Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Soviet Air Crafting
By RazerKill
Soviet air time clock-ins, basic uses, general info
This Soviet guide is for heavy air users and noone else so save your challenges and counter theories for the forums, this is for newbs or anyone who plays pact in multi, this air guide is based on both facts and opinion from successful tactics proven in EE and now AirLand, so whether you prefer patroling sectors for defense/deterrence purposes, cunducting tactical strikes or both, hopefully this info can increase your potential for air superiority in battle.

Using heavy air doctrine we know that our priorities are

Aircraft, AA, Choppers

Recon, Logistics

-Minimal (but necessery)
Tnks, Inf, Vehic, Etc..

One of the harder ways to play the game but great for that adrenaline rush!
Basic strategy / Air Time
These fuel times and ECM capabilities can come in handy in allowing you to deploy your air units with more purpose. Effective air units need timely planning, precision and timely execution toward high value targets, risking the loss of an expensive aircraft for speedy high risk attack runs into a hotzone for quick cheap kills is not an option. Obviously the variety of air tactics you use all depend on what situation your in. Anyways.. patience is virtue

ECM=the better means less detection > higher chance of survival under fire

The following times are from deployment click to EvacBingo

FT= Fuel/Flight Time

MIG21S - ECM+ 1000KM / FT= 1:00
MIG-21SM - ECM+ 1000KM / FT= 1:00

MIG-23P - ECM+ 900KM / FT= 1:35
MIG-23ML - ECM+ 1000KM / FT= 1:35

MIG-25P - ECM+ 1000KM / FT= 1:30
MIG-25PD - ECM++ 1000KM / FT= 1:30
MIG-25BM - ECM+++ 1000KM / FT= 1:00

MIG-27 - ECM++++ 900KM / FT= 1:35
MIG-27M - ECM+++ 900KM / FT= 1:15
MIG-27K - ECM++ 900KM / FT= 1:15

MIG-29M - ECM+++ 900KM / FT= 1:15
MIG-29S - ECM+ 900KM / FT= 1:15

MIG31M - ECM+++ 1100KM / FT= 1:25
MIG31 - ECM++ 1100KM / FT= 1:15

SU24MP - ECM++++ 900KM / FT= 1:25
SU24 - ECM+++++ 900KM / FT= 1:05

SU25 - ECM+ 750KM / FT= 1:40
SU25T - ECM++ 750KM / FT= 1:40

SU27S - ECM++++ 900KM / FT= 1:35

YAK38 - ECM+ 600KM / FT= 1:25
YAK38M - ECM+ 600KM / FT= 1:25

As with almost any doctrine one chooses to use, recon is so vital especially when using air power
-Although it takes alot of sneaky mngmt and protection, chopper recon is your best bet due to its vision, at least 2 should be deployed covering both sides of the map (Mi-9)

The command delay from your click to aircraft recieving and executing orders is about 1.5 - 2 sec.
- hard cuts and last second target changes can spoil your air mission unless your one step ahead

Fuel alert will occur at 700/3000 (15 sec. till EvacBingo)
-chances are by the time you notice it you have under 10 seconds, make it count!

Always tac bomb in formations
- As you should know by now single aircraft patrolling with nearby friendly AA ok, single aircraft on attack run into enemy zone, not ok
-When carpet bombing a sector, a formation in groups of 2 striking from multiple angles drawing scattered enemy AA fire can work better compared to the standard straight line attack formations from default map deploy location which allow enemy AA to concentrate all output into one cone of fire. Either way the more aircraft attacking the more overwhelming for enemy AA making them less effective
-Know your aircraft speeds timing is key, always send slower aircraft strike orders first so faster ones will trail close behind or if your timing is legit drop their load at the same time

When aircrafts are idle on the field they fly in a very large oval patterns which can slowly drift toward any given direction over time, dont leave them unattended for too long

Evacs take about 7 seconds till off map

Aircraft in this game can actually go pretty damn far into the off map blackness
-If aircraft has good fuel time one could send a strike force around and deep behind enemy lines for a crippling attack run up the enemys 6 or flank. Chances are enemy will not be zoomed out enough to see them coming, precise recon and some mngmt needed for this( great for taking out poorly protected CVs in enemy rear. )

As for AA the Tunguska and Afghanskii is all you really need in your life, their capabilities proven in battle along with the pricetag are in my opinion the best bang for buck AA options in the enitire game.
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Sticky Hooves Nov 16, 2013 @ 12:33am 
Well, air heavy American deck, for example, means three things:
1) You will clear the skies from any enemy aircraft with your F-15s;
2) You will kill enemy AA one at a time with your Raven
3) You will bombard your enemy non-stop with Nighthawk and other bombers.

Air superiority is extremely important in this game and air-heavy decks, if used correctly, may be viable even in 1v1.
Matthew lopz Nov 15, 2013 @ 6:33pm 
good work it kinda helped me :)
DaiPolitburoKai Nov 15, 2013 @ 6:17pm 
I would only suggest using AIR HEAVY decks in 10v10(making sure that everyone else is using ground decks)... otherwise just go mixed. I actually see no point in an AIR HEAVY deck, in fact I see more usage in a GROUND ONLY deck, then mixed tramps all, but that might just be my opinion... Also ECM doesn't mean Stealth... two different things, ECM only influences the chance to Miss