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OSDs and Element Veins for Ragnarok
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Nov 6, 2019 @ 5:32am
Nov 13, 2019 @ 7:03am
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OSDs and Element Veins for Ragnarok

What is this mod?
This Mod is an Map Extension, which adds Orbital Supply Drops and Element Veins to Ragnarok!
You should NOT use this mod with any other map, as the Map Extension still will fully work and you\'ll have floaty rocks with OSDs and EVs on them!
If you\'ve got any structures nearby the spawn points, move first, or there\'s a good chanche that stuff will get destroyed by Corrupted Dinos or an spawning event!

Where do they spawn?
There are a total of 7 Spawn Points on Ragnarok. Each one can spawn OSDs AND Element Veins, except for the one which spawns Legendary OSDs.
They are placed strategically across the map, so there\'s the least chanche they could bother anyone.
You can find a spawn map in the images above this description.
The spawners have a large rock beneath them, so you can orient on those.
Each spawner has a quite large Structure Prevention Zone around them, to prevent accidental base building near them.

A Note about the Difficulties
Although the system was set up exactly like on Extinction, the spawn points somehow choose another difficulty than which was set for them.
So the spawn map is not always correct in terms of difficulty.

Random leftover Dinos after a Wave
This happens due to the nature of corrupted Dinos. They will attack everything that is a non-corrupted Dino.
This leads to them getting way off track and you have to hunt them down.

What about the corrupted Dinos spawned during the event?
Spawned Corrupted Dinos are set to despawn after the event has ended and they got stasised once. Unfortunately, this doesn\'t work for every single one and some may stay. (This actually is the vanilla way of getting rid of them)

Useful Stuff
Those commands start a Level 1 OSD and Element Vein respectively.
Replace the 1 with 2 or 3 to start a medium or hard one.
Keep in mind that they also spawn naturally and don\'t have to be forced.
Both, Crates and Element Veins still need some time after being Force-Spawned to actually appear. With EVs taking the longest, while you can\'t even see any indicator of them existing.

Spawn OSD
Cheat StartNearestHorde Crate 1
Spawn Element Vein
Cheat StartNearestHorde Element 1

Mod ID
You can find the ID in the URL. Always.

OSDs and Element Veins for other Maps
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Nov 13, 2019 @ 10:19am
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Bình Nguyễn
Jan 26 @ 12:40pm
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onyxgames2 Feb 16 @ 2:32pm 
So I was at the large element vein in the desert on rag 80/78 approximately. I was preparing for the vein and then all of a sudden is break up and despawns, no corrupted were there. Is this normal? Also the spawn on it seems to be kinda hit or miss, with miss happening more often than not, I assumed it was like the smaller vein in the highlands, am i incorrect in thinking this?
DovahStud Feb 9 @ 11:30am 
@Grimm having the same issue myself. My giga is destroying the drop in basically a couple of bites. I think the drops are armored on Extinction...may be something to look into.
Al Capone Feb 9 @ 6:02am 
@KungFuPanda if the mod uses vanilla loot tables you can alter it via Beacon.
Check out the beacon discord for more help about this.
Grimm Feb 8 @ 7:07pm 
ok is there something going on? my bred dinos that do 300 damage per bite... are doing 8 thousand damage anytime they hit an OSD's shield or the drop itself pretty much instantly destroying the shield or drop if any corrupted dinos are next to them... I did not have this problem on extinction and it is making it literally impossible to even do a blue drop
KungFuPanda Feb 4 @ 12:38pm 
Hey Ferodra, Awesome mod, thanks for making it. It worked the first try for me but i do have a question i couldn't find in the comments/discussions. my question is:
Can u alter the loot gained from the supply drops? out of 4 drops i did not get a single tool, weapon or blueprint.
-Hardwär-Abgrä!t- Feb 3 @ 10:40am 
@-Al Capone. Thank you ^^
Al Capone Jan 29 @ 8:10am 
@-Hardwär-Abgrä!t- Mod-ID is always the number at the end of the URL.
In this case: 1907369831
-Hardwär-Abgrä!t- Jan 29 @ 7:19am 
is it possible to write the mod id on this page ? i cant find the mod-id. . . thx
Eins Zwei Drei Jan 28 @ 7:11am 
Al Capone Jan 23 @ 6:05am 

would it be possible to add a ini Option to activate only OSDs or only veins.

Your mod is great, but we only want OSDs on our Server since we dont want players to have that much Element like they would get from Element veins.