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Marquis - Paris
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Nov 15, 2019 @ 6:52am
Nov 15, 2019 @ 8:43am
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Marquis - Paris

NO GAME CONTENT REQUIRED! Anyone can play this!


If you have any visual issues, make sure you are playing in HDR mode (High Dynamic Range - Full) in the graphical options and restart the game. This map is only HDR-compatible.

A version more like the original CSGO map is available here!

This is a port and edit of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, de_marquis or Marquis, made by Kane and DamDam. However I was not able to obtain either one's permission to make and upload this edit as they have refused any contact. If either of you is reading this, please contact me.

This is a medium-sized map set in Paris, the capital city of France. More precisely, it is set in the Third Arrondissement, in the Le Marais district, here parodied as Le Marquis. The map has several streets, with lines of Haussmann-styled apartments. The Eiffel Tower, the famous French landmark, is visible in the background. The apartments themselves are not accessible except for the entrance hall. Additionally, a subway station, partly closed, can be accessed underground, and a portion of railway is also present outside. The map also contains two closed backyards.

The map has been further edited from my original edit. Here are the changes and features:
- Changed sky and lighting to be set to a sunny ambiance.
- Removed all garbage and graffitis present on the map for clean streets.
- Removed some of the destruction and roadworks.
- Added more bikes throughout the map.
- Added more birds in the sky.

This is in addition to the changes from the other edit:
- Refined shadows and reflections.
- Further detailed out-of-bound areas, including cars driving in the background.
- Made all vegetation props react to the wind using $treesway.
- Reworked many prop and brush textures to make effective use of shaders.
- Replaced many props with higher quality ones.

And of course, the usual features:
- Fully AI-noded
- Navigation mesh included
- Full soundscapes included and working
- Fully optimized

Report any issues you encounter.

Special thanks to Slartibarty for his custom compilers!
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the sky is a beautiful missing texture
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Map is detailed but there is nothing to do...
I couldn't get to the Eifeltower, noclip brought me to a place with the tower but with a pink/black floor. :-)
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Normal players : cs:go
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Everyone, Downloading the simpleweather mod fix's the brightness problem, however i have not found a way of fixing the sky yet.
Berb Sep 13 @ 3:36pm 
Is there a tutorial out there on how to fully port CSGO maps?
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Hey, I'd like to suggest some optimizations like maybe sealing the map with Area Portals. I'm running this map on the nZombies gamemode which spawns lots of zombies like in COD but it's dropping player frames down to 2 because everything (or at least 90% of stuff) is being rendered at once.
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Hmm noice!
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