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Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Fix Nvidia Optimus/AMD Enduro Fatal error crash for COD: Ghosts
By FreaK and 1 collaborators
Fix for Fatal Error configure.csv EXE_ERR_Couldnt _Configure_ "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600" ( Also works for the Enduro )

I know that a vast amount of people are suffering with this error, I was as well earlier in the day. It turns out to have a very simple fix.

First off look into your ghosts file directory (steamapps>common>call of duty ghosts)
You will probably be missing a folder called players2, spelled exactly like that.

You will need to contact a friend who has a working cod ghosts installed and have em give you a copy of their players2 folder.

go to your directory and create a players2 folder, then paste the contents of the folder you were given into your players2 folder.

There should be a couple of files named config.cfg, config_mp.cfg etc. Once you reopen the game you will get a few pop ups saying changes have been detected, would you like to optimize.


Hit no to both pop ups(or three as occasionally happens).

NOW that you have gotten the game to work, you will need to ensure that you DO NOT USE THE OPTIMIZE VIDEO OPTION from the video options menu.

You will need to manually set all your video settings. If you try and hit optimize video it will give you the fatal message error and crash your game.

This shouldn't save the information, so you should be able to restart the game fine, no one likes seeing crashed programs however.

Now get out there fix your distro and lets bring this pc population above a pitiful 7k people! post any questions below I will try and actively help my fellow gamers out :)

Small Note:

You could also Delete the Folder and run the game, and it COULD work, however this method works only 4/10 times I tested it.

Also, Make sure your Drivers are updated, as well with Direct X.

Here are links to each to help you out.

My Players2 folder:

Direct X:

Amd Drivers:

Nvidia Drivers:

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Ghost Nov 22, 2013 @ 11:18pm 
Man I'm still trying to figure out on getting this 60+dollars game to run well I love all my PC games I think ActiVison put a rush on Call of Duty Ghost for the PC Users. We are all having problems running the game on our rigs I'm running AMD 8350 CPU, 2 XFX Radeon 7950 graphics cards 32Gb of high end memory 9Tb hard disk space on a Saberthooth 990FX board
and I have all my setting at the lowest setting and it still locks up at times The game looks like old school grapgics Hell we did not pay for that. I'm going to try what you guys are doing to see if I could get some game play in. Man I even went back as reformatting my system to play this game
FreaK  [author] Nov 17, 2013 @ 2:55pm 
Me and Alacratha are currently trying to figure out how to run the game off the correct graphics card, as opposed to the integrated cpu graphics. We will post an update if we figure it out.
FreaK  [author] Nov 17, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
@ salagia63, for the lag it depends. You will probably have to turn down gpu settings in the game, since the game is still running off the integrated graphics card. I am sure they will patch this in the future and we will be running off dedicated cards. Untill then lower settings it is.
xInFamousxK24 Nov 17, 2013 @ 7:26am 
i can play the game fine but every once in a while it BSODs and says nvidia driver kernel stopped responding or something so im gonna try this later, cool post
salagia63 Nov 16, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
thanks very awesome.. now how do i fix the lag?
FreaK  [author] Nov 16, 2013 @ 12:51pm 
I am glad to be have helped anyone who this has fixed the issue for
jaqui Nov 16, 2013 @ 4:34am 
Thanks a lot bro...this fixed my problems...almost about to ask for a refund...
DrOM Nov 16, 2013 @ 2:38am 
Спасибо огромное!!! Заработало!!!
Metzy Nov 15, 2013 @ 9:48pm 
Thanks!!! Struggled forever with this.
JAMAICANWEED Nov 15, 2013 @ 9:47pm 
cod ghost i just not starting non t all for me same fatal video card error over and over