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Dec 21, 2019 @ 8:48am
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Mod ID:1942356065

Mod Description
this mod add 3 new station to produce basic Material
  • Stone miner Outpost to produce Stone
  • Iron Miner Outpost to Produce Iron
  • Lumber Outpost to produce Wood and 30% chance of Bark if a worker pick is used instead of the hatchet
  • A new Thrall to work in it.([Servant]*check picture above for example)
  • The tool and supply for your Worker. Worker pick for miner and worker hatchet for lumber
  • Feat to unlock them called Work Station in survival.
The worker's tool are necessary for the station to work. It can be crafted in material tiers you unlocked for
picks and will determine how much a station yield.The tool will never be consume by the Station, but in
exchange it will ''burn'' Worker Supply. The worker supply are crafted with the material necessary to repair
a broken tool.
  • The station are crafted at the artisan Table for some Silk, Shapped Wood and Brick.
  • The New Thrall have the same spawn as the Bearer(Sherpa).
  • From Iron and up The worker's tool are crafted in a blacksmith like normal tool.

How does it work?
  1. Craft and place the station.
  2. Add a Thrall in the Station (the station won't craft anything if there's no thrall).
  3. Add A Worker's Tool for example Worker Stone Pick.
  4. Add the ''fuel'' for this example the Stone worker Supply.
Important Note
The fuel used will only work with the Worker's Tool of the same Material,
so the Iron Worker supply for example won't work with the Worker Stone Pick.

Sorry Guy I try working on a ingame setting for admin to change the output,speed,fueltime,etc but I hit a wall and my knowledge of programing is laking a lot to make it work. So i'm very sorry, I tried but a setting panel will not be added :/


Q:will you add station for other material?
A: No as part of the game is to travel out of your base to gather the more rare resource

Q:Can you make the station use food instead?
A: No, the only thrall that use food in the game are the fighter,archer,bearer and performer as they are ''placeable'' and so to respect how the other station thrall work I won't put food as a fuel. But if you want to use food here a another mod that may suit your taste: Lumbermill and Mining

Q:I can't find the new thrall you sure it working?
A: yes it is go to a bearer spawn if it's not a worker go far enough for it to despawn and come back it can take a bit of grind

Stacking Patch
For those who prefered the time where Supplied stacked here is a patch

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SMooreAce Nov 25 @ 7:54am 
I have no issues with them not spawning on my servers

NIVEA55 Nov 25 @ 2:25am 
I can't run slaves in my environment because there are no workers emerging
SMooreAce Nov 24 @ 11:13pm 
Works fine
NIVEA55 Nov 24 @ 10:13pm 
Can't use this mod in Sipta Island?
Asen Nov 17 @ 6:32am 
Is his production speed affected by the server acquisition multiplier?
SMooreAce Nov 10 @ 4:58pm 

It would probably be smart to ask about a mod IN that mods discussion!
MyCatHasDiabetes Nov 10 @ 4:22pm 
Hello!. Thank you for the mod. Works beautifully, and thank you! Just a quick question though. My friend and I have been pretty much endgame for quite a long time now. We was wondering if there would an update for the stack patch mod anytime soon possibly? We've been wanting to build a super highway across the map for our mounts and thought that would be fun to do. Just curious and thank you again! :steamhappy:
AjinVa Nov 7 @ 3:36pm 
Dude, you're brilliant! This mod is brilliant!! Thanks for putting the time in. The stations look really good and work really well. Brilliant, just brilliant!!
Sparkyspace Nov 1 @ 11:26pm 
Thank you so much for this mod. It helps my in my SP game. A lot. Would you consider creating a fourth station which produces hide and meat (depening on the tool)? It could run on piglets or whatever babyversion of an animal one uses.
Zathabar Oct 29 @ 1:13pm 
Bravo Skyphiler, thanks for getting to it! Take what time you need, all the reasonable members of the community appreciate your efforts!