Sin Slayers

Sin Slayers

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Workshop user-translation Guide
By Stormtrooper
How to create your own localization of the game Sin Slayers?
Some easy steps
1. Download original English translation file from Steam Workshop:

2. Modify this file on your computer and save with any name like “my-language.txt”.
In field “language” type internal name of translation
In field “localizedName” type name, that would be displayed in Settings window for other players.

In field “author” type your nickname.

3. In any location on your computer, create a new folder and call it whatever you like (in this demo we will call it “MyTranslation” (figure 1)).

4. Inside the “MyTranslation” folder, create a new folder called “Language”. Locate the “my-language.txt” file that you want to upload and copy it into the “Language” folder you just created (use figure 2 for reference).

5. Find or create image, that you want to assign for your translation. Put file “icon.png” to “Language” folder you just created (use figure 2 for reference).

6. Launch “Sin Slayers” game via Steam.

7. Go to the Settings window and select button “Upload” (figure 3) near label “Upload to Steam Workshop”.

8. Copy full path in your computer to “MyTranslation” folder, that contains “icon.png” file and folder “Language” with “my-language.txt” file.

9. Write correct translation name (instead Test), translation description (instead Bla-bla-bla) and select valid base language (instead Chinese (Simplified)).

10. Press “Create” button to create new Steam Workshop item. Steam Workshop will be assign “content id” for your translation file (should be changed from 0 to XXXXXXXXXXX value).

11. Press “Update” to upload your translation file and share it for all players.