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25th VAS - Growling Dogs - JetX
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Dec 16, 2019 @ 4:55am
Jan 4 @ 10:22am
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25th VAS - Growling Dogs - JetX

A modification to bring the vanilla jets (and the AN/MPQ-105 and R-750 radars) of ARMA 3 up to par in a modded environment.
Engines have been overhauled to reach speeds between 1.700 and 2.300 km/h (dependend on jet model).
Sensor systems reach out to a range of 96km (cronus up to 192km).
All alterations of the jets might become subject to change in the future.

Join the Steam-Group or the ARMA UNIT to fly with us on pmc and toh terrains, get a full modlist and claim a custom/personalized texture.


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LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:34am 
Yea, I'm testing it, and it seems really promissing.
Tobi Five  [author] Jan 16 @ 4:19am 
It's a little more complicated... ARMA defines the Thrustoutput in Relation to increments of current Airspeed (so flying at higher speeds requires higer ThrustCoef Values to accelereate and overcome the DragCoef) while at the same time the Thrustforce is regulated via AltitudeFullForce and AltitudeNoForce (Which has to be higer)... so the higer you go the less Thrust you will get out of the engine and the faster you go the more Thrust you will need to accelerate further. As I've said I will look into the Values but for now you might find the AWESome mod suitable for your needs.
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:17am 
I will check out AWESome
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:13am 
In relation to engine values I remember seeing something about "Max Engine Power/performance" altitude, and "No engine power altitude". But in relation to the drag, maybe just slightly raising it could do the trick.
Tobi Five  [author] Jan 16 @ 4:10am 
Hey Luiz! Thank you very much for providing this feedback! I'm quite aware of the problem but since we (25th VAS) use the AWESome mod (available on the Workshop) which adds drag etc. to the aerodynamic model we can get around this.
However since AI controlled jets are not affected by the AWESome mod I will have a look into the values for drag etc. in February or so... BUT changing the Values to achieve what you propose is very comlicated imo due to the way ARMA handels the aerodynamic models (only one Dragcoefficient Value and only two values for thrust/altitude regulation starting with full Thrust at sealevel...)
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:10am 
Maybe it could do the trick in relation to the engines if you made the engines retain all their performance up to 10-11km and lose all their power at ~20km altitude for the F-181;
and for the To-201 make its engines retain all their power up to 12-14km, and make they lose all their power at ~25-30km altitude.
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:02am 
Hey, I just checked out you mod and I really liked it. However I can see a few things that could be improved:

With your mod, the To-201 Shikra does slightly over 2100km/h at sea level, and only really around 1330km/h at 15km after leveling out for about 10 minutes.
In an ideal scenario (in relation to realism) the Shikra should do 1400km/h at sea level, and should do around 2400km/h at 10-15 km altitude. I could see a few ways that the FM could be tweaked to allow this to happen.

Meanwhile, the FA-181 Black Wasp II does 1900km/h at sea level, and around 1830 at 12km altitude.
In an ideal scenario (in relation to realism) the F/A-181 Black Was II should do around 1330-1380km/h at sea level, and 1915km/h at 12km.

The jets need increased drag (which will help to lower the lower altitude speed) + increased engine performance at higher altitudes (which will help to increase the high altitude speed).