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WildNPCs - Pirates
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Dec 11, 2019 @ 8:18am
Jan 17, 2020 @ 12:58am
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WildNPCs - Pirates

Working on Blackwood map.
Working on Dedicated Server and SinglePlayer

Spawning a Wild Pirate that spawn a camp if there is not a Wild Pirate Camp within 30000 unit.
Spawning Ships now aswell with the camp if Water is found
There is random patten of the camps from the original Wild Pirate camps that is on Single player only atm.

Only spawning small camps as it is now.
Mod ID=1934207545
Default settings for camp is
Max Camps: 1
Range to Other Camps: 30000
Max ship amount: 1

Manuel spawn for the Wild Pirate is
SpawnActor "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/WildNPCs/NPCs/Pirates/WildPirate_Spawner_Melee_WildNPCs.WildPirate_Spawner_Melee_WildNPCs'" 600 0 0 0

Destroy the Wild Pirates:
cheat DestroyTribeIdStructures 18
chaet DestroyTribeIdDinos 18

Will Add config settings later

I will add Pirate ships that comes with the camps like the original Wild Pirate camps.
Options to have Wild Pirate ships around without camps
Pirate King Big Castle with ALOT reward :)
Better rewards for the cleaning of a camp.
Harder camp aswell for more challange of bigger groups

Remember to rate the mod.
Post bugs in the thread and if you want request make them in the thread aswell :)
GL Hunting

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Yahoihoi 15 hours ago 
works in my blackwoods server :)
alfblack Jul 22 @ 5:36am 
mod is working on our blackwater map PVE. found 2 small bases. been ambushed a couple of times. Nice! hope this mod gets much further developed! :D
reanor Mar 22 @ 3:51am 
broken mod? not working on dedi at all, unless i have to activate it somehow, other than adding that ID of the mod into my nitrado server, like every other mod.
Mika Mar 15 @ 2:59pm 
work it only for Blackwood ?
Broticus Mar 10 @ 8:44pm 
It's interesting. However, there are little to no rewards for defeating the pirate ships and camps. A shame.
Jartharian Feb 25 @ 8:25am 
need to make the pirate ships vary in class not just
schooners but brigs and galleons too
Lody Feb 2 @ 11:32am 
kann mir jemand sagen wie ich diese mod in meinem sever einbinde ?
Grelic Jan 10 @ 11:34am 
anyone who says an early access game is dead it usually means they are entitled biotches.
Kira Jan 9 @ 4:29pm 
dead mod dead game. new ships arent even customizable. Hope the "MMO" was worth it
Castillo Jan 5 @ 12:27pm 
Buenas me encanta el mod, pero he montado un servidor. Veo que esta pensado para partidas de un jugador, tienes pensado pensado para meterlo en servers?