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Northern Timber 3.0.7
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Northern Timber 3.0.7

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Asshuri Protectorate Mods
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Northern Timber is a 93 piece Tier 1 build set designed to be a better visual fit in the northern areas. It offers minor Cold Insulation. The set is designed to allow upgrade from Sandstone T1. Now includes a Snowy Thatch Roof option!

Stockade Build Set is a 58 piece Tier 2 build set designed to feel right at home in the cold north and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1.

The Bossonian Build Set is a 113 piece Tier 3 set designed to feel right at home in the cold north and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1 and Stockade Tier 2. Now includes a Snowy Roof option!

The Murayama Build Set is a 97 piece Tier 3 set as a cold weather couterpart to the original Yamatai set and can be used to upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1, Stockade Tier 2 and Bossonian Tier 3. The Murayama set does not include Wedge Foundation, Wedge Ceiling or Wedge Roof tiles by design. The Yamatai generally build using right angles. Instead there are multiple ceiling tiles, standard 45 degree and shallow 26 degree pitched roof tiles. There are also Half Walls, Half Sloping Walls and a Half Stair.

[ModID: 1928978003]

My Mods Discord:
When you land in #Welcome, type !moduser-role to gain access

You can find my other mods here:
Arena Piers -
Asshuri Treasures -
Sand and Stone -

Build Piece List can now be found on Google Docs (It was getting a bit too long!)

This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors
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shogakusha  [author] Nov 14 @ 9:47am 
@Felonious Punk, discord would be terrific. I don't take DMs but if you are willing, post a link on my discord #General_Mod_Chat and tag me.
Felonious Punk Nov 14 @ 8:45am 
Thank you both on the info for finding the backups. Totally appreciated!

@shogakusha As far as the pieces not showing up again after the uninstall / reinstall yeah. I did some digging around in the SDK because it makes sense that the DB would call out for components at start up. Probably looking for a flag on an item as opposed to referencing each component against an exhaustive list. Sure enough there's reference in the SDK that led me to the Unreal DevKit guide that looks like it talks about stuff like this. If it sounds like it might be a useful lead I can DM you through your Discord with links, etc. instead of spamming your comments endlessly xD
Xevyr Nov 13 @ 9:21am 
@shogakusha, it does seem to check out as after recent hotfixes I noticed that my database size shrunk a bit (by about 200 KB since it's not huge).

I noticed the exact same thing with the backup I restored now (that was made pre-hotfix), it dropped down by roughly 200 KB.. so I imagine those are old references from mods I removed in the past that are now cleaned up.

@Felonious Punk, The game automatically makes a backup of the database every 5 minutes. Sadly however there's a limit to how many of them it keeps and after a while cleans up the old ones.
If you go to your Saved folder (right-click game in steam Manage->Browse local files: ConanSandbox\Saved) you will see your game.db (name of the EL save) and a bunch of backups every 5 minutes. You can rename either of those to game.db to "roll back to that time". Maybe you can still save your base.
shogakusha  [author] Nov 13 @ 8:58am 
Felonious Punk, I mean database references. I suspect as part of performance enhancements, Funcom added logic that looks for references in the gameDB for which there are no mods and clears them.

THIS IS 100% conjecture on my part. Just observing a change in behavior when mods are temporarily removed and put back on a server.

Your local game does make saves automatically, you can find them under \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Good luck!
Felonious Punk Nov 13 @ 8:53am 
Ugh. Yea this is exactly it. The existing pieces I've used in the world are gone. I have vanilla foundations and some vanilla roofing and... nothing between them. ( @Xevyr that hurts my heart just looking at your screenshot... I wonder if there are back up saves for local games?)

I play on a friend's server that uses about half the mods I do on my local game and I specifically recall accidentally starting my local without adding the rest of the mods. That's a horrific roll of the dice to contend with. It's early days on that game save but I like to build and where it only effected like five buildings now, not too far down the road that number's gonna be like 30 if I forget again T_T Is there anything I can do to help you track down or verify the existence of code references?
Xevyr Nov 13 @ 4:07am 
Coincidentally enough I had the same thing happen :)
My server host messed up and restarted the server with an empty modlist.. Upon fixing it, I logged in to find my base to be lacking all NT pieces
I fixed it by restoring a backup, but this does seem like if you start up the game without a mod, the pieces won't come back even if you readd the mod. (I think it was always a 50/50 even in the past idk)
shogakusha  [author] Nov 12 @ 6:56pm 
Hi @Felonius Punk, as you can see I have made no updates to my mod in 3 weeks or so. Nothing could have changed on my side in the last day or three.

When you say building pieces not present in world, do you mean existing buildings are gone or that build pieces do not show up in construction hammer?

If existing buildings are gone, did you recently remove Northern Timber from your server, restart (perhaps to test something else?) If so there has indeed been a change in base game behavior where those buildings will indeed poof on mod removal and not return. I suspect there is base game code that removed references to assets from mods that are not loaded. At least when it comes to building pieces.
Felonious Punk Nov 12 @ 2:18pm 
Pieces no longer present in world (local game). Mod worked fine until the day before yesterday (11/10)
Performed the following already:
restarted session, client and PC
re installed mod
checked other mods for recent updates to see if disabling them would free up Northern Timber.
Only one other mod has been updated in the last few days, disabling it did nothing for Northern
Is there something else I can try or did a CE fix / update slip by that I didn't notice that could be effecting the mod?
shogakusha  [author] Nov 4 @ 4:40am 
The charm of collision boxes, overlap exceptions and the build system :-)
s4intzZ'?! Nov 4 @ 2:47am 
thank you, i worked around it by removing the roof then placing the sloped fence wall the way i want and then placing the roof above