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Bullet Bros
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Nov 5, 2013 @ 12:35am
Jul 3, 2020 @ 6:29am

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Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
Bullet Bros is a modern day "Contra" style shooter with an emphasis on vehicle linking and over the top game-play. It's a throwback to classic games like Contra, Super Mario 3, Bionic Commando and Blaster Master. The project started out as an exercise to combine some of my favorite game mechanics together to see if they could co-exist. From there I switched everything over to a physics-based environment, and some really fun and unexpected things started to take shape. Bullet Bros was born.

The Levels

I want to have a huge world map with 90-plus levels, and game progression similar to Mario 3. I want to add tons of secret objectives, mini-games, and stores to upgrade your gear. I always enjoyed games with cool world maps, because it gives you a break from the chaos. Oh, and did somebody say impossible airships? No? Okay, well I guess I'm saying it.

The Vehicles

The Vehicles in Bullet Bros will play a large role in the overall design of the game.They will be unlocked throughout the missions, and can be upgraded and linked with other vehicles to create wacky new machines. You will be able to visit the Bullet Bros hangar and test out vehicle combinations without the stress of combat. If you figure out a cool combo, you can have it airdropped to your mission location to test it in combat. I want to shoot for 50 -100 playable vehicles throughout the game, so the player is constantly trying out new combinations.

Bro Links

Vehicle linking was something I'd already been thinking about for a while, when a friend of mine suggested extending the same concept to the characters themselves. The Bros can now perform "Bro Links" which, if timed perfectly, attach the two bros in completely non-sexual positions. These strategic entanglements will definitely benefit you in combat while also intimidating the enemy. Who wouldn't want to run around the jungle on the shoulders of their best bro as they slaughter rebel forces?

Utility Items

In addition to the vehicles, the Bros will have multiple utility items at their disposal. Here are a few examples that are already implemented, and I plan to add even more.

grappling hook: attaches to just about everything, uses include:
-swinging over large gaps
-attaching to a boss so you can get a better shot
-linking to your bro's vehicle
-linking to your bro as you're falling to your death
-hooking them into enemies and detonating at your convenience (dangle it from a ledge and go grunt fishing!)
-upgrade your vehicle with one and repeat all of the above!

parachute: allows the Bros to glide when falling, uses include:
-gliding over large gaps
-dodging bullets by changing your falling speed
-if used just before a double jump, allows you to drift upward

sand bags: block enemy bullets until destroyed, uses include:
-fortifying an area or specific side
-stacking up to reach higher areas
-launching or droping them on enemies
-stacking them to weigh down an enemy or flying vehicle

grenades: a grenade-like device that explodes like a grenade, uses include:
-lobbing them over shields to destroy hard-to-hit enemies
-taking out giant hoards quickly
-slowing your old computer down with 1000+ gibs in the air

The Art

The look and feel of the Bullet Bros world is something I've been developing for over 2 years. It originally started as an exercise in creating a fully realized game environment to reinforce the curriculum I teach at FuturePoly. The more I fleshed it out I realized I wanted to create an actual game for the world I had built. Around the same time I started getting back into programming so I was able to use all of the pre-production work and concept art for Bullet Bros. This has helped the project move along very quickly and I still have plenty of existing concept art to work from and implement.
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AWESOME!!! Youre alive!!!!!!!