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How to Change Menu Music Back to Old One
By Th3Dark0ccult
A simple guide for those who want the old music back in their game.
Don't like Monstrosity and want Outbreak back? Well, there's a very easy solution to that. You don't need any special tools like Wwise or anything like that, nor do you need any knowledge on modding games either.
What to do:
Go to your game's folder, more specifically here:


You'll see language folders and a whole lotta WEM files with numbers for names. Those WEM files are the audio of the game, including the menu music.

So all you need to do is simply find the wem file corresponding to the old menu music - Pandemic Outbreak by Zynthetic and the wem file corresponding to the current menu music - Monstrosity by Rocky Gray.

If you can't tell from the image for some reason here are the number codes of the two songs that you'll want to rename/replace:

Outbreak - 799659999.wem
Monstrosity - 492841800.wem

And when you have the files you make a copy of the Outbreak wem file and rename it to have the name of the Monstrosity wem file and you're done! it'll just add it as a "name (2).wem" file so you'll have to get rid of the original and rename this one again lol

That's all you need to do to have the music changed when you start Killing Floor 2 next time around :)

I recommend keeping a back up of the Monstrosity wem file just in case you want it back without having to verify game files.
Things to keep in mind
This will only affect the music when there are no events going on.
If you want to hear the outbreak song during holiday events you'll have to rename WEM files corresponding to those events, too.

I haven't bothered to get information on their numbers since i don't mind the music, plus it's only temporary, till the event lasts, but if you want you can have a look at text files in that same folder for information on event songs' numbers.

The text files are all called something along the lines of Wwise_DefaultBank_bla..bla.txt
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Dr. Smoke Aug 19 @ 8:12pm 
Thank you man, you really saved my ears
Turbo Killer May 5 @ 5:55am 
Thotty Apr 22 @ 1:41am 
Thank you very much. I always appreciated how the KF1 menu music was quiet, and this new song was so loud and obnoxious. Yeah I could turn it off, or not be in the menu, but I like the ingame music (where LOUD is more fitting) and I spend too much time in the menu to customize my characters :)
Th3Dark0ccult  [author] Mar 31 @ 12:31pm 
Making a video is probably not happening, but will update with pics soon.
Cap'n Blokebeard Mar 30 @ 6:47pm 
@AleK Yeah, true. Okay. =P
Carlton BeAeNKeS (no e) Mar 30 @ 8:39am 
not that recent but recent enough that it wasn't the kf1 song as far as i can remember so fair enough
Th3Dark0ccult  [author] Mar 30 @ 8:35am 
@AleK you misunderstood. This isn't about changing seasonal music, it's about changing the menu music when not in an event to the old menu music. I guess you're a recent player and haven't been around when the menu music was a remixed version of the menu music in KF1. This is what this guide is about.
Carlton BeAeNKeS (no e) Mar 30 @ 7:45am 
you can literally just wait for the seasonal to end or just not sit in the menu and go play the game
Cap'n Blokebeard Mar 28 @ 3:44pm 
It'd be easier with a video. (Sorry for being awkward, just not 100% understanding half of it.)