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Gravewalker Class [DE]
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Nov 7, 2019 @ 2:55pm
Sep 23, 2020 @ 8:48am
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Gravewalker Class [DE]

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This is my second Mod! After finishing my other Mod BonusUniques, I decided to make a Class mod based around a couple of games I enjoyed rather recently, Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. These games were a ton of fun for me and make great additions to the Lord of the Rings story.

I had alot of help building this mod from the Modders in the Divinity Discord server, most noteably Feenex, LaughingLeader, and Shrike (thanks guys!) and I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I did making it. Also a special thank you to tangegreen33, who custom made all of the Skill and Status Icons for this mod.

This mod DOES contain some spoilers for the mentioned games in the progression available throughout the mod, so if that is a turn off for you I would (highly) recommend enjoying a playthrough of the other games (either watching cutscenes online or playing it yourself) before playing with this mod. If you continue down this page and into the Skills Spreadsheets, just be warned that you are potentially spoiling yourself on some things.

This mod adds some new features to the game, the first of which is the creation of 2 new classes featuring 44 new skills: the Gravewalker and the Blade of Galadriel Classes.

As of 6/25/2020, this mod benefits from Norbyte's Script Extender, found HERE[github.com].

The Gravewalker Class is a Strength-focused Warfare Class based on the moves and abilities of the main character in Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. Wielding a two handed sword, a Gravewalker utilizes their Wraith powers to control the battlefield. Able to mix ranged and melee attacks at will, Gravewalkers can fight solo or command Branded enemy soldiers to fight for them.

Having fused with a Wraith on their deathbed, Gravewalkers are now Banished from Death, granting them the ability to automatically resurrect in in battle after some time has passed, however most enemies who slay a Gravewalker in combat will receive a promotion and level up.

The Blade of Galadriel Class is a Finesse-focused Scoundrel Class based on the abillities of one of the supporting characters, Eltariel, in Shadow of War. She is also a playable character in one of the DLCs for the game. This class is designed (much like the original DLC) as a sub class that utilizes some of the Gravewalker skills in addition to its own skills and the base Rogue skills in Divinity. Due to this dependency on Gravewalker skills, I have added the "Lore Friendly" Gravewalker skills to the Blade of Galadriel Vendor as well so that someone who wants to follow "how the class is meant to be played" will not have to pick and choose from the Gravewalker Vendor. Wielding dual daggers, this class makes use of the Light of Galadriel to deal damage to enemies and support allies in battle.

CLICK HERE FOR THE SKILLS[docs.google.com]

For the skills that are highlighted in Purple on the Spreadsheet, a weapon matching your character's stats will be summoned to take the place of your currently equipped weapons. I highly recommend keeping your builds non-reliant on your weapons for this reason when using these skills, since you could potentially end up unmemorizing your skills during combat if you lack the base requirements (Memory/skill specialization).

The Vendors can be found in the following locations:

Act I (Fort Joy)
Gravewalker Vendor - Celebrimbor, Just outside main gate of Fort Joy.
Blade of Galadriel Vendor - Eltariel, Inside the Elf Cave.

Act II (Reaper's Coast)
Gravewalker Vendor - Celebrimbor, Driftwood, out back behind the Tavern.
Blade of Galadriel Vendor - Eltariel, Driftwood, just inside the main gate on top of a ledge.

Act III (Nameless Isle)
Gravewalker Vendor - Shelob, Temple of Tir-Cendelius, Towards the middle.
Blade of Galadriel Vendor - Eltariel, Temple of Tir-Cendelius, Close to the Tiger.

Act IV (Arx)
Gravewalker Vendor - Shelob, Arx, near the small Port/Harbor in the main City.
Blade of Galadriel Vendor - Eltariel, Arx, in the gardens on the outskirts of the City.

Additionally, the vendors all sell new custom weapon models which I imported from Sketchfab.

In order to compliment the new movesets I have added, and to better balance them I have included a few new mechanics:

Vitality Boost
In order to make Banished From Death more prominent and Branded's one-off nature per target more influential, along with increasing the base difficulty of the mod slightly, all NPCs receive a 100% Vitality boost when entering combat. This can be toggled off in the Vendor Dialogues.

Due to character limit, the other key statuses are shown in the Skills spreadsheet.

As an added feature, this mod has a "Nemesis Mode" that will grant it's skills to select NPCs throughout the game. This can be disabled/re-enabled at any of the Vendors I added through their dialogue options.

I have added new Nazgul Boss NPCs, voiced with lines from the games, throughout Rivelon that will confront you during your journey. There is 1 encounter in Act 1, 2 in Act 2, 1 in Act 3, and 1 in Act 4. The final Nazgul encounter will not be available unless you have won the other four fights earlier in the game.

As of 12/1: The Act 1 and 2 fights also appear scaled up in Act 4 if they have not yet been cleared. The EXP gained remains the same however so there is no real benefit to waiting till Act 4.

The Act 3 and 4 fights have special Unique rewards, so I would recommend not skipping them.

Additionally for all the Murder-Hoboes out there who like to kill off Skillbook vendors, My vendors (Eltariel and Shelob) are set at level 25 as optional challenge bosses with their own Unique rewards. Feel free to test your luck! (Obviously this isn't lore friendly to the Lord of the Rings games but do what you want in your save files :D)

I have included a number of Unique items and skills in this mod, most of which will level up alongside the player like in my other mod. The skills can be found listed in the 3rd tab of the skills spreadsheet, listed under the Loot Tier and the items can be found HERE[docs.google.com]

Some mods that I'd personally recommend to compliment this mod are:

My other mod, BonusUniques [DE]
It has Celebrimbor's Ring in it, among many other useful uniques for the rest of your party.

Level Up All Equipment - Including Uniques [Definitive Edition]
To level up the rest of your equipment, especially if you find one of my custom Modeled Weapons you really like.

Feenex's Battle Pack: Definitive Edition
For some interesting classes.

OdinCore - Mod Services
Odinblade's many class overhauls.
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Rookie May 22 @ 11:10pm 
@Malchezzar thats ok thanks anyway
Malchezzar  [author] May 22 @ 4:48pm 
@Rookie No, I like to give hints but I don't tell people right where items are located. It's probably safe to say you haven't found the specific zone of Act 3 it is in if you don't know where it is.
Rookie May 22 @ 7:04am 
@Malchemmar but can you tell me where that is?
Rookie May 22 @ 6:53am 
@Malchemmar thank so much!!!!
Malchezzar  [author] May 22 @ 6:46am 
@Rookie that one is basically as high as you can possibly go on the map.
Rookie May 22 @ 12:40am 
does anyone know where the dagger in act 3 is, i've been searching for hours and can't find it
Tensa_Asura May 21 @ 11:12am 
Has anyone's Execution and other skill suddenly have an increase in AP cost?
Execution is suppose to be 2 but its 3 for me
WongPakTan May 5 @ 8:30am 
sorry can i turn off the feature that if the enemy kills player whos playing gravewalker then he gets level up.
it's cool but it makes me game crash , since i turned it off and started over it has been stable again :I , i have 59 other mods so idk what it's clashing with , it's just a CTD with nö error always too
well im happy for those it works properly for :D
Malchezzar  [author] May 4 @ 3:36pm 
@sambam2499 shouldn't be, I also havent touched it in a while so.