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British Rail Class 323 (London Midland)
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British Rail Class 323 (London Midland)

BR Class 323 - London Midland

The British Rail Class 323 electric multiple-unit passenger trains were built by Hunslet Transportation Projects. All 43 units were built from 1992 through to 1996, although mock-ups and prototypes were built and tested in 1990 and 1991.

Entering service in 1992, the 323s were among the last trains to enter service with British Rail before its privatisation in the mid-1990s. The units were specifically designed to operate on inner-suburban commuter lines in and around Birmingham and Manchester with swift acceleration and high reliability. Of the 43 sets built, 26 are in operation with West Midlands Trains and 17 with Northern. By 2021, the West Midlands Trains sets will be replaced by new rolling stock and most of the fleet will be operated by Northern.

The units are known for a distinctive whine made during acceleration or deceleration.


Available from 1992
Top speed: 90 MPH
Pantograph up and down versions available

NOTE: Sounds

Due to the limitations of the game's audio system, I cannot recreate the 323's famed whining sounds. This is as close as I got without it sounding horrible at other parts. I'll release a secondary mod to replace the sounds with more experimental ones shortly.


Trailer by TheMasterNerd


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Aristocat Dec 3 @ 4:50am 
Fabulous! and again thanks for your time and effort you put into all this! :)
mongolteiko Dec 1 @ 1:38pm 
What? @ -_-rhys_who!!! You must be really dumb! This game goes through all eras. Just because they went 'bust' does not mean it should not be made. They were a franchise for just over 10 years! Are you going to say the same about Virgin then? Think before you comment. This is a great train. There are other variations that are not in operation, are you going to complain about them too?
-_-rhys_who!!! Dec 1 @ 1:26pm 
good train but just one thing to point out that the company is outdated because london midland went bust in 2018 and the company is now london western railway
dagwood1 Nov 29 @ 3:32pm 
excellent as always
mongolteiko Nov 29 @ 3:23pm 
Yeah me too @ mt120784. Just tried them all out now. Exceptional quality!
mt120784 Nov 29 @ 3:19pm 
Yes! Been waiting for these since GrandT previewed them on his Midlands map. They look awesome! Can't wait to try them out in game.
mongolteiko Nov 29 @ 3:13pm 
Excellent job! Love them all.
louis04472 Nov 29 @ 1:41pm 
I hate these trains
Mystic Galaxy Nov 29 @ 1:27pm 
Another fantastic addition to the UK community, brilliant work as always! :D