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HiddenAlliance - MAPs 2021
UPDATE - February 8, 2021

Now this shows the top 10 Maps to (have on hand). Map for mission will be called out in WARNO well in advance of operations.
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CUP Terrains - Core
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS - CORE pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains all the core data for maps from Arma1, Arma 2, expansions and DLC's.

This pack contains:
  • all terrains c
CUP Terrains - Maps
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains 16 maps from Arma: Arma: Armed Assault and the expansion, Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's.

For credits and other inform...
CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0
Created by CUP Team
This is the Maps 2.0 pack, the successor of "CUP Terrains - Maps". It will contain all upgraded CUP Terrains.

For credits and other information, see our web page.

This pack contains:
  • Chernarus 2020

Created by Hunger


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Created by M1lkM8n
Jbad is an addon created by Smokedog and M1lkman for Arma 3 which currently includes many structures and objects upgraded from Arma 2.

Eventually it will include our own Jalalabad terrain as well.

This is a very early alpha release. We are just upl...
Created by Green_Beret
Después de mas de 3 años de desarrollo, presentamos el mapa de Lythium.

El mapa replica las intensas y mas tribales áreas de Afganistán, atravesado por un largo valle en todo el mapa. Encontrarás d...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
Prei Khmaoch Luong is a tiny province in the middle of the South-East Asian peninsula.
Situated right on the borders between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, it has seen a fair share of armed conflicts.

Locals use the main river for transport and mov...
Created by Vectif
Djalka is a fictional 32.6km^2 ArmA 3 terrain version of the South Georgia Islands, located to the further east of Argentina past the Falklands / Islas Malvinas and were part of the conflict at the time. It is a snow-covered tundra-like terrain, with many ...
Created by Temppa
Fictional africa/middle east themed terrain

50 villages
Two uncovered sand airfields
20km long river

v 0.51
Size: 16km x 16km
Cell size: 4
1.7 million objects

Need Cup terrain core

Created by Temppa
Anizay v0.08

Size: 10km x 10km
Cell size: 5
410k objects

Fictional desert terrain.

Need Cup terrain core

Thanks Jonekone, Blahh and

Created by SmokeDog
Sangin District Helmand Province .v4

Sangin is 5km x 5km map Developed by Tactical Battlefield Environments.

Sangin (Pashto: سنگين‎) is a town in Helmand province of Afghanistan, with a population of approximately 20,000 people. Sangin is l...
Aliabad Region
Created by Santa Fe
Aliabad is a coastal region somewhere in Takistan (or another similar country), it consists of some farmlands, settlements, rolling hills and some canyons. There are two main farmlands aswell as a few scattered farms and compounds all over the map, all in ...
Angola Maps v1.3
Created by IceBreakr
Angola Maps
Version 1.3

This addon currently consists of TWO Islands in the pack:
1) Southeast Angola 1974 v1.30
2) Chongo (Southwest Angola) 1.30

Maps were made In honor of:
- Recce 1 Commando Lt. Freddie Zeelie that died in comb...
Fapovo Island
Created by IceBreakr
V1.9 (November 10, 2022)


Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani. There are still border checkpoints, but they were...
G.O.S Al Rayak
Created by GOS_Makhno
The map is 20 x 20 km, and aims at loosely representing a middle-eastern country.

40 km of coastline,
7 cities,
3 seaports,
2 main rivers,
4 airfields,
about 100 villages,
many bridges, and far more trees than would be here in reality.

G.O.S Dariyah
Created by GOS_Makhno
20 x 20 km of sand dunes and rocky mountains.

There are intentionaly no road, as AI tends to stick to them, and it would make vehicle patrols of the kind the LRDG used to do less intersting. Also it's a greater challenge for land navigation, especialy i...
G.O.S Kalu Khan
Created by GOS_Makhno
Kalu Khan V2

In this endless outdoor playground, you'll find steep mountains with cloud-covered peaks great for hiking, biking, and trying to not get killed by those guys here that just appeared over the next ridge.

Version 2.0 Changes :

G.O.S N'Djenahoud
Created by GOS_Makhno
G.O.S N'Djenahoud, 400 km² of sand, rocks and nature.
It's based on real word area in the "Ennedi Massif".

This map does not contain any building, those can now easily be added to a mission as is needed.
There are 8 airstrips (most of them do not appe...
G.O.S. N'ziwasogo v2 APEX
Created by Warzen Kamor
Original description:
N'ziwasogo is 20 x 20 km, mostly covered with thick (yet playable) jungle and also features many towns and settlements.

4 000 000 objects, nearly all of them are green.

Features custom sounds and road surfaces included in thi...
Gulfcoast Islands
Created by --JustMichael--
Gulfcoast Islands
I have worked on this map for 3 years. Based on a sub tropical climate. Comprised of multiple islands
978000 Objects
Land size 15360x15360
The map currently has::
-3 Airports shown on map.
-2 unmarked airfields.
-Over 25 Cities/Sm...
Hazar-Kot Valley
Created by Santa Fe
MCN Hazar-Kot Valley

The map is centered around an inner and an out valley, the outer one is desert, with a small village and a few compounds, as well as an abandoned mine. These settlements are meant to be run-down and rather abandoned due to the remot...
Sugar Lake
Created by woesinger
by Major Desync (AKA Woesinger)

Sugar Lake is a township in the Vieilhomme Delta. A hub for oil exploration and extraction, Sugar Lake has extensive port facilities servicing a number of oil rigs and refineries in the surrounding wetlands....
Created by Temppa
Ruha 0.12 version

Size 8x8km
Location Finland
Based on real world place but its heavily modifield

Need Cup terrains core


Old version (v.0.11) downl...
PR F.A.T.A - A2
Created by Androkiller™
I am not the creator to this mod, I am uploading to give simplicity to users who require to get the mod via Arma 3 Launcher.

Original source location:

10x10 km Map, Based...
Created by JMM
Re-Uploaded the Namalsk map without the 'namalsk_light_patch.pbo' issues. Map works with multiplayer from what I've tested.

License Info:
- Sumrak (
- Lappihuan
- Exile Mod Team (

This work uses t...
Lingor/Dingor Island
Created by IceBreakr
Lingor & Dingor Island
Version: 3.9.6

This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~5 months were spent on research and creation of this world.
Isla Abramia
Created by IceBreakr
Version: 3.9

Isla Abramia is IceBreakr's latest creation for Arma 3. It is a mix of lush greenery and snowy mountains. He wanted to give players of Armaverse something new to toy with and mix of green and snowy mountains always attracted him as h...
Isla Duala
Created by IceBreakr
Isla Duala: one of the most played islands since Arma2 release.
Version: 3.9.5 [Feb 15, 2019]

El Diablo, IceBreakr and Tourist Board of Afrene are inviting you to visit a paradise on Earth - Isla Duala. Tropical forests, sandy beaches, ...
Island Panthera
Created by IceBreakr
Island Panthera
Version: 3.91
Update 2020: Enoch vegetation, improved satellite image, various smaller fixes.

One of the most played terrains in Armaverse just got better! It is 10x10km area based on real life location but resized down...
kerama Islands By [Vétérans]
Created by wollfen
Kerama Islands
Team Les Vétérans : [V]Wollfen

This terrain is based on the real Kerama Islands you can find near Okinawa, south of Japan.

It's by playing o...
Kunduz Afghanistan - Fixed Doors
Created by delve
All credits go to James2464, I've just fixed the doors to work with the action menu

With over one year of work and many failed attempts I'd like to thank Bohemia Interactive, contributors and the Arma 3 terrain modding community for their part ...