Portal 2

Portal 2

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iX's Q*Bert's Ascent

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iX's Q*Bert's Ascent

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An homage to a great Atari classic that I grew up playing! I wanted to capture the essence and feel of the 2D bouncing blocky title that tried my patience so. Please give me feedback on your thoughts of the level.

Important Notes: a) Be mindful of your block, b) Be mindful of which portals you have shot where, and c) This map can be disorienting, so look around and get your bearings whenever you need to. There is no simple block recovery. If you lose it, you'll need to backtrack to the generator.

Please checkout my full library of Test Chambers: http://steamcommunity.com/id/psn_markm1978/myworkshopfiles/
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psn_markm1978  [author] Oct 2, 2016 @ 1:31pm 
Thx Meta. They are hit-or-miss. But, I both like and dislike certain parts of each.
metadavid Jul 14, 2016 @ 8:29pm 
That was fun! Thanks. Just came across your maps, trying a few out. Good so far!
DemonBataar Dec 28, 2013 @ 11:08am 
The test chamber looks like Q*Bert all right =P! Was nice to play, well done again ;-).
<O^O> Dec 24, 2013 @ 2:26am 
Hi, very cool chamber, thanks
psn_markm1978  [author] Nov 16, 2013 @ 4:47pm 
I appreciate the kudos and incite, I will look into that.
piotr_mil Nov 16, 2013 @ 4:50am 
Highly enjoyable map! I've seen quite a few utilising the conept of faith plates jumping the player from place to place continously, but yhi one is defintiely better than those. I didn't use the second laser receiver, though, the one activating one portalable surface
psn_markm1978  [author] Nov 13, 2013 @ 10:53am 
Yes, I actually have subscribed to a # of them, just working on getting around to them, Jade.
Jade BGE Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:48am 
I have a few test too. A little reciprocation would be appreciated. Thanks
psn_markm1978  [author] Nov 10, 2013 @ 7:09pm 
Thanks Jade!
psn_markm1978  [author] Nov 9, 2013 @ 12:39pm 
On and off throughout yesterday, probably roughly 6-7 hours total to build and tweak.