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Nov 26, 2019 @ 9:38am
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Valor is a Survival/RPG Mod currently using the ChernarusRedux Map, Valor comes with its own Framework and Database Design. The map is infested with zombies and other creatures trying to kill players. In order to survive the players can loot different kinds of buildings to get food/water/clothing/weapons/etc... to survive. Houses and giant casltes can be build by the players to protect themselves from monsters and other players(Some creatures can be used to guard player build houses/castles). Vehicles all across the map can be repaired by players using items found in industrial buildings. One city on the map is free of zombies, surrounded by walls and guarded by the russian army. This city is the RP zone of this mod, RDM and VDM rules have to be obeyed here. Traders for items and vehicles as well as the headquarters of the russian army have their home here. The russian army is a whitelisted faction tasked with enforcing the law in the Survivor City.

This mod can only be hosted on a server with the Valor_server files which are not public.

Currently exclusive on:
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jalisar63 Jan 20 @ 7:26pm 
So, the short version of this is that this mod is unless to anyone besides you? Why make it publish to the public, why not leave it publish to steam and keep it marked private? I don't understand the reasoning here.
master chief Dec 3, 2019 @ 8:00pm 
So the server files aren't public but you publish this mod? What? What's the use of this?