item
slots, but you shouldn't let it be in your active item slots.
* (The above only applies for infiltration approaches)
5. Ignore number one for the cowboy military base approach. Your NPC's will
be dead anyways. If you're intending on going to Necropolis for the
water chip or want to complete the Boneyard level, then don't worry about
ditching your NPC's. Or you can leave them outside and pick them up
after you've wiped out the mutants.

- You have to ditch the NPC's for the infiltration approach because the
Super Mutant guards will come and attack you if you have NPC's with
- Simply destroying the mutant threatss will allow you to beat the game.
You need not find the water chip!
- You can finish the Military Base firrst or the Cathedral (either way
is okay).
- If you don't have the robes, go to tthe Cathedral first.

When you enter the military base, save the game.

For this mission, don your Power Armor and take out any weapon in your
active weapon slot. Equip your radio in your active slot. Walk your way up,
and the guard will catch you. Tell him that you are either a special mutant
or you are a member of the Cathedral. He'll believe you. (This works with
characters that have relatively high speech skill.)

Now, use your radio to draw off three of the four guards. Here is the
complete conversation: (you'll also get 1500 xp for drawing them off
if you succeed)

Radio: Command to patrol, command to patrol. What is your status? Over.
You : Command, we are under attack by a large group of armed humans.
Request assistance. Over.
Radio: Understood, patrol. What are your coordinates?
You : 4 miles, south-southwest.
Radio: Understood, patrol. We are sending reinforcements.

Alternatively, you can use the radio and tell the radio operator the
dialogue "help...heavy attackers...coordinates 10...argh!" line and
the mutants will get drawn off.

3 of the 4 mutants will get drawn off. The one by the door stays. Talk
to him, and tell him that you are a special mutant for the master. He'll
believe you.

There is a locked door in front of the mutant. Use your electronic lock
picks. Save the game. If the picks don't work, then go behind the mutant
and steal all of his stimpacks and his holodisk. Read the holodisk to
find out the code to the door and enter.

If the mutant catches you stealing, then load the game and keep on trying.
If it still doesn't work after several tries, then you will have to kill
the mutant in less than three turns. That way, the base won't get alerted.
A good method is getting in front of him and bursting him with the combat
shotgun (or another burst weapon).

Open the door which you just lockpicked. When you enter, you'll see two
forcefields. You can pass through them, but will take damage (7-15 with the
Power Armor, 18-25 with the robes). You will have to go to the computer
complex on the right. (There is a mutant with a rocket launcher guarding
the complex.) BS him again.

Now for the left computer complex...

If you follow the ASCII map above, the passageways that lead to the north
take you to the left computer complex. (Again, there might be forcefields
blocking your path.) You'll see some Mach IV computers, and another one
whose description reads "computer." Use the science skill, and disable the
sensors. You can also try to modify pest control and movement security
options for the base, but I left them blank. Actually, you don't have to
mess with it in the first place.

There is an outlet to exit the left computer complex on the left side.
There will be two robobrains guarding the area (they aren't hostile,
so don't worry.) Go in the elevator, and head to level 2, the main armory.
You can still BS the guards in the level with Power Armor. This level is
essentially a supply depot; you can loot all of the lockers on this level.
After you are finished raiding this level, go back into the elevator, and
enter level 3.

As soon as you enter level 3, put on the COC robes immediately. Leave the
area, and go to the right (or your character's left). There should be a big
mutant walking to the elevator (knows that someone is there.) Since you
have the robes on, he'll just think you are another COC tech, and you will
be ignored completely. Head on south, and there should be a super mutant
that is guarding the holding chamber. He'll talk to you, ask him what is
the place, and then thank him. Go onto level 4.

When you enter level 4, you should get 2000 xp for just going this far
without annoying the guards. Go to the left, and go straight up until you
enter the room with all of the computers (control room). There should be a
COC tech in Purple Robes guarding the area. He'll surrender, and so will
his comrades.

NOTE: If you want an extra 1000 experience and a minigun, ammo, and
stimpacks, use 'Repair' (1st) and 'Science' (2nd) on the robot near
the elevator. He is supposed to blow up the forcefield emitter that
leads to the Vats.

There is a computer in the northeast quadrant whose description should say
"Vats Control Computer" or something like that. Use the computer, and go
into the Security Codes option. There should be some key codes. Select
one of the following codes:*

67209-5574-7805564 (270 second silent self-destruct sequence)
31914-1041-1251514 (300 second silent self-destruct sequence)
- the code on the bottom is recommended.

NOTE: I was reading WhiteChocobo666's Evil FAQ, and his listed a different
code. If yours lists different codes, leave the system, save, and

If you select the first one of the ones listed in the game, you have to
haul♥♥♥♥♥in 60 seconds. If you select the last one, it means instant death
to you and the base. If you select the middle one, that will set the base
on alert.(And the mutants will be after you...if you want to finish them
off, don your power armor, pop whatever drugs you have, heal to full
health, etc...)

After you select the code, run to the elevator. Dash to the elevator on the
northwest corner on the third level, and descend down to the first level.
Put on your Power Armor, and get the hell out of the base. BS the mutant
guarding the entryway, and go to the world map area. You should see the
video that shows the base being blown up.

For the final required mission, head towards the Cathedral. It is two square
units south of the Boneyards.

* If you're going to get the key to arm the nuke in the Cathedral, head
to the east until you see a large mutant with a COC tech on his side.
Enter Sneak mode and put the lockpicks in your active item slot. Walk
towards the edge of the wall and lockpick the locker. Take the key to
arm the nuke (it looks different). Afterwards, sneak out of the
room again, towards the edge of the wall. Once your character starts
to walk to the west you can stop sneaking. You might need relatively
high sneak skill to do this; I was successful with 60%. Having a Stealth
Boy also helps.
Chapter 9: Wrap Up 2 Millitary Base
Details for the Cowboy Approach
Be sure that you have killed Dogmeat and have told your NPC's that you
want them to leave. And when you start to attack the mutants in the base,
the entire base will be under alert - everything that moves will probably
attack you (save for the NPC's). You have been warned.

Use the radio and draw off the three of the four mutants. Go behind the
remaining mutant and try to kill him in under three turns. Snipers and
the .223 pistol have worked well. After you pacify the mutant, look at his
body and take the holodisc and the radio. Read the holodisc. Get your NPC's
and enter the base. Kill every mutant on the first level. After the mutants
have been killed, go to the computer on the east corner. Hack into it,
disable the forcefields, and use the radio on the computer. This sets up
remote control.

Go to the field computer, hack into it, and set the 'Pest' setting to
'Large Pests.' That way, the robots will attack the mutants.

At the last level, there is a robot that is called Mr. Handy. You can repair
him and use the 'Science' skill on him and he'll blow up the forcefield
that goes to the vats. Kill the mutants and the COC techs. In the
footlocker in the room next to the elevator, there are two plastic
explosives. Take them.

Also on the last level, there is the lieutenant of the Super Mutants. He
has 250 hit points, a gatling laser, and two guards with gatling lasers and
rocket launchers. He is fairly difficult, but if you use the .223 pistol
(or a strong weapon) at the eyes, he'll be dead in about six hits.
(Alternate methods: go up to him and attack him. His guards have rocket
launchers and gatling lasers, so those attacks will hurt the lieutenant as
well.) After the guards and the lieutenant are dead, lockpick the locker
next to the dead guards. Take the key.

Go to the computer area (the room whose force field was blown up by Mr.
Handy). Use the 'Science' skill on the Vats control computer and access it.
Save the game. Access the computer again, and once you have found desired code,
make a run for the exit. Be sure that every creature is dead on Levels I, III,
and IV.

Go to the third level, and use the radio to toggle the forcefields. If the
radio won't work, then use the explosives that you brought earlier. Escape
from the base.

For the final required mission, head towards the Cathedral. It is two square
units south of the Boneyards.
Chapter 10: Wrap Up 1 Cathedral
Details for the Diplomatic-Infiltration Approach
Enter the Cathedral in your Power Armor. Once you get into the
main prayer area, there should be a man in leather armor. Speak
with him, and barter for his red cathedral key. (After that, you
can call him little man or whatever...) Use the cathedral key on
the locked door next to the lady in the leather jacket. After the
door is unlocked, climb the stairs until you reach the fourth floor.

NOTE: Another way of getting the key is bartering it from Sister
Francis or by asking Lasher really nicely. Also, you can
lockpick the door (80% with lockpicks works).

When you reach the fourth floor, put the combat shotgun or .223 pistol
in the inactive weapon slot. Open the door that goes to Morpheus' room
(he is the guy in the robes), hit 'A' to go to combat, and kill him.
There are three nightkin (Super Mutants) who are his guards; two are
equipped with a flamethrower and one has a minigun. Dispose of his
guards, and examine Morpheus' corpse and take his black Cathedral key.

Go back to the first floor, and put on your robes and equip the black
Cathedral key in your active item slot. There is a locked door leading
to a room with a bookcase on it; use the black cathedral key there. Enter
the stairwell that leads to the basement.

When you descend down the stairwell, you will enter the Cathedral basement.
There is a secret door in the basement that leads to the Cathedral vault.

There are two ways into the Cathedral vault. One is to wait for a minute
until Jeremiah (Master's messenger) opens the door and goes up the stairs.
The second way is to examine the bookcase that is directly to the left
of the secret entrance. On the left of the bookcase, examine it. After your
examination, use the traps skill on the bookcase. Eventually, you will find
a hidden switch (I got it with two tries on 38% skill and 5 luck). Then
examine it again to open the door. Rush in.

When you enter the cavern entrance to the vault, there will be several
grotesque creatures, namely floaters and centaurs. They'll ignore you since
you are wearing the robes.

Like Vault 13, this vault has an entrance on the north corner guarded by
two super mutants. They'll stop you as you go in, but since you have your
robes on, you can BS them easily. Just say that you are on important business,
and give them a blessing. You'll get 750 xp.

There is a computer next to the elevator. Use science on it to find the
location of the military base...(even though you know it already, it gives
you 1250 xp). Enter the elevator, and go to level 2.

On Level 2, go to the room with a lone super mutant guard with some
scientists. Enter the room, and go south. You'll see some trapped
prisoners. Go to the terminal on the wall, use it, and the prisoners will
be free. You will get 2000 xp for your efforts. (BTW, once the prisoners
escape and reach the terminal, they'll be blown away...no known way to stop

Go in the northwest of level 2, and enter the room on the left of the
prayer room(the room with people in COC robes and two super mutants). Speak
with the man with the green shirt, and ask him for a nullifier. He'll give
you one, and you'll receive 1000 xp. Also, be sure to equip the nullifier
in your active item slot. Go back to the elevator for level 3.

When you enter level 3, head south and take a turn (your right or your
character's left). There should be a mutant walking towards you. He won't
talk to you or attack, so there is no need to worry. Head towards the
control area (the area with the goo-covered computers) and open the door.
Go through the door, through the passageway, and you should see the master.
Speak with him. Now, here is the conversation:

Master: So what shall it be? Do you join the Unity or do you die here?
Join! Die! Join! Die!
You: If you can prove to me that your Unity is the best course for
humanity, then I will help you.
Master: I don't have to prove anything to you! Prove.
You: I can't know you represent the best future unless you prove it to
Master: Very demanding for one in your tenuous position. But I can respect
your needs.
You: So tell me.
Master: The Unity will bring about the Master race...to our destiny.
You: That race being the mutants, of course.
Master: Of course. Mutants are best equipped to deal with the world...age
of mutants. Mutants!
You: You mean to change others into mutants, as well.
Master: All that resist, yes...last of their race.
You: You've got a problem with your master plan.
Master: And what is that?
You: I happen to know that your mutants are sterile.
Master: Preposterous! The FEV-2 virus doesn't destroy the reproductive
organs of those it mutates.
You: Have you talked to any of your mutants about this? (NOTE: you have
read report, but do not have it)
Master: I believe I shall. Don't move.
My scientists assure me that nothing is wrong. What do you say to
You: How about a female mutant?
Master: Reasonable. One moment. Are you sure? What about the other females?
It cannot be. Be.
You: Sorry, your race is doomed.
Master: But it cannot be...failure...be.
You: Sorry, this isn't an option for you...race...die.
Master: < Last speech...choose 'done' and leave Cathedral immediately. >

NOTE: You'll need high intelligence to get this conversation. Eight works,
six or seven might work. High speech skill is also a good idea to
have. The "smooth talker" can help in this area, if your intelligence
is a bit lacking.

After the conversation, run down to the elevator, down to the first level,
and exit out of the Vault cavern through the secret door and basement. After
you go climb the stairwell that leads to the first floor, leave the Cathedral
through the entrance that takes you outside. After you get outside (with some
people in leather armor and brown robes), run to the red exit. You'll see a
video of the Cathedral blowing up, and the game will be over.
Chapter 10: Wrap Up 2 Cathedral
Details for the Diplomatic Approach
This one is pretty much the same as the above. Instead, wear your robes
from the outset and barter for a red key. Use the key to open the locked
door, and go to Morpheus' room. Talk to Morpheus, and tell him that you
have some information for the Master, namely Vault 13. Morpheus will
take you to the Master. After you're there, do the same conversation
approach, and after he realizes the fault with his plan, leave the Cathedral.

Details for the Cowboy Approach
This method is pretty much the same as the above, but you kill everything
that moves. Be sure to don your Power Armor, use stims often, and also save.
Be sure to pick up heavy weapons from the dead mutants.

On Level 2, be sure to free the prisoners and get the Psychic Nullifier if
you can.

Level 3 will probably be the hardest area to fight. There are several
assault robots and many super mutants, each with at least 100 hit points.
Then there is the Master as well. (For tips on defeating the Master, see
the 'tactics' section.)

After the battle with the Master, you have to run from the Cathedral.

Details for the *pseudo* James Bond Approach
A bit different from the traditional infiltration approach, this one
goes through in the same way as the original one, except that it
requires you to have the Lieutenant's key to arm the nuke. Vree's
holodisc is not required.

When you have gone to the third level, head to the south and to the
west, and enter the room that's full of super mutants. Use the
electronic lockpicks on the door that is locked (if you don't have
them, they can be found on the fourth floor of the Cathedral).
After you've locked that door, lockpick the elevator door. (You can't
use your picks.) Enter the elevator and go to the fourth level. When
you go to the fourth level, again, you can't use your lockpicks to
open the door. After you open the door, equip the key in one of your
active item slots. Enter combat mode, put the key into the atomic
computer, and then put on your power armor kill the two mutants.
After the two mutants are dead, remove your power armor and escape
from the Cathedral.

NOTE: You'll need good lockpick skill to complete this mission, and
electronic lockpicks are highly recommended. I tried this with
80% skill, and I know for a fact that 60% and below will not
Update Log
- "gabbidavy" input:
Vault 13 Cave has 20 rats instead of 19
Chapter 3: Keeping two slaves alive inside the Raiders Camp gives extra XP.
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