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[Workshop] Publishing Maps
By spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games
Create a new folder with any name and copy your map folder to it. The file structure should be like so:

NewMapFolder (folder) > Preview.jpg > MAP_ytd3-33e23-3e2e-2342we-safdsfe (folder) > > >

Use the Stranded Deep Workshop Tool to upload your new assets:
Example json:
{ "Title": "New Map", "Description": "My new map description", "ChangeNote": "Version 1.0", "PreviewFile": "C:\\NewMapFolder\\Preview.jpg", "ContentPath": "C:\\NewMapFolder", "PublishedFileId": 0, "Tags": [ "Maps" ] }

Important! All map assets need to be published with the ‘Maps’ tag!
Publishing Multiple Maps
It is possible to publish multiple maps as part of one item. This could be useful if you want to create a map 'pack' for players to download.

The file structure should be like so:

NewMapPackFolder (folder) > Preview.jpg > MAP_ytd3-33e23-3e2e-2342we-safdsfe (folder) > > > > MAP_sdaj-lknr-eifv-9svo-iefn (folder) > > > > MAP_weqw-elkm-qwem-wots (folder) > > > [etc...]
< >
mill911x Dec 3 @ 7:32pm 
Where can i find maps to dl for game
emc288 Dec 3 @ 1:50pm 
plz give more detailed instruction on how to publish maps. i had a total of 15 maps i had made over the years ready for this moment and now they've gone :(
glen_halford2010 Nov 30 @ 11:14am

if you want custom maps go to my FB page, you can download there. Its easy than this
glen_halford2010 Nov 30 @ 11:09am 
what do you do with Json file????
glen_halford2010 Nov 30 @ 10:57am 
another hour trying to figure this out. I make a lot of maps and have submitted to Broardbent but this is crazy.
Vani-Fox Nov 30 @ 3:19am 
no success so far... :steamsad:
Please make a more clear step to step instuction.
I always get a error: error reading json file.
It would be a lot nicer if the workshop tool would be already in the cartographer.
glen_halford2010 Nov 29 @ 12:42pm 
spent 3hrs trying to figure this out, to no avail, The worst instructions i ever seen.
luvcats816 Nov 28 @ 4:43pm 
how do i turn on exspearemental
glen_halford2010 Nov 27 @ 1:29pm 
how does this work????