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Painkiller: Black Edition

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Widescreen HUD Fix
By Lemmers
This guide will show you how to fix the stretched HUD on widescreen displays. This works best for 16:10, 16:9, 21:9, 48:10, and 48:9 displays, but has basic support for any resolution. It includes center screen HUD placement for Eyefinity and NV Surround super-widescreen displays and includes a customizable weapon draw distance, as well as many other features. This does not change any gameplay elements at all, only certain visual tweaks to make this a better experience on modern monitors.

This does not fix the stretched out menus or movies, but it is a huge improvement for the ingame HUD that was designed internally at 1024x768.
  • Download mediafire [dot] com/download/k1j3owf49tea21t (Current Version is 2.2)

  • Place the \Data\ folder into your \Steam\steamapps\common\Painkiller Black Edition\ directory

  • Open the folder that corresponds to your resolution, \16_9\ for example, and move this \Data\ folder into the same \steamapps\common\Painkiller Black Edition\ directory. These are resized textures (Boss Health, Startup Screen, Bolt Gun Scope) that have been properly scaled for each resolution.

  • Go to Options > HUD for easily accessible options. You can use this menu for most things, but certain things (like zoomed FOV) still require using the console or .ini edits.

View the README file for more installation information.

Console Commands
These commands can also be changed by editing the config.ini, but nothing beats the flexibility of the console.

New Console Commands, listed with their default values.
WeaponFOV = -10 Weapon distance to camera, + or - Eyefinity = 0 Centers important HUD elements. 1=On, 0=Off EyefinityAdjust = 0 Fine-tunes HUD placement. Negative numbers push HUD out, positive pulls HUD in. Requires Eyefinity = 1 StakeFadeTime = 3600 Time in seconds for stakes and shurikens to fade. Default time is one hour. CrosshairSize = 0.75 Crosshair Size. 1=Full Size, 2=Double Size, 0.5=Half size PlayStartMovies = false Disables the three splash videos on startup PlayStartSound = true Enables the painkiller-mainlogo.wav on startup

Existing commands that are handy.
FOV = 110 (Changes the Field of Vision) HudSize = 0.5 (Changes the size of the HUD while constraining proportions)

New commands that require a restart to take effect. Useful to avoid .ini edits.
ZoomFOV = 60 Zoomed Weapon FOV
4:3 (FOV 90) Unmodded.

16:9 (FOV 110) With Fix. HUD matches the aspect ratio and weapon draw distance is increased

16:9 (FOV 110) Unmodded. You can see the HUD is stretched horizontally.


4:3 (FOV 90) Unmodded.

16:9 (FOV 110) With Fix. Borders are moved to match the intended look of the scoreboard.

16:9 (FOV 110) Unmodded. The Scoreboard background is misshapen at this size.


4:3 Unmodded.

16:9 With Fix. Tarot cards are the right aspect ratio again.

16:9 Unmodded. The Card is squished so much vertically that it's almost square.


48:9 HUD example (16:9 resolution screenshot stretched).

‫ ‫
16:9 (FOV 110) with Tiny HUD size setting. Comparable in size to Hell & Damnation's HUD.

Vers. 1.0
  • Initial release. Only supports 16:9 displays.

Vers. 2.0
  • Complete overhaul of code to support any aspect ratio by manually changing variables.
  • Added WeaponFOV command to tweak the draw distance of weapons from the camera
  • Included Eyefinity/NVSurround support with an option to center the HUD on the main display.

Vers. 2.1
  • The HUD will now automatically match the proportions of your resolution, so I removed the console commands to set this manually as they are no longer needed.
  • Tarot cards displayed on the HUD are now always displayed in the proper dimensions without using texture edits for each aspect ratio.
  • Made start up splash screens and BooH sniper scope overlays for 16:10, 48:9, and 48:10 displays.
  • Included variables for PlayStartMovies [true/false] and PlayStartSound [true/false].
  • Savegame slots are now doubled, and by default they are sorted logically by Newest Date instead of Alphabetically.

Vers. 2.1.1
  • Fixed a common crash on the main menu when changing levels (my bad).

Vers. 2.2
  • Added the command StakeFadeTime to keep stakes and shurikens from disappearing after a few seconds. The aftermath of stake battles now looks amazing. If for whatever reason this causes a slowdown or crash, lower the value accordingly. Be aware that setting this value to zero is glitchy, it either doesn't render stakes or renders them infinitely.
  • Added FOV slider to Options > HUD menu.
  • Changed default value of the custom WeaponFOV setting to -10 instead of 0. On second look, I extended the weapon draw distance too far forward, so this makes 16:9 better match the original 4:3.
  • Fixed CrosshairResize to work without restarting Painkiller.exe
  • Added 21:9 resized texture support.

I consider 2.2 to be the final release as I'm moving on to Painkiller: Overdose next. I was hoping to find a way to resize the menu screens to always display at 4:3 with letterboxing, and to find a way to resize those few problem textures using code, but I kept hitting dead ends. These might be controlled through the engine .dll which I'm not going to touch. But if anyone can point me in the right direction to get started on either of these, I'd greatly appreciate the help, otherwise I'm leaving it as is.


Painkiller: Black Edition HUD Fix -
Painkiller: Overdose HUD Fix -
Painkiller: Resurrection HUD Fix -
Painkiller: Redemption HUD Fix -
Painkiller: Recurring Evil HUD Fix - Canceled

If the link to this mod expires, just let me know and I'll re-up it. I'm using MediaFire because it doesn't require people to signup. Just don't click on one of the 50 fake download links, you know the drill.

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Avram Jul 23, 2020 @ 1:55pm 
У меня и без этого мода FOV выставляется через консоль.
Нажимаем на клавишу ~ далее для 16:9 пишем FOV 106.2 :screamer:
Всё радуемся теперь рыли всё будет ок :diwrench:
Под другие соотношение считайте в калькуляторе под свой монитор.
Khohloma Jun 13, 2020 @ 11:29am 
Please, can u reupload fix for black edition
[CZE] мя. ξмıиεм May 30, 2020 @ 11:40am 
Thank you :)
Rifluvr Apr 8, 2020 @ 8:56am 
Links don't work. Please update it
PR0XIDIAN (PoP_OS!) Aug 25, 2019 @ 3:30pm 
Thanks for saving my 21:9 experience with this game!
[para]dox Nov 20, 2018 @ 10:49am 
Worked like a charm for 21:9! Thanks!
Heavy_Gearzz Oct 15, 2018 @ 6:54pm 
thanks ;)
FutaNaruto Sep 8, 2018 @ 11:18am 
Does this conflict with the unofficial 1.65 patch in any major way?
It seemed to remove the menu music the patch added for some reason.
jaycamp007 Jun 19, 2018 @ 1:34pm 
So, should I have the game already installed? Will this mess up my game if it is?
sranyi_ebanyi Feb 27, 2018 @ 2:28pm 
Cant save console commands after restar game. Add me in friends, please, may be u can do something