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Magic Shinehorn
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Nov 14, 2019 @ 5:12am
Jan 18 @ 10:23am
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Magic Shinehorn

Hello Ark-Players,

this mod is for my wife Sarah (Angea) to say thank you and to fulfill her wish.

Some time ago, we talk together about my mod ideas (She love Ark too :-) ) and we talk about the option, that a creature can sit on the shoulder and can be ridden.
This was this Year after our Wedding and before driving in our honeymoon in september.
Her wish was a shinehorn, that can be ridden and ride from time to time.
In the last two months, i have got some options and cases for this project tested.
Now after 11 Weeks, i can say, the mod is finished.

The Magic Shinehorn:
The Magic Shinehorn spawn only at Aberration at the same spawn region like the default shinehorn (call in ARK Dev Kit lanterngoat).
It is 2.5 times as big, have got the same taming strategy, supports no saddle or helmet and can have babys, then it is not transformed (spawn scale).
It can harvest berries, thatch and wood.

If you activate the tranformation via hold "E" -> Activate transformation, the shinehorn will switch his options and scale:
Shinehorn in small (default scale of lanterngoat/ default shinehorn): Can mount on human, can toogle light on/off via emote on default.
Shinehorn in normal (default spawn scale of magic shinehorn): Can be ridden, can mating.

Special things:
1. Emotes:
The Shinehorn have got emotes to interact with them.
2. To pretend to be dead:
If you activate the emote "to pretend to be dead", the shinehorn falls over.
Now the shinehorn don't consume automatically food, don't poop and is now being ignored by wild creatures.
If the shinehorn get any damage or get force feeded, the mode of "ignored by wild creatures" is disabled.
To deactive the mode, you can play the emote "Get up again".
3. You can, if you ride the shinehorn with right-click of your mouse the lanternpet light turn on and off. The light will detect enemys and high level dinos like the default shinehorn in small, when it sit at your shoulder
4. The Particlesystem of the healbuff, when you press [ C ] have got the same color like the horns of the shinehorn.

Harvesting of Resources:
With the default attack (default is left-click), you can harvest thatch and wood but no bushes for berries.
If you press [ X ], this is in default Dino Air-Brake, in german Dino-Luftbremse, you can harvest bushes for berries, but no thatch and wood of trees

If the shinehorn is small, the chargelight-system works normaly like all other lantern-pets.
If the shinehorn is large (rideable) the chargelight consume no charge but stamina for run. When the stamina is empty, the chargelight toggle automatically off and can only toggle again on, when the stamina is higher than 50 points.
If you toggle the chargelight on, the stamina recovery / regeneration is inactive! Then you turn the light off, the stamina recovery / regeneration change back to default.

The following lines are for my wife (in german):
Liebe Sarah,
danke für dich, all dein sein, verständis und was dich ausmacht.
Diese Mod ist für dich. Wenn dir etwas fehlt, lass es mich wissen und ich werde schauen wie ich es umsetzen kann.
Ich liebe dich.
Auf weitere 9 Jahre <3 (Und drei weitere Jahre Ark?)

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lumidus Jul 24 @ 1:13pm 
Xenom  [author] Jul 24 @ 12:26pm 
Das Tier spawned standardmäßig nur auf Aberration. Du kannst es aber auch auf anderen Karten nutzen. Falls du möchtest dass es spawned, musst du es einem spawnentry hinzufügen
lumidus Jul 23 @ 1:29pm 
Funzt nur auf Aberration oder auch auf anderen Maps?!
Observer Alpha The Siren Jun 30 @ 12:30pm 
nice gj can i make a suggestion make a fox/ninetails mount and pet or do the same thing with this have a small mode and a big mode
Xenom  [author] Jun 1 @ 7:05am 
For all, that loves this mod, this is my new baby :-)
Aeroniah May 24 @ 6:27am 
I logged into steam from my phone just to say
I love this mod so much ❤
Also the fact that you made it for your wife is so super sweet and I wish you both many years of happiness ❤❤
ThePumpkinKing Mar 7 @ 7:02am 
Yeah it needs an update, but id love if you could because my element stock is kinda low rn :D, happy modding my friend
Xenom  [author] Mar 6 @ 12:43pm 
so long, i work hard on my gliding creature <3 (isn't released) :-D
Xenom  [author] Mar 6 @ 12:42pm 
I take a look for the ferox, but on first i need the update for the ark devkit and this isn't released at the moment :-/
ThePumpkinKing Mar 6 @ 10:34am 
Its the shapeshifter from genesis :D but takes element per transformation and can only be transformed for 10 minutes