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F.E.A.R. - Pointman
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Nov 24, 2019 @ 5:55pm
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F.E.A.R. - Pointman

He ain't afraid of no ghosts!

The John Woo ghostbuster is here to shoot clones and chew bubblegum. Features bodygroups for two types of goggles, unarmored arms, and holsters, as well as lifelike beard and kung-fu grip (beard not included).

This also features:

-Rigging and physics by Auditor
-Models ripped by Luxox18
-Icon and previews by S0CIALHUNTER, White Morgan Freeman, Crimzone Pegasi, ThatMandoWarrior, and myself - and possibly you!
-Tools made by Volfin, Sir Kaine, IdDaemon, and BobDoleOwndU
-Plus some ripping, weighting, UVing, and retexturing by me

And model parts from Rainbow Six Siege, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Metal Gear Solid V - all used without permission, all rights reserved, no copyright infringement intended, etc. etc.

This is the first model I've felt was worth releasing, so there are undoubtedly things wrong with it. Just politely let me know and I'll get right on it!
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Cathice Mar 16 @ 7:38pm 
This is an excellent updated rendition of pointman.
WAcrobat19 Mar 9 @ 6:48pm 
Pointman. The bastard love child of Inspector Tequila from Hard Boiled and Neo from the Matrix. He also happens to be a member of the US Army Special Forces
Джон 1 центнер Feb 24 @ 3:43am 
чертовы рпшеры, украли модельку vigil-а
ThatMandoWarrior Jul 14, 2021 @ 6:49pm 
Man it took me like... three years to realize my artwork was placed as a preview for this? Thanks man.
I've gotten a lot better since then, I think it's time for take 2...
DATA_CORRUPTED Jan 17, 2020 @ 7:52am 
Ooooh! Will definitely look into creating some artwork submissions.

Thank you!
Recluse Dec 26, 2019 @ 11:38am 
How do you get the font style.
Jimmy Dec 3, 2019 @ 4:59pm 
you screwed the proportions on his arm and chest and potentially legs also wheres his gut armor is this like the CSGOidized version off the point man wtf?
Cringe Gaming Dec 2, 2019 @ 11:22am 
Stop complaining about there being no P.Ms. you can use Model Manipulator to turn ragdolls into Playermodels
Donald Nov 29, 2019 @ 7:42am 
Vigil looks funny
Jimmy Nov 29, 2019 @ 4:51am 
@Akramma DONT DELETE YOUR MODELS YOU JACKASS I AM USING THEM FOR MY VIDEOS! oh and like rome said he doesnt even have an A playermodel yet