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Update to Remix tutorial + custom remix icons
By Starschulz
This is a guide that hopefully explains the changes made to remixes which causes the official tutorial video to be out of date, and also include a tutorial to show how to make your remixes have a custom icon along with a few extra bits about making a remix that may be useful to you.
Starting note
Note: This guide will not explain all the steps to make a remix mod, only the changes you'll need to make in addition to the steps explained in the official tutorial video:

If you'd like to make a remix mod, read the next section and follow along with the tutorial video.
What changed, and how to fix it
What has actually changed is part of the script used for remixes. in the video, you will notice the script looks like this:

What you'll need to do extra, is change the text that says

TargetSoundCue = RemixSoundCue =


TargetSoundCues(0) = RemixSoundCues(0) =

And it should work.

Remixes were updated at one point to allow multiple soundcues to be replaced in the same remix, since some songs in the game use multiple cues, so the script changed very slightly, causing the old method to not work and some confusion since the tutorial video hasn't had an update.

here's an example of the script the tutorial uses, converted to use the new method:

class Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia_Electro extends Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia; defaultproperties { ItemName = "MafiaTownElectroName" TargetSoundCues(0) = SoundCue'hatintime_music_mafiatown.SoundCues.MafiaTownTheme' RemixSoundCues(0) = SoundCue'hatintime_music_mafiatown3.SoundCues.MafiaTown_Electronic_Remix' }

And a file download here, if you prefer:

With those changes your remix should work again! the next section will quickly show how you can use that ability to remix multiple soundcues in a single remix.
Multiple soundcues in a remix
In the last script if you noticed, the Target soundcue and Remix soundcue bits ended in a (0).
to add a second remix to the script, you can add another Target and Remix soundcue, but then increment the number. like this:

class Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia_Electro extends Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia; defaultproperties { ItemName = "MafiaTownElectroName" TargetSoundCues(0) = SoundCue'hatintime_music_mafiatown.SoundCues.MafiaTownTheme' RemixSoundCues(0) = SoundCue'hatintime_music_mafiatown3.SoundCues.MafiaTown_Electronic_Remix' TargetSoundCues(1) = SoundCue'HatinTime_Music_Alps.SoundCues.Alps_Finale' RemixSoundCues(1) = SoundCue'BRG_Remix_Content.BRG_Remix' }

That would allow you to remix a second soundcue, or a third, fourth, etc.

This can go up as high as you want, so if you wanted to remix a much larger collection of soundcues, say... ALL the songs in mafia town at once, you could do that all as a single remix collectible!

Custom icons, and targeting soundcues outside of their remix type
Each remix has a script before it, that determines its type. when you look at the Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia_Electro script, you'll notice in the first line it extends "Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia"

class Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia_Electro extends Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia;

The script its extending from is the remix's "type". if we go and look into that remix type's script, it looks like this:

class Hat_Collectible_Remix_Mafia extends Hat_Collectible_Remix abstract; defaultproperties { HUDIcon = Texture2D'HatInTime_Hud_ItemIcons.Remixes.Remix_MafiaTown' ItemDescription(0) = "RemixDesc_MafiaTown0" }

In it, you can see the only things it actually has are a Texture for the icon, and a bit for the ItemDescription localization. If you wanted to make your own remix type, to have your own icon, you would just need to make one of these scripts, and change you remix script to extend from this one.

My own remix mod uses this method to change the remix icon to something different, and remixes a song in alpine skyline:

( And here's a download for both that mod's script files, if you'd like an example of how those look! )


If you'd like to figure out how to add the item description and get your own custom icon in, there's an official tutorial for that, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me8ARBf6wHU&feature=youtu.be

Now when it comes to remixing soundcues out of their types, you may have noticed in the remix's type script, it only actually mentions the ingame icon, and the localization. That's because there's actually no limit on what soundcues a remix can target! if you wanted, you could remix soundcues from the finale with a subcon forest remix script, or remix mafia town songs with a battle of the birds remix icon.
The type script is only there for the icon and description, to make it clearer to see what its going to remix ingame, thats it!
End notes
And thats about it for remixes. you can replace as many soundcues as you want in a single remix collectible, and target any soundcue across the game if you want. It may even work for soundcues that aren't music, like sound effects or voice acting but I've not tried it myself!

If something is unclear feel free to drop a comment, or ask in the hatintime discord's #modding-help channel!
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VCDLucario43 Oct 21, 2021 @ 5:14am 
I just made a remix, but it is unlockable for 3 tokens. But I want it to be directly unlocked. I read the other guide to returning an item directly to my inventory, but I don't know how to do it with the Remixes. Can you explain it how we should do it because it's not clear on the other tutorial.
Mango Feb 26, 2021 @ 3:21pm 
okay, thanks
Starschulz  [author] Feb 26, 2021 @ 3:02pm 
you could download one of the ones linked in the guide, or i think one of the sand and sails scripts left in still has the old method.

its all just text files, so you can also just copy paste what i have in the guide over it.

"musictreeparametername" is what the vanilla ones switched to, but modded ones use the version in the guide.
Mango Feb 26, 2021 @ 2:49pm 
None of the remix files have the targetcue or soundcue lines, so i can't change them. but it does have this one line that says "musictreeparametername" so what do i do?
sudo Feb 21, 2021 @ 2:01am 
thanks alot
Starschulz  [author] Feb 20, 2021 @ 9:50am 
its a second script file you need, if you look at my guide on hat flairs and go down to the section called "Available instantly" it'll show you the script. you just need to replace the reference to the flair's script file with your remix.
sudo Feb 20, 2021 @ 4:47am 
how do i make my remix available instantly? i am legit suffering right now and need an answer to this.
smig Aug 14, 2020 @ 11:48am 
sorry to ask but i followed your guide and i cant get the song to pop up in the spin or in the owned collectibles?