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Space Engineers IanDLive Stream Server Mod Set
This is the current mods list for the IanDLive Stream Server.
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"Skyblade" Helicopter & Plane Propellers
Created by Tumble
TumbleTv and Tartaross Inc. are proud to to present to you the newest in atmospheric acceleration and hover technology, the "Skyblade" Hovercopter engine and propeller unit. (Helicopters and planes, YAY!)

Aerodynamic Physics (Deadly Reentry + Drag + Flight)
Created by DraygoKorvan
Drag and reentry work in multiplayer

Added Text HUD Support. Link in required items on the right (it is not required, only recommended).
Added forces to counter adverse roll when yawing an aircraft in advlift. Mod will apply a force based on the...
Aerodynamic Wings - blocks for planet atmosphere
Created by Digi
This mod adds 3 wing blocks for small ships.

They're all slightly different wing variations, a straight, a slightly angled and a more angled one, all of which are 5 blocks wide, 1 block tall and 1 to 3 blocks in length.

These blocks apply lift when m...
Air Traffic
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds cargo ships that appear on planets with atmosphere.

Included Ships
Automatic Ore Pickup
Created by Phoenix
Tired of floating ore slowing you down and giving you concussions?

Phoenix Manufacturing is back with something to take care of that!
Now your drills all include a micro gravity generator* which will cause it to collect all floating o...
BuildInfo (extra block&terminal info, air leak finder)
Created by Digi
Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Air leak finding
    Air vents have a button in their terminal which can show you where a
Colorful Icons
Created by typekcz
Are you tired of that bluish color of all icons?
If yes, I have solution for you!

Now with configuration
You can set which icons you want to replace. You can choose to enable or disable bloc...
Corruption PvE Combat
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla p...
Defense Shields - v1.9(64)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v1.9(64)


Before reporting an issue please rename the problem shield controller ...
Faction Ownership Helper
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds a button to all cockpit and seat blocks that can be used to transfer ownership from others players in the same faction.

How it works

- To use this feature, the player must sit in the cockpit/seat.
HUD Compass
Created by Zkillerproxy
It’s a compass! On your HUD! Now featuring a clock!

It works on any planet, of any size, with any FoV setting, at any resolution and with any other HUD mod!

Why Do I Need A Compass?
Not long ago a compass was a not really all that useful, b...
Light Block Improvements - easy control panel access
Created by Digi
This mod does the following things:
- Adds control panel access points on the interior lights, corner lights and spotlights' models.
- Slightly improved models on interior lights, corner lights and spotlights.
- Changes the light falloff minimal value f...
Medieval Engineers Beta planet Earth
Created by Ryukki
Okay, ANY Custom NPC released from now will be SUPPORTED.
Fixed audio for day and night
Wind been added.

*CLOUDS HAS BEEN ADDED!!! Thank you NorthyPark for helping me!

*This planet has the exact height map as ME so now mountains a...
Midspace's Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod
Created by Screaming Angels
This is the ship speed mod to end all ship speed mods.

A fully configurable Max Ship Speed mod, that allows you the player (or server administrator) to set the maximum ship speed for both small and large ships to any value you desire. You can als...
Mod List Builder
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod allows you export a list of the currently loaded mods into your clipboard. The exported data includes the name of each mod and its Steam Workshop link.

How to get all mods loaded in world

To use this mod, ...
Modular Encounters Spawner
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It's been built to be compatible with existing NPC mods, while also providing new and powerful options to add ex...
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks wi
Nanobot Drill and Fill System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot drill and fill system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic drilling/collecting/filling system)

  • This system could drill, fill landscapes and collect ore (inside solid rocks) wi
Plane Parts
Created by Takeshi
Are you interested in planes? Off course you are!
Every engineer starts on earth and had to learn how to fly. Here you got your wings, your wheels and the other stuff. Good luck.

All parts are available for Small and Large grids.

Plane Parts plus: Propeller
Created by Takeshi
First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod is an Addon to my Plane Parts Mod:

The Mod contains Propellers for Airplanes, function is based o...
PoR Logo + Blocks
Created by IanDLive
This is a strip back of the original IanDLive Logo mod so that it only contains the logo blocks and the antenna blocks.

The suits that were contained within the original mod have been removed and will be looked at for being put back in as a separate cha...
PoR Stargates
Created by IanDLive
This is a trimmed version of the awesome Stargates mod - Stargate Modpack (Server admin block filtering) - currently being maintained by Phoenix so that it better fits the dynamic o...
Power Transmitters
Created by Cython
Now works on both branches!


This mod adds 2 ways of transmitting power from one grid to another, wirelessly. Recharge your drones in your bay wirelessly, power your remote research outpost through satellites o...
Ravenbolt Compact Weapon System
Created by Ravenbolt

This is my new project, the R.C.W.S. or Ravenbolt Compact Weapon System. A series of compact turrets and weapons. I based it on the RCWS (Remote Control Weapons Station/System). It is a WORK IN PROGRESS. The small grid medium ...
S - Starship Troopers ALL 3 Bugs v1
Created by Sektan
S - Starship Troopers ALL 3 Bugs v1

Starship Troopers beetle for planets

ALL is fixed

This mod replace all spiders

Dont combine with other mods, use only one bug mod for spiders

Version 1


For pla...
Surface Occupation
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds a variety of stations that will appear on the surface of planets as players explore.

Included Stations
  • Small Stations:
  • - Defense Installation
  • - Scouting Outpost
  • - Ore
Target Lead Indicator
Created by Zkillerproxy
This mod adds target lead indicators to the HUD. They work with any weapon and any other HUD mod!

A Little Example:

Tell Me More...
In all cockpits you will now find 4 new setting. A sw...
Created by DraygoKorvan
Allows modders to add text to the players screen. This mod must be loaded along side any other mod that uses it.

Graphics update note: Post-Processing causes all HUD API text to be dark and blurry, I will try to find a workaround but in the meantime p...