The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Прекрасный повод приобрести опыт ( повысить уровень Гкроя),....Полезно Магам..Получить Armor
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Aetia - Follower
Created by Jelloshot
Aetia is an Imperial Ranger, is marriageable, can not be killed and will level with the player character. Her minimum level is 10 and maximum is 80. She can be found in Riverwood near the Riverwood Trader. I have removed the invisible bow and arrows, so sh...
Extended Breezehome
Created by Vitri

Extended Breezehome -

Currrent Features:
- 7x Diferents chests
- 6x Supports of weapon...
Ashlynn: Dark Brotherhood Excommunicate

Hello All!


I present to you Ashlynn, an excommunicate of the dark brotherhood. Though she does have a questline which has not been finished as of yet, I figur...
Almalexia's Regalia Female Mage Robe (1.01)
Created by Enai Siaion

This mod contains 10 different variants on Almalexia's armor from Morrowind, available as both unenchanted and enchanted items, as well as handwear and footwear to go with them.

Azura Aspect
Boethiah A...
Castle Grey
Created by Holth2004
An enormous castle set high atop a mountain and overlooking the waterfalls and rivers flowing past Dragonbridge. Castle Grey has been designed to have everything a player could want; spectacular views, a bright sumptious interior and storage in abundance....
Dragonslayer - God Sword
Created by SolarPhantom
Nesus Link -

Dragonslayer is a simple mod that adds a God sword to the game. It deals a base 2000 damage and an aditional 50 damage to Dragons. Swings at 3 times the speed of a normal sword, and has a ...
Dwemer Player House
Created by Manuel Ivan
A Dwemer-style player house with complete crafting and storage amenities. Each room is full of useful and attractive items. The list below details the most interesting and importeant features of each room. The house is located in Eastmarch, nearby the Dwem...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Armour Collection
Created by Turbosnowy


This will be the collection of slinky/kinky/sexy armours I will grow over time as fancy strikes me.

Plenty more armours availble at the Fetish Wardrob...
Dragonlord Castle 2.4
Created by eve.nacona
This is my a castle fit for a Dragon Lord!

I am constantly adding new content! Check out the change log :)

***Designed for use with the "Unlimited Bookshelf" Mod to use the storage room effectively****

Current Features:
- Massive Main Hall with 5...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Fetish Assassin Accessories Mod
Created by Turbosnowy
Adds new versions of all gloves and heels with Backstab on gloves and muffle on heels as standard for Stealthy Characters.

THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE MOD - you will require the Fetish Armour Collection, Fetish Wardrobe, Fetish Pantyhose Outfits and Fetish...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Pantyhose Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Many people requested some more nylon goodness in my collections and quite rightly so in my humble opinion, so this is the mod collection for pantyhose (and probably stockings) outfits. In future will play with dernier, gloss and colours and of course dif...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A collection of standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

Designed to work with Gloves & Heels from the Fetish Armour Collection & Fetish Catsuit mods by Turbosnowy.

Remember if you like a...
Turbosnowy's Succubi Mayhem
Created by Turbosnowy
Hi folks,
Me again sending more crazy stuff your way - This mod introduces a new race of monsters into Skyrim - these being evil demons called Succubi who are after your blood, and quite capable of taking it. Please watch the videos for an idea of what t...
Turbosnowy's Frilly Outfit
Created by Turbosnowy
Thought I would do another outfit for Skyrim whilst the mood took me. Thanks to Jack Ga for the original conversion. The outfit can be made with pantyhose or without, so which ever floats your boat, or as the social occasion demands.

Unsuprisingly th...
Geneva's House V 0.5
Created by Kelsey Husky
On the backside of Whiterun, a long abandoned house is finally realy to reveal its secrets. Created by a forgotten seer who foresaw the coming of the Dovahkin to Skyrim. She wished to aid whoever they might be in their coming trials and challenges and so...
Rogue Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Two standalone Rogue Outfits for your pleasure, in leather and latex.

Please watch the video to see if this is to your taste or not (little pic under them main picture with the play button in the middle of it)

xxo0oxx - HOW DO I GET THIS OUTFIT? - ...
Manten Homestead
Created by lightning_luke
This mods adds a small player home just outside of Whiterun. To get the key, you first need to purchase Breezehome, the key is on the back wall next to the dinner table. It comes with all the crafting facilities and plenty of storage chest's. There is a re...
Marry This! Jana The Mage Follower.
Created by tao2000
A desirable older woman to follow you, or for you to follow.
Sultry voice, experienced, and already interested in your Amulet of Mara.
You do have one, don't you? If not, better visit the temple, in Riften.

She is a Destruction Mage, with a backup ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Red Slick Bikini
Created by Turbosnowy
Hi everyone,

This was a request from last November by Fellblackpaw or somesuch which I only just noticed. No idea if s/he still plays, but either way figured someone might be interested in it. So here we have a comic Electra type thang going on - grab a...
Summon Vampire Queen
Created by Turbosnowy
Summons Astrothea the Vampire Queen to aid you on your adventures. She is summoned for 24 hours so not really permanent, but long enough for you not to worry about her wandering away when in the middle of a dungeon or adventure.

Please remember to RATE...
Summon Fallen Angels
Created by Turbosnowy
Adds four new summonable NPC - Sin, Suffer, Twilight and Writhe who can be summoned to help you for 5 minutes if you find the spellbooks and have enough mana/conjuration skill to practice such dark arts.

This is the dark version of the fluffy summon ang...
Succubus Follower - Whiterun
Created by Turbosnowy
Levelled* Mage Succubus Companion to accompany you on your myriad adventures in Skyrim. Hobbies include killing people, slinking about seductively and puppies.

Worth watching the video to see if this will be to your taste or not (lil pic under the main...
Slick Leotard
Created by Turbosnowy
Been a long time it seems since I made a mod for Skyrim and had forgotten just how fiddly it was. (it's very fiddly for those who don't know)

So, chances are this will need a fix - just let me know and will get it done once I know if any problems exist....
Sonya - Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Sonya is a female Nord companion

She can be found at Bleak Falls Barrow just inside the temple

she has custom perks and 2 very nice weapons

the Bow and 2 Handed Mace are both playable and she also has a second Sonya Suit in her inventory that can...
Soul Armor II Heavy set
Created by PACMAN
Soul Armor II New heavy Armor for CBBE
for females only

New light and heavy armor version
watch the video presentation on youtube


2k HD textures with transparent...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Inns
Created by matthieu6839
Add many details to the Inns of Skyrim and make them beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .

Now avalaible :
Enhanced Cities: Morthal [/url...
Stonewall Manor
Created by sandysan
Large house with yard between Treva's Watch, Sarethi Farm and Heartwood Mill.
Several companions can circulate around and inside the home.

4 Merchants (apothecary, bar, blacksmith, miscellaneous)
Garden and stable.(cows, chickens)
Sleep on Lydia's Bed
Created by Neogrip
Have you maybe had a falling out with the mrs? Need a little time alone? Then this is the Mod for YOU! :D

Simply makes it so anyone can use the bed... including Lydia! :)

Please check out my other mods... Thanks!...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe - Female Body Size
Created by Turbosnowy
This mod will make women in Skyrim have the default body shape to be compatible with my Fetish Wardrobe mod.

This means that companions etc will be able to equip items from the Fetish Wardrobe and they will fit perfectly without the need to wear a cats...
Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitors Clothes
Created by Killer Keo
This is a New Custom Clothing by me using Caliente's Female Body or CBBE Curvy.

Keep in mind this is just a Female armor, and is not LORE FRIENDLY

It's almost a Full set with Gloves, Boots, and Body

All items can be made at a tanning rack, under L...
Flame Atronach Armor
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod allows to craft a set of the armor flame atronachs wear.
This set is consist of a cuirass, a pair of long gloves, toes wear and a mask.
Crafting can be made with two materials. Iron atronach armors are less efficient but needs no perk to craft....
Alternative lighting 2
Created by nikenyash
Rate and comment please!


Pink & Black Tavern clothes & Amulet of Mara for Girls
Created by GalaxyGirl
You get them in Breezhome in the cupboard on the left wall they are STAND ALONE items not replacers enjoy :) now you can craft them at any forge for 1 coin...
Enhanced Cities: Jarl's House
Created by matthieu6839
Add many details to the Jarl's House and make them beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .

Now avalaible :
Enhanced Cities: Morthal ...
Rapunzel's Dress - Cleaner
Created by 𝕮𝖔𝖔?
NOTE: Everyone saying it'd be nice without the apron, I really can't do anything about it- the original mesh has the apron as a 3d bit that sticks out when I colour over it. It's either an apron or an obvious sticking out pink/purple thing. So please stop ...
Succubus Follower - Melee
Created by Turbosnowy
Adds an evil Succubus companion to aid you in your myriad adventures around Skyrim.

She has levelled weapons and levels with you so she will get stronger and more lethal as you progress yourself.

NOTE1* I have tuned her lethality since m...
Improved Night Eye Multilingual
Created by Solitarius
Improved Night Eye Multilingual (Eng, Rus, Fra, Ita, Spa, Ger, Cze, Pol)

This mod improves a Night Eye spell. Features:

- Plugin removes duration of a night vision. Now you can always turn off or turn on it by pressing Z button.
- This spell had a...
Броня Династии с Щитом и Шлемом
Created by CKAJIA
Этот мод добавляет в игру новую, ничего не заменяющую броню Династии. Вы уже могли видеть некоторые разновидности этого мода и это не исключение. На сей раз новая броня получила серую окраску, и теперь не так бросается в глаза, как стандартная золотая.

Enhanced Catsuit & Ballet Heels
Created by Turbosnowy
So hello there you lovely sexy people.

This mod introduces a new enhanced catsuit (in black) for Skyrim, with a bunch of accessories to make yourself into the ultimate sensual stealthy killing machine we all know we want to play *cough* OK maybe that's...
White Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A new collection of White standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

This is if you like an extension to my 'Fetish Wardrobe Mod' so in order for these items to fit you or your companions you ...
TES IV:Nightingale Armors-Weapons(Op Version)
Created by Ruvaakdein
This mod adds:
Oblivion Hood
Oblivion Armor
Oblivion Gloves
Oblivion Boots
Oblivion Blade
Oblivion Bow

All items can be found in Breezehome at Whiterun.

Have fun.:)...
Schwertleite Set
Created by XiNAVRO
A female armor for the CBBE body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of th...
Jenna - Elven Ranger Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Jenna has a custom bow and armor, the bow is playable and she has an extra suit of armor that allows the player to look like Jenna, as seen in the screenshot

she has many assassin type perks making her very stealthy and dangerous with her bow

you wil...
[RUS] Unlimited Bookshelves - Неограниченные Книжные Полки
Created by sys
Данный плагин содержит в себе только руссификацию оригинального мода Unlimited Bookshelves от Da5id2701.
Автор Мода:Da5id2701
перевел Mr.Yellow

Установить мод можно здесь:
BDO -Lumik Armor- Beta 1
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:Black Desert Online

2. You make male version.? → No I can't male version

3.Where is it crafted? →forge in →steel
3.1 Lumik Armor

body Texture
UNP Rogue Armor HD
Created by alecu89
Name: UNP Rogue Armor HD
Version: 1.0
Date: 16/11/2015
Category: Armor
Requirements: UNP Body latest version

This is a higher quality remake of my Oblivion Rogue Armor. It looks pretty cool and realistic compared to other...
Turbosnowy's 'Summon Angels'
Created by Turbosnowy
Four angels are available now for you to learn how to summon - they will aid you on your adventures for 5 minutes assuming you have learned the spell and have the ability to master such powerful divine magic.

Please remember to rate up/favourite if you ...
Turbosnowy's Whipcane
Created by Turbosnowy
So I was a little bit at a loose end the other day and saw a mod on Steam which reminded me of something I meant to try a while ago when I first saw Mora's tentacles whipping away in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim, so I now present to you 'Turbosnowy's Whip...
Turbosnowy's 'Fallen Angels' Mk2
Created by Turbosnowy
Four Fallen Angels are now available to be summoned if you are skilled and powerful enough in the Dark Arts. The spell books are located in Whiterun's 'Hall of the Dead' on the right hand side coffin as you enter.

Please REMEMBER to RATE UP (thumbs up i...
Nocturnal's Clothes
Created by Deycallme Koles
I decided to make a new mod for a playable version of Nocturnal's Robes/Clothes and the hood/hat. The last one seemed to hav a few problems for some people, i think because it did not have a world model or inventory model. So it would not show up in in the...
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>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Ashara Elven archer armour revisited
Created by Ashara

Requirements: latest official Skyrim patch
Author(s): Newermind43 and Ashara
Created by D474TH3D357R0Y3R
Prepare yourself for a unique follower. She has her own hair, her own armor, and her own money. She is decked out in custom Daedric armor, she has a sword collection in her bra somewhere, she has beautiful, evil, little eyes, she does not set off traps, an...
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