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Hexadrift Guide
By Henagames
Gameplay basics for Hexadrift. This guide is a general overview of the game and gameplay.
Hexadrift - Basics
The main objective of Hexadrift is to repair and install all of the broken parts of your crashed ship, The Euclidean.

Basic Controls
Use AWSD to navigate around the Sector maps. You can also click and drag the map. Click to scan a resource Hex on the Sector maps. Only adjacent Hexes can be scanned.

There are 9 different resources to collect. Electrical, Atomic, Biohazards, Hydro, Scrap, Mechanical, Lubricants, Alien Artifacts and Credits.

Resources are required to unlock Upgrades and repair Parts.

Fuel is another type of Resource, but is not required for repairing parts.

Repairing and installing the Euclidean's parts is the main objective of the game. There are 16 parts to repair, each with its own resource and credits requirements. Repairing parts in order is not required, repair any part that you have enough resources to repair.

Learn more about Parts in the "Parts" section below.

The Euclidean is your busted ship. Your objective is to repair the parts on the Euclidean one-by-one. It doesn't matter what order you install the parts, or how long after you repair them.

There are 11 unique Sectors to explore and plunder. Each Sector has 3 of the 9 different resources. Credits and Fuel are always found in every Sector.

Unlock each Sector by paying for them with Credits.

Every Sector has an element of Enemy threat. Enemies will begin chasing you as soon as you begin scanning the Sector. If they get within range, they will attack and steal some of the resources you collected in this Sector (Enemy attacks do not deduct from your permanent Resource Bank).

If you have run out of Resources in a Sector and an Enemy attacks, they will steal your Fuel.

Some Sectors have more Enemy threat than others, and enemies move at random speeds.

There are a number of Upgrades that will significantly assist your scanning endeavors. Upgrades cost a certain amount of Credits and a number of one of the other 8 resource types.

Fuel and Refueling
You will need to refuel the Sector Scanner often. You can pay for a half tank or a full tank if you have enough Credits.

You can also Refuel as you go when scanning a Sector. It is vital that you collect Fuel Hexes in Sectors! You can continue much further and gather many more resources with this strategy. Scanning a Fuel Hex does NOT cost Fuel, so if you are out of fuel and adjacent to a Fuel Hex, you can scan it and continue the Sector.

Lastly, Refueling happens automatically over time. The Scanner fills by 5-Units every 5-seconds.

Sectors Overview
Sectors are where you find all of the resources, credits and fuel you need to complete the game. There are 11 different sectors, each with its own resources and enemy threat level.

Every Sector contains Credits and Fuel. It is vital that you collect both Credits and Fuel during a Sector run. You will need to plan your paths optimally in order to maximize the number of resources you bank when you exit the Sector.

When you enter a Sector, you will be dropped on a random Hex. Before beginning, take a look at your surroundings to find pockets of the resources you're targeting in this run, then look for the nearest Safe Exit Hex and plan your route.

Sector Hexes
Sectors are made up of a map of "Hexes" that represent a resource type. There are 9 different resources to collect (not including Fuel) that are required to repair the parts needed to win the game. Scan (click) a hex to gather the resources contained within. Every scan will award a random amount of that type of resource. Certain Upgrades will award more resources for every scan. It is highly recommended to unlock these Upgrades!

Scanning a resource Hex requires Fuel. Make sure you have enough to get through the Sector, and collect Fuel along the way to keep it going.

Every Sector has some level of enemy threat. When you enter a Sector, enemies will be idle. Sometimes you might spawn right next to an enemy or even directly on top of one. In this case, it will still attack and do damage.

Once enemies have attacked, they are removed from the Sector map and provide no further threat.

When an enemy attacks, it will steal some of the resources that you've collected during this Sector run. Enemies DO NOT steal resources from your permanent bank at the Starbase. Once you exit a Sector with resources, you bank them permanently until spent on a part repair, upgrade, fuel, or unlocking a new Sector.

If you have no resources yet, an enemy attack will steal your Fuel resources. This is a dangerous place to be, so if you find you are out of resources and being attacked, you might want to extract from the Sector and restart it.

There are two ways to exit a Sector:
  • Safe Exit Hex
  • Extraction
Multiple Safe Exit Hexes are found in every Sector. Using a Safe Exit Hex guarantees all of the resources you've collected (minus any stolen by enemies) are permanently banked in your Resource Bank at the Starbase. When you enter a Sector, it's usually a good idea to look around and find a Safe Exit Hex to target. Plan your paths optimally through the Sector, collecting resources, Fuel and Credits along the way toward the Safe Exit.

Safe Exit Hex:

The Extraction option is always available by clicking the button under the Resource Hold while in a Sector. The Extraction option allows you to exit a Sector immediately from anywhere on the map, however, there are penalties for doing so.

Extraction penalties are:
  • Lose 1/2 of your current Fuel
  • Lose 60% of your collected resources
These penalties can be lessened or completely removed with the appropriate Upgrades.

A general rule of thumb is never use the Extraction option unless you are completely out of Fuel or are being swarmed by a large group of enemies.

Upgrades Overview
There are a number of Upgrades that will significantly improve your game. Some Upgrades provide increased scanning awards, decreased cost of parts, 2x credit collection and more. It is highly recommended to prioritize Upgrades!

Upgrades are expensive, but will provide a huge boost to your efforts in repairing The Euclidean.

Upgrade Details
The following is a list of available Upgrades and the benefits they provide. These are listed in the order of priority to maximize your gameplay experience.

"Gather 2x amount of Credits when scanning Credit Hexes"

"Gather 4x amount of Credits when scanning Credit Hexes"

"Decreases amount of resources an enemy steals when attacking"

"Further decreases amount of resources an enemy steals when attacking"

"Gather 2x amount of Fuel when scanning Fuel Hexes"

"Decreases Scanner Fuel cost by 1 unit of Fuel"

"Gather 2x amount of resources when scanning any resource hex"

"Gather 4x amount of resources when scanning any resource hex"

"Fuel at the Starbase costs much less"

"Fuel at the Starbase is free"

"Extraction costs less resources. Still costs 1/2 of Fuel"

"Extraction costs no resources. Still costs 1/2 of Fuel"

"Extraction has no penalties"

"All parts cost 5% less Credits to repair"

"All parts cost 15% less Credits to repair"

"All parts cost 5% less Resources to repair"

"All parts cost 15% less Resources to repair"

Parts Overview
The Euclidean has crashed and there are many systems that are completely broken. Your main mission is to repair these broken parts to get your ship back in working condition.

There are 16 parts to repair, each costing a certain amount of Credits and Resources. Many parts have an "A" and a "B" part that gets installed to The Euclidean.

There are multiple Upgrades that can be purchased in order to make the parts less expensive. Some Upgrades reduce the amount of Resources required and others reduce the amount of Credits required.

You must repair ALL parts in order to win the game.

The Euclidean
The Euclidean Overview
The Euclidean is your busted ship. Something catastrophic occurred that damaged nearly all of the systems on your ship. Your crew did not survive, so it's up to you to repair it!

By scanning resources in the nearby Sectors, you can collect enough resources and Credits to repair all of the parts required. Repair the ship and win the game!

Here are some helpful tips:
  • Repairing parts is the main objective of the game, but should not be your first priority. Unlock important upgrades first, then unlock enough Sectors to have access to all 8 resource types.
  • Only use the Extraction option if you are completely out of Fuel, being swarmed by enemies, or you have the Extractor +++ Upgrade.
  • In the early-game, focus your scanning efforts on Credit and Fuel hexes. You will collect other resources along the way, but you need to build a solid foundation of Credits in order to keep the scanner full.
  • Fuel at the Starbase is expensive, but there are many Fuel Hexes in all Sectors. Find a Safe Exit Hex that has a lot of Fuel around it and collect them before you exit. This will decrease how much you need to refuel and will cost less credits.
  • Remember, scanning a Fuel Hex does NOT cost Fuel! If you are out of Fuel but adjacent to a Fuel Hex, you can scan it and continue!