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FM20 Real Clubs & Competition Names by Passion4FM
Passion4FM's FM20 Real Names fix has finally arrived! Remove fake names of competitions and clubs, and replace it with their real names in Football Manager 2020 with some easy steps. Welcome to our Football Manager 2020 real name fix which let's get the re...
Football Manager 2020 Backroom Staff Search Filter by Passion4FM
A Football Manager 2020 backroom staff search filter which imports filters for all staff roles in FM20. By using it, you'll be able to find the best coaches and staff for your save.

Read more about it on the original post. [url=
Maldini Doesn't Tackle 4-2-4 - The_Reckonist
Created by The_Reckonist
UPDATE: People struggling after the patch, mave both CB's Cover.

A huge THANK YOU to all my Patreon Supporters. You're the best!

Maldini Doesn't Tackle 2. FM2020.

A free flowing, relentless, none stop action 4-2-4 footballing philosophy focusing o...
FM20 Brazilian Colour Fix by Passion4FM
A Football Manager 2020 database which removes the abbreviation of Brazilian clubs and updates the game with the real club colours of all Brazilian clubs in the top 3 divisions. Original file can be found at
Update National 3 France #N3MO (level 5)
Nous désirons vraiment que nos Updates soient les plus réalistes possibles. Ainsi, nous faisons le maximum que nous puissions coder avec ce que nous propose l'éditeur pré-game du jeu. Voici la liste de ce que propose notre dernière Update Nation 3 :

- Nat...
FM20 Real Clubs & Competition Names v2 by Passion4FM
A new version which sorts the Zebre issue from the past and includes the real Juventus staff. Other changes includes real competition names of Bulgaria and Norwegian fourth division.

Passion4FM's FM20 Real Names fix removes fake names of c...
English Best Young Talents by Passion4FM
Download the ultimate shortlist of the best Under-21 English Talents in Football Manager 2020.

Sort by 300+ Under-21 talents within the UK - all with the potential to reach Premier League standard!

This shortlist is created by Espen Høgli and brough...
Passion4FM United - Create A Club Challenge
A Football Manager 2020 database which replaces Southend with our created club Passion4FM United. Here you'll get the challenge of building your own squad according to your preferences.

Once you take over you'll have no players at your disposal, but €4...