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A large number of tower defense games. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Some of them are dead in the water (failed kickstarter + no activity from developer = dead). I'm not here to make decisions. I'm just tracking them. Keep in mind that I won't update this list very often.

There are also 5 tower defense games I've found created using GameMaker Studio. I haven't tried any of them, and can't say anything about their quality. Steam currently doesn't allow
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Liora - RPG/Tower Defense
Created by MasterD
Travel through time in an epic and mysterious adventure, with Liora and her quirky companions. What will happen & who will they meet?

Without giving too much of the story away, we will just say that an unlikely hero finds herself in a position, where th...
Created by Risen Games
Adrift is a tower defense / shoot 'em up game where players cooperate to repel threats and guide their colony through hazardous space.

In Adrift we have combined the gameplay of a tower defense game, with the action of a top down shooter. ...
Armada Online
Created by Morjak
Take command of a starship and wage war against the Armada.
Your creativity and skill will determine the future of the universe.

We began life bound to a single planet.
Our ancestors freed us to roam the stars.
Now the alien Armada seeks
Battle Fortress Tortoise
Created by stekosanovich
Experience the thrill of making life and death battle decisions in a chaotic tower defense shooter on the back of a giant moving tortoise.

Battle Fortress Tortoise (BFT) is a 3rd Person Shooter in which the player takes on the role of the Commander of a...
Beware Planet Earth!
Created by Quittouff
"Beware Planet Earth!" is a mix between classic tower defense and a time management game. You have to save your cows from Martian invasion, not only by building an effective defense using towers, traps and objects, but also by firing directly your raygun a...
Bloons TD 5
Created by Ninja Kiwi
Thanks, Greenlighters. Bloons TD 5 is in final testing and near release. Please stay tuned to the Steam store and to announcements here for release info.

The epic battle between monkeys and bloons rages on! Play the full-screen, high-res, fully awesomiz...
CreepTD - Multiplayer Tower Defense
Created by dc ツ
CreepTD - Multiplayer Tower Defense aims to combine all your favorite game modes of the Tower Defense respectively Tower Wars genre into a single title in a community effort. There is single player Survivor where you are free to select from three unique AI...
Dead Sky
Created by Shorebound Studios
Dead Sky takes place amidst the chaos of a mysterious undead outbreak, where you will fight tooth-and-nail through hordes of zombies in order to escape the epidemic and find a safe haven. At its core, Dead Sky is an action-packed survival shooter that ties...
Throbax TD
Created by Wyzau

Throbax TD is a Tower Defense game with a twist. You have to survive wave after wave of fiendish enemies in a struggle for nothing less than your whole planet.

About the game
War in a Box: Paper Tanks
Created by DQ Team

Take out your toy box and get ready for some of the most intense battles in a tower defense game that will make you reconsider the entire genre. As peaceful and simple War In A Box may seem for the casual player as fierce and thrilli...
Toy Defense F2P
Created by Melesta Games
Toy Defense is a game in a tower defense genre, in World War I toy style setting, where the goal is not to let enemy soldiers, tanks and airships reach player’s base. For that the player has four different types of tower units to set on a map to attack the...
Towers of the Apocalypse
Created by LiquidNapalm
TOTA is a fast paced Tower Defense set in a near post apocalyptic future. In a world without gas, the evil Telluric conglomerate seeks to control everything. You and your band of heroes must fight to survive. Travel to 5 distinct locations as you struggle ...
Created by warlock
Tiestru is a Unique 3d strategy game where, as the Warlock, you will fight your ruthless and evil enemy called Tiestru. Your sole aim is to save the world by protecting the Crystal of Light and this way defeat Tiestru.
Tiestru is an old english word, whic...
Tower Clash
Created by Next Level
A FREE TO PLAY multiplayer tower defence game. Draft your unique set of towers and choose the least pleasant set of monsters for your opponents.
Poker meets rock paper scissors meets tower defence

Download the game client here:
Terrorhedron 3D Co-op Tower Defense
Created by Deltars
Terrorhedron is a unique tower defense game for the PC. Unmatched challenge and complexity is introduced to the genre through fully 3D tracks, micro strategy through programmable turrets and 'edge of seat' gameplay is extended to multiplayer with up to 8 p...
Terra Garta
Created by Air
Terra Garta is a Tower Defense game, which has the player build an entire military base, in order to destroy the invaders.
Many unique buildings will generate income, protect or repair other buildings from inevitable damage, upgrade adjacent structures, ...
Created by AirWave Games
Currently rated a 8/10 for PC on Desura

As the commander of the Defense Space Station, respond to distress calls and travel from planet to planet using your powerful arsenal to buy enough time to complete each mission. With the unique objective b...
Created by Matthew Brown
Sentinel is an interactive audio tower defense game. It mixes strategic gameplay with a dynamic music system.

The game takes place on a sequencer-like grid. As you add defenses, collect resources and destroy enemies, musical elements are trigge...
Radiant Defense
Created by Hexage
Tower defense game set in a vibrant Radiant universe. Build your space fortress any way you wish. Place wide variety of weapons and traps. Let the invasions begin!


  • Freedom! Build your own path
Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush has been released on Steam on January 6th, 2014!

We'd like to thank you all for the support and patience. You've been great every step of the way and that motivates us to keep working hard on our games.

Immortal Defense - (Tower defense. Demo available.)
Created by Pathborn
DEMO: This game was finished in 2007 and you can download the demo and try it out right now at -- the game is name your price with a $1.75 minimum, and the demo contains one-third ...
Gnomeland Defence
Created by Arowx
Devious villains have escaped from Galcatraz, formerly the galaxies most secure prison and they are heading to Earth to take revenge upon their captors the Gnomes in Black.

There are 100 gardens in your sector of Gnomeland and we need you to get in ther...
Earth Under Siege
Earth Under Siege

It's an Action Tower Defense game based on frenetic shooting mixed up with strategy and upgrades. The Earth...
Royal Defense
Created by Montezuma
The castle needs a hero – hordes of trolls are surrounding it! Build towers, save money, learn spells - don't let the enemy in!
Royal Defense is a Tower Defense game for PC and MAC.
Follow the exciting story of the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle agai...
Created by casualogic
Beautiful space shooter with addictive hurricane gameplay and tons of fun! Do not let the enemy destroy your space station - they are many and they are very angry... Make your own epic space battle and winning strategy! It is a nice twist of classical shoo...
Defense zone 2
Created by defensezone
The sequel to popular tower defense game Defense Zone.
The new, engaging levels are even more stunning and impressive. New weapons have been added, along with new opponents, and even more action and tactics.
The game supports four languages: Engli...
Space Nomads
Created by Loading Studios
Space Nomads is a first person, cooperative, tower-defense PC/Mac/Linux game, set in a procedurally generated world.

Stranded on an alien planet, join your friends in a survival journey, explore a randomly generated world, collect resources, build your ...
Fish vs. Crabs
Created by Swift Creek Games
Fish vs. Crabs is a fully immersive 3D underwater Tower Defense Game. You play the role of the fish defending your eggs from invading crabs, shrimp and lobster. The invaders advance along the sandy ocean bottom toward their goal. You must strategically pla...
Fort Defense
Created by Montezuma
All hands on deck! Pirate armada dead ahead!
Take part in an uncompromising struggle repelling freebooters' assaults. Watch out, the enemy may catch the tide for ruining your fortress. Build towers, collect crystals, upgrade spells and believe in your vic...
Last March of the Dodos
Created by Utah Game Forge
Combine traps and environmental hazards to destroy masses of Dodos before they escape! Watch them bounce around between the traps you strategically position before they explode in a poof of feathers. Earn in-game currency to purchase new traps and unlock n...
Weapon Test Dummies
Created by Meatsuit
What is Weapon Test Dummies?
Weapon Test Dummies is an action packed strategy/puzzle and tower defense game with over 40 unlockable turrets and abilities. Each unlock has a unique purpose, and there are dozens of strategies that can be used to be...
Created by ghost in the shell
Blockscape is the ultimate block building game....
Created by Coderebellion
HollowFear is an innovative and challenging blend of RPG, Tower Defense and Action Hack'n Slash.

Download an early, but highly playable demo build, and see it out for yourself!
Created by NorthOfEarth
Release date: March 2012 (Released)

Omegalodon is a third-person multiplayer action game where players compete by attacking/defending the city. The Red Team is comprised of police and soldiers armed with an array of military vehicles and explosive weapo...
7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game
Created by The Fun Pimp
Premise and Story

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mash up of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and ...
Defender Story: Episode 1
Created by Gentr1
A hybrid tower-defense/RPG (Role Playing Game) game setup in a dark and gritty fantasy medieval world. Drop colored gems on your base units in different combinations to create heroes with unique and powerful abilities. The difficult choices you make have ...
Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc
Created by Hong

What is Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc?

Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc is a fast-paced anime-themed strategy defense game with RPG mechanics based on telling a story about Mindy Akumori, a weak girl that's curre...
Created by laurent
McDROID is Green Lit, soon to be on Steam : McDROID on Steam

Join the group

Imagine the hectic big boss fights of RTYPE combined
Galaxy Life
Created by Digital Chocolate
Galaxy Life is a free to play strategy game that mixes traditional easy-to-play casual gameplay mechanics with touches of more traditional genres and features like tower defense, RTS, or several competitive PvP features in a persistent on-line Galaxy popul...
Created by Meepo Poppins
Symbiots is a fast paced, Action Real Time Strategy game, with Role Playing and Tower Defense elements. Gameplay is dictated by large-scale battles, an interesting story line, beautiful environments and ultimately, a fun yet challenging experience.

KEY ...
Towers of Altrac (Tower Defense)
Created by CDS
  • GamersGate
  • Green Man Gaming
  • [url=htt
Fat Chicken
Created by relevantgames
Fatten up the herds and rake in the cash with Fat Chicken - a tower defense offense game where you fatten up farm animals for slaughter by pumping them full of hormones, overfeeding them and basting them with antibiotics to keep them ali...
Aegis Defenders
Created by GilloD

In a world where control over ancient technologies equals power, a ruthless and power-hungry Empire has arisen. You play as a pair of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village - a l
Created by Bolanzarts
Build&Battle is a turn based tower defense game that plays like a rts:
  • Base building
  • Resource gathering
  • Unit training
  • Technology researching
  • Plan your turn a
Abyss Cave
Created by PlayGames
Abyss Cave
is a kind of Tower Defense Game with action strategy. Interested in exploring the mystery of the universe, you will set foot on the journey for ancient ruins with your robot partner X. You will face the Orcs and soldiers hovering around...
Fire With Fire: Online Tower Attack and Defense
Created by Skull Skill Studios
Environmentally aware two player tower defense with an offensive twist and online cross play between all ports. Protect the Trees!

A refreshing spin on tower defense with an ever expanding library of Towers and Creeps. Build Towers to defend yo...
Tomb of Tyrants
Created by Jake Huhman
Tomb of Tyrants is a dungeon-defense puzzler where your Tyrant will claim the titular Tomb, building and defending a dungeon against waves of greedy adventurers, by matching tiles to gather resources, and spending...
Xaniria - Defense of New Earth
Created by Hail to the Fun
1. Build defenses.
2. Use them to fight aliens back !

This is the simpliest way to explain Xaniria - Defense of New Earth's concept.

But there is much more !

Xaniria - Defense of New Earth is the first game of a one-man...
Splee & Glob: Monster Defense
Created by ASHGAMES
Splee & Gløb - strategic Monster Defense game for PC, Mac and Linux
Defend a beautiful monster filled world in this unique Action RTS that comes with a campaign, co-op and passive-competitive gameplay. Check our Kickstarter project for more detai...
Nature Defenders
Created by Multi Tools Studios
The small and independent Nordic Mist Team presents Nature Defenders!

Nature is in danger and the animals have decided to do something about it! Nature Defenders is a tower defense game where you must organize your lines of defense with the intention ...
Battle Ranch
Created by playboom
Defend your ranch from evil boars.

Play this new tower defense game with combination between ranch management and defense strategy.

Addictive and challenging games.

More than 216 levels with 10 game modes.

This game inspired by Plants vs Zo...
Defenders of Time
Created by Four Lights
In a world where universes have collided, you and up to three other players must duke it out with a variety of sci-fi B-movie creeps sent by a similar team in this epic competitive and cooperative multiplayer Tower Defense game.

Maze your way th...
Hard Rain
Created by fuguelike
Hard Rain is a pachinko machine physics sim made into a tower defense-like strategy/puzzler hybrid with a retro-analogue candy shell.

Grab the latest demo from the IndieDB page link to the right.

The hard rain is falling. To avoid a dr...
Created by Devero
Abatron - Galactic Combat Evolved - FPS RTS Hybrid

Abatron is space warfare on steroids. Blurring the lines between Real-Time-Strategy and First-Person-Shooter, Abatron is the next evolution of hybrid g...
Robot Tsunami
Created by Ground Up Games
Robot Tsunami is an insane, fast paced and unique arcade style twin stick shooter, tower defense & shoot 'em up game all in one. Blast your way through a tsunami of intelligent & well armed robots whilst deploying attack turrets and creating dynamic barrie...
Urban War Defense
Created by Canary
Lead through a action packed fast paced tower defense game with a story of an invasion on your homeland by a large foreign force and as a newly appointed commander do what you can to help your country fight back and defend against this enemy force which is...
Soulcaster: Part I & II
Created by MagicalTimeBean
Gauntlet Meets Tower Defense

Soulcaster started as an experiment to see how well dungeon crawling would pair with tactical tower defense. The result (after much testing and many iterations) is something really special, if I do say so myself.
Created by Timeslip
The windows version of Deadstone is now available at:, Desura, and ShinyLoot. If you purchase from any of these places, you will be provided with a Steam Key, if Deadstone is greenlit. I am also actively developing this title,
Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders
Created by duha_the_best
Build and defend your 2D side-scrolling fortress on the edge of a mountain! Strengthen the defensive lines on the unique playing filed – a long and narrow path with an abyss on both sides. At the end of the path there is the heart of your fortress – the ma...
Created by ComboMash
A collection of deep space miners discover a faint distress signal while harvesting minerals from an asteroid belt in the farthest reaches of the solar system. They discover that a robotic alien race has infected and taken over their central home world and...
Space Life Defender
Created by Gabydg
About The Game:

Space Life Defender is a Tower Defense and Space Shooter with RPG elements develop by Black Gem Interactive. The game is in Alpha state and we are improving it every week

Why Planet Life Defender is Different?

1) Mixing Genres:
Created by BewareTheFish
Stratega is a fast paced real time strategy game with a little dosis of Tower Defense. In this game you will have to gather minerals, survive wave of enemies attacks and invade the enemy base.

We aim to deliver a highly competitive, fast-paced multiplay...
Created by BrothaMan88
Details Coming Soon!

Check out our new Trailer!...
Spectrum TD
Created by [KMRW] Wakjakaga
Spectrum is a tower defense game of infinite possibility.

Welcome to the Bleach Program. You’re safe here. Safety is of the utmost importance. The Enemy would threaten our safety with the passion of red, the fear of yellow, the grief of blue. ...
Created by Black Flag

Have you had enough of nice and friendly heroes? Then become the villain of the piece! Get your own back on the pathetic forces of the good and make them finally understand that evil is something to be taken ser...
Dig or Die
Created by Gaddy Games
Explore, fight, craft and build your defenses! Enjoy a unique and innovative game:
Strategy: survive massive attacks each night by building strong walls and placing turrets wisely.
Water cycle: rain, infiltration, underground riv...
GemCraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows
Created by Armor Games Studios
GemCraft is a unique tower defense game, where, instead of towers, gems are your main weapons to fight the endless hordes of monsters coming for you.

Place your gems in either towers, traps, or amplifiers, replace and switch them as you want, combine th...
Armed Heroes
Created by eglsgame
Armed Heroes is an immersive 3D MMORPG with dramatic lighting effects, delivering the exciting feeling of an arcade style fighting game!

★The self-developed 3D engine and gorgeous particle light effects have created a distinctive game experience, igniti...
Bionic Attack
Bionic Attack is a Real Time Strategy game, with a bit of tower defense, in a post-apocalyptic world.

It will be released on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

World background

In a far-off solar system, on an isolated planet, the war rages on b...
Rush for Glory
Plan your defense, place your towers, get ready for action!

Rush for Glory is a challenging and rewarding 3D Tower Defense Game, in which players are defending their base against an alien invasion. By strategically building towers...
Infectonator : Survivors
Created by Toge Productions
"Infectonator : Survivors" is a Randomized Permadeath Survival Simulator that combines RTS, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation gameplay. The goal is to lead a group of survivors in a struggle to stay alive and find rescue in ...
SBX: Invasion
Created by Wakeskater
SBX: Invasion is an Action Tower Defense game. It blends top down shooter game play with quick paced tower defense and gives you unparalleled freedom to build where you want.

In each stage you must save the local Space Colony from invading enemies. ...
World Defense
Created by Idiots will be shot
World Defense is a traditional tower defense game in some respects, but has much more to offer. The most significant improvement is that you choose where to defend. You are not limited to 5 or 10 maps, but rather can pick any spot on earth to defend. Wh...
Storm United MMO FPS
Created by PixelBeam
Storm United is a socially driven class based massively multiplayer First Person Shooter on top of an omnipresent clan foundation. Start your journey by choosing a recruiting clan, no players are left behind.

The clan's personal headquarter will serve y...
Created by WetBass
About the game
Basically, "The Crack" has a fusion mechanism of Tower defense and FPS . Besides that you can pour bullets on your enemies by using stealth fighters, reveal your enemies on map by military satellites with infra-red night vision ...
Created by stellarbrinkgame
StellarBrink is an rogue-like, sci-fi game featuring: free-building starship construction and massive universal battles. As a freelance mercenary, your struggle for survival and wealth begins on a crippled starbase. Accept contracts to gain credits and rai...
Tower of Elements 2
Created by Frogdice
Tower of Elements 2 (ToE2) is a real time strategy and puzzle game with deep city building and match-3/tower defense combat. From your capital city you lead your Kingdom against the invading Void Army that threatens all life.

Your strategy, tower defens...
Created by gemgenetics
This game is boasts a combination of game mechanics from gem puzzle games, tower defense and Monster battle games like never before. Your main task is to capture monsters and train them where they will gain new abilities and skills. Personally your charact...
BGP Orbit
Orbit is Tower Defense Redefined.
You must protect your planet from incoming alien attacks by sending satellites into orbit to fight them off. The game includes Real Time Strategy elements like the ability to manually move and swap your sa...
Created by TreeFortressGames

What is Bardbarian?
Bardbarian is a game! A game we've been lovingly working on for far too long and are ready to unleash on Steam with (hopefully) some love from the Greenlight Community.

What genre is the game?
Dead TrailZ
Created by Galactic Bits
Without your help, your teammate is zombie bait!
Use heavy weapons to cover him on his supply runs, from vantage points surrounding the battlefield. When he runs out of ammo and the horde descends on him - you've got his back.
Stop the Zombies dead in th...
TUG: A Space Trucker's Odyssey
Created by Mutiny Games
Tired of breezing through games without breaking a sweat? Do you yearn (yes yearn!) for difficulty curves of gaming yore? Have you ever pondered the question as to what is the gaming equivalent of a space herpe? Do you not get the aforementioned reference?...
Aurora Dusk
Created by Syl
Aurora Dusk is a melting pot of several games. It is available on PC and Android in English and French. The game is currently a beat version and is regularly updated.

A management game and sandbox
In Aurora, you are a character able to grow and ...
Sentinel 4: Dark Star
Created by Origin8
Want a tactical and strategic tower defense challenge that's packed with options and upgrades? Take command of the dropship Sentinel and do battle across a vibrant sci-fi world.

"This is a big and beefy tower defense game, meant for people not afraid...
Islands Defence
Created by gushchin.dmitry
Get ready for modern battles! Defend your islands against evil invaders in jungles!

Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.
A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the evil invaders. Figh...
Tower Dwellers
Tower Dwellers is a unit crafting tower defence that features lots of micromanagement and keeps the player engaged in the battle throughout the entire game.

Game Features:
• Craft Units from each t...
Rise of Magic
Created by Krubbs
Rise of Magic - it's a Tower Defence game with a aspects of a social and RPG games.
Choose your profession, learn talents and trade with your friends to to win large-scale battles, not only in a single-game, but the co-op and PvP!

My name is Poc...
Pirates Deck
Created by Insanity800
Pirated Pirates is Tower Defense Game.
Pirates Island is under attack from Pirates who are getting help from space creatures, They have huge army and coming to destroy the Base, Use the Towers and weapons to destroy and survive.

Player has Ma...
Monkey King Saga
Created by trexgamesindie
Monkey King Saga is a new style "action tower defence" game featuring the theme from the Journey to the West story.

As fans of tower defence games, our goal is to bring a new gameplay experience to the TD genre, by mixing action and TD together into a b...
Star of Destiny
Created by DevilsIncStudios
A unique blend of First Person Shooter and Tower Defence, you make a wish and are drawn into a magical land, an evil witch wants to trap you there, she raises a Snowmen Army and it's your job to stop them!

The game will blend Strategy with fast paced s...
Tronix Defender
Created by shokizm
Tronix Defender is a retro-styled arcade, tower-defence game where you must protect your computer core from attack by hacker-bots and trojans and has Randomised Levels for ultimate replayability!

Main Game Features Include:

100% one-man project craft...
Kaiju Panic
Created by Mechabit
The Kaiju are coming!
Kaiju Panic is a real-time strategy / tower defence / squad control game with a bright and unique art style. Take control of a field operative in an international disaster response organisation, build, fight and rescu...
Alarameth TD
Created by alarameth
A unique, dynamic, challenging, fully-voiced tower defence game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You begin at Veldamir Castle, a small outpost at the edge of the human lands, where Wynathean the Wizard walks you through your training. From there, you proc...
Dwarf Heroes :: One Wave to Grave
Created by Click2Freak

---Dwarf Heroes: One Wave to Grave---

Dwarf Heroes is a level-based genre mix of tower defense and shooter with role-play elements. The player experiences the game in third person view.

Created by Mirrorwalk Games
Mirrorwalkgames presents Elephant Splash, an exciting novel PC 3D action game. Defend your stash of fruits till 100 levels. Splash and sploosh away the evil monkeys, bear and other enemies. Call your friends and family to help.

Molten Armor
Created by moltenarmorgame

Molten Armor is an action tower defense game with a non-linear story in sci-fi setting!
Command defenses and stop hordes of enemies! Fight on land, sea and in the skies!
Decisions taken in the...
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moltenarmorgame May 28, 2017 @ 12:51am 
Take a look at Molten Armor!
New and fresh, non-linear, story driven tower defense!
Click2Freak Dec 28, 2015 @ 7:37pm 
Thanks, Its not a cursor, its a snowflake;-D but ive to agree it looks odd. Cheers!
Efreak Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  [author] Dec 28, 2015 @ 6:46pm 
You too! The towers are what's important for a tower defense game--I'm just not so much into produced(?) games like that as well. Despite not being my thing, the game does look pretty cool. I like the animated icon it shows in the list, but you might see if you can get rid of the cursor(?) in the foreground there.
Click2Freak Dec 28, 2015 @ 5:49pm 
There willbe some TD elements: Building towers (4 towers each with 3 stages) and Wave system. Ofc it won't be classic Tower Defense- Dwarf is most important here. We will think about arcade in the future, thanks and Happy New Year!;-D
Efreak Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  [author] Dec 28, 2015 @ 5:28pm 
Huh. I completely forgot about this list. I should update it.

I've added your game, but I don't think I'll be getting it myself--nothing against the game, I just prefer the classic tower defense arcade game. If you ever make an arcade version, let me know--I actually like Super Sanctum TD, but don't much care for Sanctum (or Sanctum 2) at all.
Click2Freak Dec 28, 2015 @ 5:22am 
Check out our Shooter/Tower Defense/RPG game and give us your opinnion! Steam Greenlight page. Constructive criticism is welcomed! More information about our Dwarfes on. Cheers ;D

Greenlight- Dwarf Heroes: One Wave to Grave
Twitter- Dwarf Heroes: One Wave to Grave
Facebook- Dwarf Heroes: One Wave to Grave []
Efreak Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  [author] Jun 18, 2015 @ 10:13am 
mmm. As someone who's bought Sentinel 3 probably 4 times over (Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and bundles) I certainly am interested in the Sentinel 4.
Origin8 Jun 18, 2015 @ 9:47am 
As you've listed Sentinel 3: Homeworld, you'll probably also be interested in Sentinel 4: Dark Star, which is now on Greenlight at . Sentinel 4 is a deep and substantial tower defence that really expands on its predecessor's gameplay.

Thanks for the past support, it's much appreciated!
Syl Oct 17, 2014 @ 8:15am 
Hi, could you add Aurora Dusk ? This is a RPG, Strategy and "Defense Tower" game.
Steam Greenlight
Please give me your opinion.
Efreak Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  [author] Oct 16, 2014 @ 9:47pm 
CreepTD is actually pretty darn great, or it was back when I played it. I don't much care for the first-person style (I don't much care for fps games in general) or the ones with a commander who moves around either. Mostly I play Bloons, Element, Kingdom Rush, or one of a variety of other tower defense games I have installed on my android tablet. Short flash games unfortunately make up the vast majority of tower defense games, but from this list Towers of Altrac, Radiant Defense, and Kingdom Rush are all pretty good.