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Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Inurgency Sandstorm Guide 0.9
By Szuwax
Welcome to the Insurgency:Sandstorm game guide. We hope that our guide will allow you to easily and smoothly pass on the knowledge of the above mentioned production.

version 0.91

Welcome to the Insurgency:Sandstorm game guide. We hope that our guide will allow you to easily and smoothly pass on the knowledge of the above mentioned production.

Insurgency:sandstorm is a first person shooter (FPS) computer game created by NWI studio. Like the previous part, it is not a game for everyone. You will certainly have to accept that the game is much more demanding than other shooters of this type (thanks to which winning the game gives an incredible satisfaction from the gameplay). It's impossible to find here a typical crosshair known from Counterstrike series or information about the rest of your life or the amount of ammunition. Great emphasis is placed on team play, so it is a good idea (but not required) to join one of the fan communities of the game.

The main menu allows you to select the game mode you are interested in, adjust the game settings, and adjust the clothes and armour to your preferences. Before starting the first match with other players, we encourage you to take a training lesson and use the shooting range. Both options can be found in the main menu hidden in the TUTORIALS category.

After selecting the game mode you have to select a character class and adjust your equipment (see description later in this guide). The character is moved using the W,S,A,D keys. To lean out of corners of walls and obstacles we use Q and E. Press the TAB key to display the scoreboard and the map. Press the Esc key to see the rules of the game mode. Being at the point of rebirth you can customize your equipment using the M key. Changing equipment can also be done by being "dead" using the aforementioned key, but any modifications you see only after rebirth. Players are reborn in the "waves" or after their teammates have reached the goal. Our character does not have the classic target sight for most shooters; to use the target sight mounted on the weapon, press RMB. The exact amount of ammunition you have is not displayed on the main screen during the game. To check the approximate state of the magazine you have to hold down the R button. In this game you will not receive a confirmation of your opponent's hit/kill. You want to make sure that the hit was fatal you have to find the body. You can select a handgun or grenade by using the mouse wheel or numeric keys.

It is very important to set the sound properly, and using headphones is recommended. Most games are about analyzing the sounds of your surroundings. An incoming opponent, his cough in a cloud of smoke, steps up the stairs, running in the alley, his panic behind the door after shooting at them or reloading weapons will be registered only by listening to the game. The right sound setting will give you an advantage, often saving the lives of you and your team.
Customization of the characters (characterization)

To customize your character from the main menu, select Customize. Here you can customize your character's appearance to suit your preferences. As long as these changes do not affect your skills or weapon physics, they can help you to hide in your surroundings and allow you to become invisible against a background similar to your outfit. For example, dark clothing is great for hiding in the shade of buildings and a surprise attack, while white makes it easier to hide on winter maps.
To change a character element you are interested in, click on any of the character categories and make changes according to your own preferences. The changes are visible immediately. Blocked visual elements for the character you can buy with "credits" that you earn by playing and getting promoted in the game.

In the character customization options you can also customize your weaponry (LOADOUTS). The same option is also available during the game.
Connection to the game server
To select the game mode (see description later in this guide) and connect to the server from the main menu, select PLAY. You will see a menu of game mode selections and the possibility to choose the location of the servers you want to play on (press F1 or hover your mouse over the REGION PREFERENCES button).

Game modes
Versus Gamemode: Skirmish

Skirmish mode is designed for 32 players (2 teams of 16 people each). The maps have five general objectives: A, B, C, D and E. The objectives B, C, D are control points to be scored. Checkpoints A and E are weapons caches that need to be defended or destroyed depending on the side of the conflict. At the beginning of the game Security has points A and B, while D and E belong to the Insurgents side. Point C at the start is neutral. Each team starts with 5 support waves at their disposal, which discourage both players and vehicles.
Additional waves of support can be obtained by capturing checkpoints occupied by the opponent.
When your team's weapons caches is destroyed, this means two things:
- no more vehicles are reborn,
- support waves can no longer be captured by capturing checkpoints.

Destroy enemy crates and secure all checkpoints to win. Or eliminate the opposing team.

Versus Gamemode: Push

The aim of the game is to score three control points and destroy the fourth one.
For each target you gain, the Security side gains more support points and time to attack the next fortified checkpoint.
Defenders have a limited amount of support forces and must use them wisely as they decrease as the attackers take over the points.

Versus Gamemode: Firefight (normal)

There are three checkpoints on the map, one for each team and one neutral.
Each team is reborn only after it has taken over the checkpoint. The game ends when your team takes over all checkpoints or eliminates all enemies. If, after a certain period of time, one of the parties has most of the checkpoints, then the round is won. If after a certain period of time there is no winning side, the round will end in a draw.

Coop Gamemode: Checkpoint (Team fight against AI)

Players are placed in a specific location in each round. The map shows the targets that must be intercepted or destroyed in strict order. Each successful target will advise a team against it. Once all the targets have been scored, the players win and the match ends.
If all the players in the team die, the game automatically ends in failure.

Coop Gamemode: Checkpoint HARDCORE (Team Fight Against AI)

The rules of the game are the same as in the mode described above. The changes are related to the speed of movement, limited amount of armament and reduced amount of information about the attack targets etc...

Frenzy gamemode (Team fight against AI)

You fight against fast-moving opponents who only have knives and molotov cocktails. There are also opponents with special features in the game. This is a vaudation of the zombie mode.

The game also offers special modes and modifications that only appear for a limited period of time.
It is worth noting that in the anti-aI modes you can meet suicide terrorists
In the near future new modes and night maps will appear in the game.

Tournament Mode (Competitive)
The rules are the same as for Versus Gamemode: Firefight (normal), but the number of players is limited to 10. Competitive Mode in Insurgency: Sandstorm is constantly being developed. In the game menu there is no information about the statistics of other players (rankings) and therefore your position. The MM (MatchMaking) itself is now ready.

Joining the Competitive mode, the game selects 10 players from the region of your choice. After the players have been completed, they are assigned the nearest server. All players have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to select a class and equipment for the round and confirm their choice by pressing CONFIRM.

In case of lack of confirmation of the above mentioned action or leaving the game by even one of the players the match is cancelled (only if the fight has not started yet), the server is released and the rest of the players is returned to the matchmaking system for the next match.

This mode is confusingly similar to the "Unranked Compete" from the old Insurgency. We have 3 checkpoints A, B, C. Each team has one penalty point (A or C) at the start, which you can tell by the blue colour. The red point always belongs to the enemy, the grey point is neutral. The round ends when at the end of time one of the teams has 2 points taken over or the entire enemy team is injured. The round can be ended before the specified time also when one of the teams takes over all points. If neither side has a lead, the round will end in a draw.

By taking over an enemy or neutral point you are discouraging all dead teammates.
By blocking the taking over of a point by the enemy you prevent them from rebirth..

Every killing or loss counts, making the mode team-oriented. It is important to make the right decisions. Do you attack the target to revive the team, or do you defend the target to prevent the opponent's team from reborn? This is one of the many decisions you will have to make in this mode.

Class menu and equipment menu
After joining the game, players first select a character class. Each class in the game is limited and can only be selected by a certain number of people. Once you have selected a class, you will be taken to the inventory menu.
This is where you can customize your weapons. Many of the weapon add-ons have a real impact on the weapon's performance. Differences (not all of them) in the parameters you will notice in the lower right corner when you drive on any weapon add-on.

The more weapons you take, the slower your character gets.
The weight of the equipment can be seen in the form of a bar.
Character classes.
Coop and Versus mode:


This class allows you to summon fire support in the form of air raids, helicopters, bombardments, and so on. Fire support can only be summoned when there is an observer nearby who transmits commands to the commander via radio. Each party may have only one commander per party. The types of support vary considerably between the battle sides.

For example, the Insurgency Party may give an order to dump poisonous gas on a specific target and the Security Party has the ability to call in aircraft close to infantry support.


A class necessary for the team leader. It is responsible for contacting the base in order to fire support calls. Must be close to the commander. If eliminated by the end of the call, no support will be provided.


For this form, classic assault rifles such as M16A4, AK47, FAL etc. are available.


A character for a player who feels comfortable fighting at close range.


By playing this character you have access to heavy machine guns for resistance fire.


Among the advantages of this form is the possibility to choose an anti-tank grenade launcher or an explosive charge, which can be remotely fired from a safe distance.


Trained to use exotic weapons.


Access to sniper weapons.

Competitive mode/firefight:


For this form, classic assault rifles such as M16A4, AK47, FAL etc. are available.


A slightly faster character than Assaulter, suitable for a player who feels comfortable fighting at close range. Access to weapons such as MP7 and TOZ-194 may be of interest to you.


This character gives access to the sniper weapon

Weapons parameters

Rules of use and types of support for the commander
To call for support, you must play as a commander and there must be an observer nearby.
Press the J button to activate the support selection wheel. Move the mouse to select the type of support.

Some types of support are available after a certain period of time from the start of the match.

To select the target from the inventory menu, select binoculars (mouse roll or key number 4). Point your character at the target and use binoculars by pressing RMB (you can control the magnification of the binoculars with the mouse wheel). After selecting the exact location of the attack, click on the LMB to confirm it. The attack confirmation will appear in the game chat (left top corner), you will also hear the command's answer and the appropriate flare colour will appear next to the selected target (also visible to your opponents).

Confirmation of the liquidation of the opponent is reported by the support so you know if the attack has had a positive effect on your team.

Types of support
Will be ready before 16.12.2019

For now this part is avaiable on our discord channel (news section)
Gas Mask
The gas mask protects the player from injury and death while in the clouds of poisonous gas. It also prevents coughing when passing through clouds of smoke from smoke grenades and smoke artillery. This way, you can avoid betraying your location and take advantage of the surprise effect.
Terrorists have gas masks in their equipment by default. Security must purchase gas masks from the inventory menu (cost 1 point). After purchase, press B to use.

Inserting a mask makes your voice less audible and visibility slightly reduced.

Control, orientation in the field and player capabilities.
Again, let's start with what was in the first point. You use the mouse and the W,S,A,D keys to move around. When you want to squat, press the Ctrl key, and to lie down, choose the Z key (this allows you to better hide behind the obstacle and improves accuracy). Use the spacebar to jump through various objects. Use the Q and E keys to lean around corners, and the Shift key to run.
(Remember that your character becomes tired while running, which ultimately results in heavy breathing that your opponent can hear.)
You can open the door by pressing the F key.

Use the numeric keys or the mouse wheel to select the weapon (grenade, rifle, knife, etc.). To aim the weapon you press RMB, and to calm your breath for a while
while aiming, you press the Shift key.
To check the approximate state of the magazine just hold down R. Remember that when checking the magazine, the character holds a weapon with only one hand (although it only takes a few moments anyway).

The game offers two modes of weapon reloading. Classic when the R key is pressed and the character removes the magazine (e.g. when there are still a few rounds left in the magazine) and stores it in the charger, as well as the fast mode, which can be activated by double-pressing the R key. Then the character instantly throws away the magazine with the remaining ammunition and creates a new one.
Unlike many other games here, interrupting the reloading (e.g. by jumping over a wall while reloading) results in a lack of magazine in the weapon.
One bullet can remain in the weapon when the reloading was started during
the incomplete emptying of the previous magazine. The recharge must then be restarted manually (R button); it will be restarted at the point at which it was interrupted.

To raise a weapon lying after a disarmed player, just point the weapon at it and
Press F. It is also possible to lift the magazines left over from the killed player, of course only if they are consistent with the parameters of our weapon. It is also possible to neutralize the opponent by hitting him with a flask; to do this you use MMB.
When you are standing in front of a door then the MMB is used to open the door from the "shoe", which results in its destruction or sudden opening. When an opponent is standing right behind the door, they will die instantly. While still at the door, it is worth noting that the hinges can be shot off, which results in the destruction of the door can also be opened without making unnecessary noise. To do this, go to them, point the gun at the handle and press F.

Grenade handling is a little more advanced than most shooters.
To select a grenade, use the mouse roller or press the number 3 button. Once the grenade is selected, you have several options:

1. Throw a grenade at a distance that will explode after a certain time. To do this simply press LMB and release it when you choose where you want the grenade to go.
2. Tossing a grenade that explodes after a certain time (e.g. on the other side of the wall). To do this press PPM and release the key when you are ready.

Each of the above options can be combined with opening the detonator and holding the grenade in your hand. This way you can make the grenade explode at the moment you choose, without giving the opponent a chance to escape. (Remember that after opening the detonator you have only a few seconds before the grenade explodes.) To open the detonator and throw the grenade away select it with the mouse wheel or press the number 3 key. Press LMB and while still holding the key press RMB(you will hear a characteristic sound). When you decide to cast release the LMB.

To throw a grenade at a grenade by firing the trigger first Press RMB and while still holding it press LMB. Releasing the RMB will drop the grenade at a specific location.

The grenade that has been thrown can be lifted and thrown by approaching it and pressing F when you release the key, the lifted grenade will be thrown in the desired direction. Remember that each thrown grenade explodes after a certain time and its raising does not stop.

Tossing the grenade and Tossing the grenade away

Each of the parties has in its group a man from a raid. To place an explosive charge (c4 for the security side and IED for the insuregents side) select it with the mouse wheel or press the number 3 button. When you know where to drop the charge, press the LMB button. After dropping the load, a detonator will appear and you can activate it by pressing LMB again. It is worth to go to the right distance first and wait for the right moment.
Moving away from the load you can change it to another weapon and at the right time return to the detonator by pressing the number 3 key or selecting it with the mouse wheel.

You can control them using the motion keys. Press the space bar to turn on the
the handbrake. You will enter the vehicle by pressing F. To change the place in the vehicle, press F looking at the place you want to be.
The driver can use short weapons by switching to a weapon using the following keys or mouse wheel (thereby letting go of the driver's wheel). You can drive again by pressing the F key. Passengers can aim and shoot with short weapons.

The weak point of the vehicle is its engine. Shoot it long enough and it will be destroyed and will explode after some time. Each window of the vehicle has its own strength points. If you shoot at them, they will be destroyed.

A heavy machine gun is mounted on the vehicle's hull to use it, point it at the vehicle's hull and press F.

Vehicles on the map can be destroyed by explosions (not including wrecks). A damaged vehicle can explode after some time or it can be brought to this by shooting at it. The force of the explosion easily eliminates people in the vicinity.

System requirements
As you know, Insurgency Sandstorm is built on the Unreal Engine 4. This engine has its own hardware requirements. If you already have another game on UE4 and are wondering how Sandstorm will work for you, be sure that the performance after the release will probably be the same as the other titles based on this engine.
The game is constantly optimized for performance. With each new update, the amount of FPS increases. Additional graphics options are also available to adjust quality/performance to your hardware.

Minimum hardware requirements:

- Windows 7/10 (there will be a version for Linux later)
- Intel Core 5 2400 or AMD FX 6300 4 core processor
- Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card
- 6 GB RAM
- 40GB of space

Recommended requirements:

- Windows 10 (there will be a version for Linux later)
- 4-core Intel Core 5, 6 generation or AMD processor Ryzen 5 1400
- Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card (60-70 frames)
- 8 GB RAM
- 40GB of space

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to install the game on an SSD.

The PRS team and SEL wish you a lot of fun!