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Building Games: Space Themed
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Surviving Mars
So you've played "SimCity" and mastered your city building skills for Earth. Take those skills and see how well manage aliens and people in cities located in Space.
★★★★★ GREENLIGHT COLLECTION and more! ★★★★★
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Created by Tynan
RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, FTL, and Dune.

Available now at Coming to Steam when it's ready.

You begin with three survivors of a ship...
Created by Madruga Works
Planetbase is launching on the 16th of October, check out our Steam Page.

Planetbase is a strategy game where you guide a group of space settlers trying to establish an outpost in a remote plan...
The Spatials
Created by Weird and Wry
We are Greenlit! A huge THANK YOU to everybody! PC/Mac Early Access is still available for download in our home page!

All Humble Bundle purchases will receive all the alpha updates and the final version, plus a...
Planet Explorers
Created by zede05
Game Overview

Planet Explorers is an open world smooth voxel based sandbox adventure rpg game set on a distant planet. The game uses a new OpenCL system based on the Unity 3D engine to allow players to change the terrain in anyway, creat...
Starship Theory
Created by Duncan @ reconnect
Build and run a starship your own way. Will you create a lightly crewed nimble fighter or hulking tank?

Loot destroyed foes, mine asteroids or buy low and sell high! You are the capta...
The Universim
Created by Crytivo
Join The Universim Pre-Alpha at our official Steam Store Page here:
Created by simon

Establish foothold on planet 3452C[MAIA].

All other considerations secondary.


Maia is a colony building game set in the not-so-distant future, twelve light years from earth. Your colonists make planetfa...
Unclaimed World
Created by Refactored Games
We take the colony sim genre into the near future, onto a lush planet where humans are making their first foothold. Characters and alien wildlife are brought to life through a rigorous simulation and the game plays out as a tug-of-war between huma...
Settlers of Space
Created by Corona Byte
Step in into the world of tomorrow and face the challenges of open space. Look out for new unknown planets and hazards, but also for new opportunities and profits. Create colonies in space, produce goods, trade them and research new technologies. Stay aler...
Astrobase Command
Created by Jellyfish Games
Procedural Personalities Meet 3D Base Building, and Survival.

A 70's sci-fi space station builder and crew sim set in a distant, forgotten corner of the universe.

Leaders know that their crew's personalities are at least as important as their skills ...
Mars Colony: Challenger
Created by hdortch
Mars Colony: Challenger is a 3D first / third person game that offers you the challenge of setting up a remote base on the surface of Mars. At its core, the game was derived from a simulator where everything is interactively tied together. You will have to...
Space Station Alpha
Created by jacobwilkinson3d
Build a high tech space station. Manage the needs of various alien guests. Fight and survive natural and unnatural space disasters. Take to the stars and build a complex and fully operational space station!

Created by cameronb73
Prepare for the ultimate test of survival in a strategy game with no enemies except the hostile environment of mars. Do you have the skill necessary to build and manage the first sustainable extraterrestrial colony, or will your colonists become mere foot...
Age of Asteroids
Created by
Age of Asteroids brings you to the Inner Asteroid Belt located between Jupiter and Mars. You will be responsible to gather resources, establish and defend your asteroid colonies and build up your mining empire.

In the not too...
Farlight Explorers
Created by FExplorers
Farlight Explores is a 3D space-sandbox game, made for space exploration, science fiction, resource management and action fans. In this game you can build your base or spaceship, explore the galaxy, extract unique ores in each planet or asteroids, craft ne...
Sol 0: Mars Colonization
Created by solzerogame
About Sol 0

Can you survive on Mars? Sol 0 is a Mars colonization real time strategy game where you develop the first Martian colony. Sol 0 imagines the near future, with technology that could be available in the next decade. Make use of the mi...
Earth Space Colonies
Created by zmiksic
Earth Space Colonies is a strategy-simulation game where you build space colonies around the Solar system. Your first destination is Mars. Establish a first self-sustaining colony and terraform a red wasteland into a green oasis. Balance your resources and...
Created by Regalis

Barotrauma is an online multiplayer game heavily inspired by Space Station 13. The game takes place in a submarine travelling through the icy depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The bone-crushing pressure o...
Mars Colony : Frontier
Created by hdortch
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Mars? In Mars Colony: Frontier, you can go one step further and learn the hard way what life would be like if you were stranded on the red planet. In this open-world simulator, you assume th...
Mars Industries
Created by AYE Inc
Mars Industries - this is a game where you have to colonize Mars, to produce a variety of resources to build an army of robots and fight in epic battles!


Simple and intuitive control.

A large variety of ways to improve your base.

A ...
Created by SpaceLab Team
Steam GreenLight Demo Build:
  • SpaceLab for Windows
  • SpaceLa
Tomorrow's Arrival
Created by Ryan Javanshir

Tomorrow's Arrival is a first-person resource management simulator integrated with sandbox gameplay elements.

Set on the moon Titan , you are the first human to set foot on the newly transitioned celestial bo...
Flat Worlds
Created by Che

Flat Worlds is a VR space transport game set in our very own Solar System.

Setup transport networks of people and natural resources, guiding the path of human colonisation around the Solar System's planets and moons.

What will we fi...
Station 21 - Space Station Simulator
Created by R-Tecc Games
Station 21 is a space builder, survival adventure game where you start with the bare bones of a space station and work your way up to making a station of immense proportion.

You start with a four way core module from which you can expand by taking on mi...
Created by Chasing Carrots

Imagine Elite meets The Sims.
Cosmonautica is a fresh genre mix in a quirky and humorous universe, paired with funky space tunes for your intergalactic enjoyment.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
The Game
On the edge of Terran space lies Halcyon 6, a derelict starbase left behind by a mysterious precursor race. Your mission is to reclaim the derelict station and rebuild it.

A mysterious alien force is making a beeline towards Earth and...
Created by IonisingSoftware
Isomer is an alphafunded isometric strategy game inspired by classic XCOM games, Dwarf Fortress and many other survival titles. It's open ended, sandbox and each world is procedurally generated leading to an almost unlimited number of different worlds to e...
Created by artch
Screeps is a MMO sandbox strategy game for programmers, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units AI. With all the attributes of a real strategy game, you control your colony by merely writing JavaScripts which operate 24/7 in the single p...
The Sentient
Created by Uncaged Studios
About The Game
Heavily inspired by games like FTL, The Sims and Pixel Piracy, in The Sentient travel and explore various galaxies and sectors of space while attempting to bring research back to Earth via an orbital station known as "The Ar...
Outer Colony
Created by Voyager Games
Outer Colony is a settlement building and society management RTS, with a focus on artificial intelligence and world simulation.

  • Single player mode and dedicated servers for multiplayer.
  • Inspired by software like SimE
Race To Mars
Race To Mars is a turn-based, space company simulation game. Become the head of the newly established “New Space” company whose goal would be to establish a colony on Mars. You begin as a startup - develop cutting edge aerospace technologies and use them t...
Starship Corporation
Created by Ratakari
Starship Corporation is a Realtime Strategy Game that contains 4 Elements:
  • Ship Design
  • Crew and AI Tactics
  • Ship Building
  • and Trade
Ship Design
The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary I...
StellarHub: Space Station Simulator
Created by inspired_coder
Exciting strategy-simulator. You act as captain of the space station. Your main tasks are: the fulfillment of various missions from command, construction, extraction of resources, research, trade, defense and most importantly and complex - the management o...
Lost Sol
Created by Davelantor
Lost Sol is a 2D strategy survival game inside a sandbox universe following the life of a spaceship's crew. As the player, you take the role of the captain, and you have to survive in the harshness of space. You must build, and take care of your ship, and ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Drumers
Created by RPGStudios
Drumers: Earth is destroyed and humanity tries to live above colonizing into space. Manage and organize spatial colonies and tell them from rebels' attacks

Drumers is a classic early 00s style top down view inspired by Dune2000.

Steam Trad...
Planet Nomads
Created by Craneballs
A sci-fi sandbox game of creation and survival on procedurally generated planets.

Planet Nomads is a game where you battle the beautiful but unforgiving environments of strange alien worlds by building useful things and generally keeping your w...
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ArtemD  [author] Feb 28, 2017 @ 8:10am 
My personal Top:

1. Rimworld
2. Aven colony
3. Planetbase

What are your favorite Building Games?
ArtVandelay Jan 16, 2014 @ 7:19pm 
These all look great, I'm very interested in the top 4 for sure