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PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion
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Dec 6, 2019 @ 12:35pm
Sep 9 @ 7:31am
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PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion

***Note: PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion #2, updated and combined into this mod here***



- Bronco
- SRT Challenger
- Skyline GTR
- Tahoe
- Tahoe Police Version
- Rustic Buggy
- Kamaz
- F150
- Wrangler
- Ken B Mustang

All are welcome to use the mod, all I ask is that you fav and up rate the mod!!! Please and thank you!


PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion - Addon is Available!

For thous looking for a little something extra we build an addon to raise money for a new vehicle mod we are working on which will also be published for free! For thous servers that can consider supporting the development. The Mod information can be found at the link below:

Message me on discord for information on getting the addon for your server!!


Credits to the following for building, sharing scripting and all the information and tools needed to be able to make this vehicle expansion possible.



To support us and the further growth of the mod please consider donating to the cause:

or on Paypal:


or add me Drox#7777

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Trader and Types.xml files
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~Lars~ 2 hours ago 
Good afternoon. SRT Challenger the wheels of the front axle turn in the opposite direction. movement is not possible. please correct if possible. Thanks
Shadowrine79 Nov 24 @ 7:01am 
Still not updated!! plz update to 1.10, because there is no correct, door, and engine, sounds any more. would be great if u can fix it again thks :)
Rick Nov 21 @ 6:47am 
update mod plz
Shadowrine79 Nov 19 @ 12:01pm 
Can u update your mod plz to 1.10?
squirtinblood Nov 11 @ 5:18pm 
well must be advanced furniture becuz same issue after removal sorry ignore comment below
squirtinblood Nov 11 @ 4:29pm 
this mod works well love it! I had cars spawning everywhere then advanced furniture updated to 1.10 and now this mod spraypaint is a script error
Tub_Of_lard Nov 10 @ 8:50am 
Just installed as per instructions and all working fine here, also added to traders (Dr Jones) again all good, all I can say is please do read the instructions first before shouting things don't work. and for the last guy asking about 1.10 I will be testing this later this week.. I will let you know how i get to build a new server first:)
Ayonsky Nov 9 @ 3:36am 
Hi, Im testing my modded server in the Experimental 1.10 and this mod is not working:

Cant compile 'Game' script module!
GGSquad_Radio/scripts/3_Game/effectsound.c(1): Circle inheritance in class 'PlayerConstants@287#1'

Are you planning on updating it to make it works with the 1.10? I want to know it so if not, I have to remove it from my server.
RabidJim Nov 8 @ 1:42pm 
ANYONE have this mod working?
We have been told it was shut down by FORD motor company.
Insane Nov 7 @ 5:48pm 
Does anyone have the complete Types and Vehicle Parts for all Cars?