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Retro TeamPlay (RTP) Gamemode + Content
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Nov 4, 2013 @ 9:59am
Nov 13, 2013 @ 2:14am
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Retro TeamPlay (RTP) Gamemode + Content

PLEASE NOTE: The above videos are from older versions of the game, however, the gameplay is very much preserved in this version.
Latest Update (6/25/15):
The decision has been made to fix game-breaking bugs, and update oudated/missing and invalid data for functionality purposes.

  • Additions:
    [ADD]Re-Uploaded all Obelisk map-profiles to a tertiary host (due to previous the URL is removed by steam for safety) Download Here[]

Update (11/13/13):
I have updated the gamemode to reflect the following changes. I will update this section of the description with the most recent changes made so you can always stay up-to-date with what's new. Please make sure you also remember to check the "More Information" section of this description for more-details regarding recent, and up-coming updates.

  • Additions:
    [ADD]Uploaded all Obelisk map-profiles to a secondary host (since the /data directory is shunned by the Workshop.) (SEE ABOVE FOR UPDATED URL)

  • Fixes:
    [FIX] Fixed small error in Dropship code that spammed passenger-related clientside errors. Dropship is error free now.
    [FIX] Fixed VGUI error from attempting to draw a tooltip on panels that didn't have a 'content' variable. (Mostly occurred during the end-game gametype vote menu.)
    [FIX] Fixed the Help Menu VGUI not using the DermaSkin theme.
    [FIX] Updated/corrected Help Menu content to remove irrelevant/redundant information and replaced it accordingly.
Due to the Workshop shunning a large variety of filetypes and directories during upload, some of this gamemode's resources had to be hosted externally. The list below will showcase how you can obtain any other resources and content you might need.

  • Models/Materials/Sounds: (INCLUDED)
    Along with the gamemode, this addon now contains all the content you need to experience the (slightly modernized) classic feel of Retro TeamPlay to its fullest extent.

  • Mana Obelisks Map-Proflie Locations: (Download here: {LINK REMOVED}
    Obelisks are loaded into the map from a .txt file located in the garrysmod/data/noxctfmaps folder. Some of you might have tried to host a server using this gamemode and found yourselves in a map with "NO MANA OBELISKS?!" The following download fixes this, so if you wish to host your own RTP server, then download and install the file below into your 'garrysmod/garrysmod/data/' folder located within.

A gamemode originally made by JetBoom, founder of the NoxiousNet community, years ago as one of his first gamemodes. Eventually development stopped and the gamemode dissapeared from NoxiousNet. However, I recently took some time to resurrect the gamemode, finish it's abandoned update/conversion to Gmod13, and made a few aesthetic improvements while perserving as much of the original gameplay mechanics as possible.

The gameplay is fast-paced, strategic team-combat where players have an arsenal of spells at their disposal, along with several weapons with which to complete objectives across several different styles of maps. Depending on the map and end-game vote, players can choose between different objective gametypes like Assault, Capture The Flag, Hold The Flag, etc.

The gamemode consists of a fairly bulky 'spell-casting' system. Which allows several classes to select and cast devastating spells for damaging objectives/vehicles/enemies, as well as a set of passive spells that do things such as buff/dispell/heal the caster & friendly targets. This, combined with the vast variety in gameplay styles and weapons, provides a diverse and complex plethora of combat situations.

On top of all this is the 'crafting' system. Much like building in Sandbox mode, the "Crafter" class has the ability to spawn props, turrets, and other deployable entities to control the battle field. Crafters are a key-component of the game, and your team should not expect to last long on most maps if you don't have a decent crafter who knows what to build, when/where to build it, and how to use it properly. Simple right-click as a Crafter to open the spawn menu.

If that wasn't enough, Crafters can also spawn a type of "Powered Deployable" called a "Vehicle Pad". Ok! Straight-forward enough, the Vehicle Pad allows the spawning of both land, and air vehicles which any player on the team can use (and players from enemy teams can hijack), and provide much needed speed and firepower when completing objectives on often large maps. A well-maintained/guarded vehicle pad is a great way to secure a win for your team.

More Information:
You can find out more about the gamemode in the following links:
NoxiousNet Forums RTP Thread[]
NoxioisNet Wiki RTP Page[]

This release still has a few minor bugs which are listed here:
Retro TeamPlay Google-Code Project[]

The gamemode will be updated as needed.
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