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Created by acemod
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from Arma 2's ACE2 project.

This mod is entirely open...
[DEPRECATED] ACE3 - BWMod Compatibility
Created by bwmod
The ACE3 - BWMod Compatibility is no longer needed since version 2.4

Version 2.3

This modification establishes compatibility between the latest ACE3 and BWMod versions.

Alternative download
Created by ACRE_Team
ACRE2: Advanced Combat Radio Environment

ACRE2 is a full fledged communications suite for Arma 3, allowing realistic radio and voice communications through TeamSpeak 3.

  • Accurate simulations of AN/PRC-343, AN/PR
Created by friznit
This is the official ALiVEmod team release of ALiVE on Steam

ALiVE is the next generation dynamic persistent battlefield for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team, the easy to use modular mission framework provides everything that player...
BundesPolizei und Spezialeinheiten
Created by PhטeŅîх
The main thing
The BundesPolizei mod adds a division of German police special forces to the world of ARMA 3. The mod contains modern equipment, which will be more in the future. It is also planned to create a technique at the time of the creation of this ...
Created by bwmod
Version 2.4.1


The Bundeswehr - Modifikation is a community of interest for the computer game series Armed Assault, whose goal is to make material of the Bundeswehr accessible in Arma 3.
The main focus is on vehicles,...
ALiVE Civilian Pack
Created by jarrad96 [4SFG]
The purpose of the mod is to give more accurate looking civilians for Milsim groups without having to rely on large download of civilian equipment or external addons. It contains African Civilians with full ACE3, Task Force Radio/ACRE, Editor, Zeus and ALi...
Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3

What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wide acceptance and to b
[ABANDONED] Bundeswehr Kleiderkammer (PBW)
Created by Herr_KaLeun
We have ceased all work on this mod, you are free to change it according to the CC-license at the bottom.

TFAR is an optional Mod! ...
Zombies and Demons
Created by Ryan
Donate Here[]
Your contribution...
X-Cam-Taunus (Version 1.1)
Created by silola
We are pleased to announce that we have completed the second version of the X-Cam-Taunus map. This version is around 96% completed and we want to release the final version later this year.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with more or less...
CUP Terrains - Core
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS - CORE pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains all the core data for maps from Arma1, Arma 2, expansions and DLC's.

This pack contains:
  • all terrains c
CUP Weapons
Created by CUP Team
This is the WEAPONS pack. It contains all the weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, and whatever else goes "boom" in Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's. All weapons are stripped...
CUP Terrains - Maps
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains 16 maps from Arma: Arma: Armed Assault and the expansion, Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's.

For credits and other inform...
CUP Units
Created by CUP Team
This is the Units pack. It contains all the units of the original Arma 2 and Arrowhead as well as the DLC. Right now, there are a lot of placeholder units that do not look like the original ones but are instead stand-ins using d...
CUP Vehicles
Created by CUP Team
This is the VEHICLE pack. It contains all the vehicles from Arma 2 and the expansion
and DLC's. All vehicles are ported with Arma 3 standarts and features.

For credits and other information, see our web page.

This pack con...
Enhanced Movement
Created by AppleCalypsoNow

Enhanced Movement - BETA


German Bundeswehr Ranks
Created by Chev
This mod includes 24 ranks of the German Bundeswehr (from Soldat to General) in the form of insignias.

Diese Mod beeinhaltet 24 Dienstgrade der deutschen Bundeswehr (von Soldat bis General) in Form von Insignien.

Eurofighter Typhoon AWS
Created by Pinaz93
(Requires Firewill's Air Weapons System!)


Hi all,

I'm working on a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon from Hcpookie, and I'm ready for the release. This is a WIP and it's not perfect, the main goal of this relea...
KSK 2035
Created by IndeedPete
Version: 1.60

Kommando Spezialkräfte 2035 delivers a futuristic version of the German special forces to Arma 3. KSK operators come in customised gear in the Crystallised Flecktarn pattern for tropic, arid, and woodland environments.

KAT - Advanced Medical REWRITE
Created by Tomcat
Original author is Katalam.
Maintainers of the DEV version are Tomcat, Kygan, YetheSamartaka, Battlekeeper, MJSTIC and Digii / Julian.

The KAT - Advanced Medical REWRITE is a working and maintained version of the KAT Advanced Medical System thought f...
Redd'n'Tank Vehicles
Created by Redd
First of all, it is not perfect, but we are getting better ;)
Secondly, our vehicles are never meant to be played with AI, we are focusing on coop content. This means, some functions may not work with AI

Redd'n'Tank Vehicles Version 1.12.173
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.6: RHS: United States Armed Forces
changelog available here -


Re-uploads of any RHS content (in part or ...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.6: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
changelog available here -


Re-uploads of any RHS content ...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.6: RHS: GREen Forces
changelog available here -

RHS: GREF requires 2 mods to run
* RHS...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.6: RHS: Serbian Armed Forces
changelog available here -

RHS: SAF requires 2 mods to run
Created by FFAA MOD Team
--- VERSIÓN OFICIAL 6.1.8 ---

Esta modificación añade una gran cantidad de unidades y contenido de las Fuerzas Armadas Españolas, incluyendo tanto armamento personal como unidades terrestres...
Created by Dan
How do i get the the dog?: Place down the module in the editor (its in modules under other)

How does the dog work?: Hover an enemy and attack option will appear; Getting into a car a "get it" option will appear getting out the opposite. It was made...
Created by angel618
This mod is based on Blastcore: Phoenix with edits taken from Blastcore: Phoenix 2 and Arma 3 vanilla effects. This version fixes of errors.
Only beautiful BLAST !!!

in developing :

Fallujah V1.2
Created by Vyora
This is a direct port of the Fallujah map from A2 to A3.

This map requires both CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps, due to a weird dependency on the map "Utes" most likely a weird asset that is only on Utes and not core, I never looked int...
Created by Aussie
Welcome to Australia island addon for Arma3 Version 5.09 This island took many years to complete, I’ve worked on it when I have had free time.

Island Facts:
The Island is 40km x 40km nobody reads the description so I could really type anything I w...
Fapovo Island
Created by IceBreakr
V1.8 (April 22, 2021)


Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani. There are still border checkpoints, but they were ra...
Created by Temppa
Ruha 0.12 version

Size 8x8km
Location Finland
Based on real world place but its heavily modifield

Need Cup terrains core


Old version (v.0.11) downl...
Kamaz Typhoon Trucks
Created by Phantom Hawk
The Kamaz Typhoon (Russian - "Камаз-63968 Тайфун") is a family of Russian multi-functional, modular, armoured, mine resistant MRAP vehicles. The Typhoon family is part of Russia's Typhoon program.

The development of the "Typhoon" vehicle family began in...
Reduced Haze Mod v3.1
Created by ANZACSAS Steven
Reduced Haze Mod v3.1 For Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve .
- Reduces Haze for better visibility especially when flying.
- Note the low lying fog in between the ridgelines.
- Works for CAWorld (Bis Base class Terrain) Altis ,Malden, Stratis and...
Kingdom of Regero
Created by IceBreakr
Regero Kingdom - Armed Assault Tribute Map!
Version 1.1 (Nov 20, 2020)

IceBreakr and his team brough some classics from the old game to new A3 standards and added new areas in.
Credits go to Bohemia Interactive for Proving Grounds, Wedge for Isla Bar...
Light Blue Water Colour Mod
Created by ANZACSAS Steven
Light Blue Water Colour Mod by ANZACSAS Steve.
- Changes the water colour to Light Blue.
- Works for Altis,Malden,Stratis,Tanoa and CAWorld (Bis Base class Terrain).
- Thanks to bis and the community.
- Can be run client side only.
- E...
Created by Hunger


You can support us by donate an amount, no matter how much, we appreciate it a lot! Thank you!!
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)
Created by Dedmen Miller
This is the ONLY official upload of the TFAR 1.0 beta builds on Steam workshop.
Discord server for latest updates and support:

This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs...
Advanced Rappelling
Created by duda
Adds support for helicopter rappelling. SP & MP Compatible.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Improved Melee System
Created by WebKnight
Improved Melee System (or IMS:Remastered) is a mod that will allow you to fight with melee weapons, bayonets etc.

Version: 0.8.9
Lightsaber version
Warhammer Rela
ACE 3 Extension (Animations and Actions)
Created by Kola
This AddOn adds the ability to perform new Actions and Animations via ACE 3 Interactions Menu.

!!=This AddOn is made by KokaKolaA3=!!

BI Forum Link:
ACE 3 Extension (Placeables)
Created by Kola
This AddOn adds the ability to place Objects via ACE 3 Interactions Menu.

!!=This AddOn is made by KokaKolaA3=!!

To everyone who's still interested, I'm currently working on an complete overhaul of the Animations mod, there will be an ov...
Advanced Sling Loading
Created by duda
SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Advanced Towing
Created by duda
Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. Works in both SP and MP. Watch the video for directions.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook
Created by konyo123
Important Notice

For user's having problems finding the MH-47E Chinook in game who have downloaded it via the Steam Workshop, you have to launch ArmA3 using the Launcher. This shop pop up in the dialog box s...
AH-64D Official Project
Created by Voodooflies

First things first, this project officialy started in February 2017 but it wouldn't have been possible without Franze & Nodunit's original work on A2, and their agreement to push it open source - hats down guys. The ...
ILBE Assault Pack (TFAR)
Created by Raspu
- Default Backpack Radio for RHS United States Marine Corps factions
- MARPAT Woodland, Desert, Coyote and Ranger Green camouflage
- 3 different antennas with different ranges (only for TFAR so far)
- Antennas can be interchanged with ACE int...
ITC Air Systems
Created by Yax
ITC Aircraft Improvements
ITC Air is the standalone release of an in-house mod that aims to realistically expand the toolset of CAS pilots and JTACs.

The mod's full documentation is available [url=
MCC Sandbox 4 - Mission Making The Easy Way
Created by shay_gman
Join our Discord Channel and our server

MCC Wikia page

So what is MCC Sandbox exactly?
Project OPFOR
Created by Keeway
The Project OPFOR brings you new factions and armies, which were/are involved in recent military events in past few yearrs. For now to use this mod you only need three mods made by Red Hammer Studio - Armed Forces of Russian Federation, United States Armed...
WMO - Walkable Moving Objects
Created by Bloodwyn
This Addons makes you be able to walk on driving vehicles without sliding off.

I highly recommend BadBensons Enhanced Movement to be able to climb ontop of the vehicles. But it i...
Created by TheMidnightCrow
This is a faction mod that makes Zombies and Demons work with Alive.
Mod Requirements:
Faction class name: O_Zombie_Nation
Road Map: Make separate mods with zombies having different equipme...
[DEPRECATED] FFAA MOD ACE3 Compatibility Addon
Created by FFAA MOD Team
The FFAA MOD ACE3 Compatibility Addon is no longer needed since version 6.1.8 of FFAA MOD.

This addon is needed to ensure full compatibility with ACE 3.

This will bring the following features:

- Proper adjustment for sniper scopes
- Prop...
ACE Compats - RHS Compats
Created by Natsumi Ryouko
This is a just all the RHS compats in one mod with server key for our group sake.


I do not own the rights of ACE 3 MOD + ACE 3 RHS compats

Ace 3 mod: