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Virolahti - Valtatie 7
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Dec 2, 2019 @ 2:40am
Dec 8, 2019 @ 3:42am
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Virolahti - Valtatie 7

After years of working on and off with this terrain, I'm pleased to finally be able to tell you:

Welcome to Virolahti!

This is a fictionalized version of the municipality of Virolahti; which is the southeastern-most municipality of Finland and thus right on the border with Russia. This project was started by Tonto and I to make a larger Valtatie 5, a 'spiritual successor' of sorts, for Tonto's VT5. You will find lots of forests, farmlands as well as plenty of villages dotting the terrain. At the moment there is not as much micro-terrain as in VT5, but I might improve upon this in future updates.

Size: 18km x 18km
Settlements: 43 villages/towns
Objects: 2.15 million


Special thanks to:
Tonto- - For helping me set up this project, object placement, etc. And of course; for inspiring me to make terrains for Arma 3.
Temppa - For giving me tons of advice in making terrains - without which this terrain would never have been completed! Not to mention the help I got with configs, textures, and so on.
Arma Finland - For playtesting a half-finished terrain throughout the years. Special mention to those who helped with object placement, gave advice/ideas, etc.
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Majestic Iranian Kebab 21 hours ago 
@Brumtonian only because you can't use it for Warlords and for a little mistake you call it a badly designed map? I believe it's the best terrain ever in terms of terrain's morphology and you because there's a little mistake (LITTLE DUDE) you call it badly designed? Go and take a walk around the map and if you want to fix it just go into the editore and place the module "hide objects". ffs unbelievable dude
Brumtonian Mar 28 @ 9:15pm 
badly designed map, cant use it for warlords because the lower airfield is unusable, if you call in a jet it will hit a tree and blow up. take the trees out from around lower airfield so it can be used for warlords. Otherwise who cares.
Down8 Mar 16 @ 10:18am

My Ravage SP scenario in Virohlati: Endless night mission, few lights on the whole map, tasks and hand crafted places with great atmosphere.

Thanks furean for your beautiful map. I hope I made it justice.
今天顾湘也开心了吗 Mar 10 @ 1:19am 
Eljonson Mar 5 @ 10:14pm 
hey pap I added you on steam if you want to work or need help making this for Exile. im gonna try the same thing.
PapaOurs009 Mar 5 @ 7:12pm 
Great map! Trying to create an Exile server with it.
Kodiakias Mar 4 @ 5:21pm 
there seems to be a problem between this map ad ACE, any idea on how to fix this, great map
SpinFX Feb 29 @ 7:54am 
Great Map ! Any idea when it be indexed for ALIVE ?
Wulfe Matrax (CLEMC) Feb 24 @ 1:37pm 
I'm Very sorry about that advertisement spam, it was completely unprofessional and is being corrected immediantly, please don't let this sour our groups name. Also, we love using the Virolahti map!
Guardian Feb 23 @ 6:49pm 
This have zues?